Monday, 9 March 2015

'Tis indeed a most wonderful life

The last few weeks have been quite instructive. Let's be clear, I never asked nor expected that this blog or my name would be on hundreds of blogs or conservative secular media. The truth is, I would be happy if it were otherwise. It seems though, in the main-stream Catholic media, I'm just a "discontented lazy rabble" blogger getting in the way. The people of the Catholic world are awakening "all because a few starry-eyed" bloggers "stir 'em up and fill their heads with a lot of impossible ideas!" The secular press in the United States, Breitbart and Renew America showed more respect and accuracy for the situation to say nothing of the hundreds of blogs in multiple languages around the world than the main-stream Catholic media.

Since this situation began nearly three weeks ago, this "obscure" blog has had a ten and some days twenty-fold increase in readers to say nothing of a climb of 9,000,000 in Alexa rankings. Since you're all here, welcome and know this, there won't be any joining of the "church of nice" so if you're easily offended, TTFN, which is a polite and truly Canadian manner of speech rather than STFU, but then again, I'm not a boyzillian. George Bailey is more my model and we know what a wonderful life he had and that Clarence finally got his wings.

The little people, "this rabble," who do "most of the working and p[r]aying and living and dying" in the Church" -- John and Mary Catholic with a keyboard and monitor (not a pen and a phone) are taking up the cause of Truth around the world. Whilst a keyboard and monitor do not a turn us into "bishops or liturgists" they do give us a voice far beyond Pottersville to fulfill our canonical rights and obligations. We are more than a collection plate now, except of course in Germany where the bishops have their kirchensteuer and pornography businesses,  and enough Euros to make Mr. Potter envious.

The mainstream Catholic press took a much different approach. It was gratifying to be called a “nut” in the combox at Crux and I was a little surprised by the fact that it was removed. Considering the source I'd took it as a badge of honour. Crux seems to be nothing more than the non-liturgical version of Pray, Tell and Worship where it's all telling and little of the other two. Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture, when not begging for money on every article or to leave him a comment, refers to your writer as “hounding” a certain cleric - (oh, if he only knew the real truth about that). Noted also is Kathy Schiffer in the National Catholic Register stating that “Indeed, Domet’s blog has been inflammatory. Domet opposes any discussion of change with regard to the family. He was an outspoken critic of last year’s synod on the family and has sounded an alarm in advance of the upcoming synod in fall 2015.”

Oh, and you're owned by EWTN? Mother, Mother! Look at what they've done with what you've built. Maybe you should have "blown it up" before you let them have it.

Any Catholic with an ounce of faith should have opposed “any discussion of change with regard to the family” at last October’s Extraordinary Synod. As for this writer and all the new friends made in the last three weeks out there sounding “the alarm in advance of the upcoming synod in the fall of 2015,” you can be absolutely certain, Miss Schiffer, that it is going to continue.

Inés, Phil and Kathy; the next time, you want to know what an obscure blogger thinks, why not actually get in touch and do a proper interview and check all the facts, or would that be expecting too much from a medium that has not come to grips with the fact that there is an alternative to those who have their bread buttered on both sides by ecclesiastics and burn incense at the altar of the Mr. Potters of the world.

Oh, and one more thing, the Church and Catholics need these "measly" blogs "if only to have some place where people can come without crawling" to the main-stream Catholic media!


dbonneville said...

If you are going to poke mainstream Catholic media in the eye, keep poking them in the wallet like you just did. It needs to be said. On some sites, it's a panic zone on every single article. Their business model is fundamentally off. If you don't contribute TODAY they will close up shop by sunset!!

Barona said...

Catholics are awakening that mainstream Catholic media is decadent and subservient (due to their money ticket)to neo-modernist clericalists who have betrayed Christ and His Church.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Mother Angelica must be suffering to see the mess that has been made of her apostolate since she fell ill.

Anonymous said...

Don Says

I have really come to value your blog, and witness through this ordeal.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I believe Winston Churchill said something like: so, you have enemies? Good. That means at least once in your life you stood for something. You have stood for the most important thing in life.

As for the little bloggers out there, they have given me more valuable information and insights than I ever gleaned from the so-called Catholic press in decades. I am so thankful for the internet for the bloggers opportunity to have their voice, their ideas, their contributions to be heard when in the past they had almost no outlet, to their detriment and mine. Let the Catholic press try to demean you and me, but they will fail so long as we articulate the Faith; they can't hide the Truth and they cannot defeat the Truth. We've heard so much BS our whole lives and I'm at the stage where I've heard every stupid thing there is and I'm not going to let it go unchallenged anymore. In fact, I'm ashamed that I tolerated so much and by doing so contributed to the state our societies are in today.

I can't say enough how proud I am of you and so many others that I consider my friends now, and attacks on you or them are attacks on me too. It's funny how that seems to be what perplexes the Catholic press: that those who care about the articulation and practice of the fullness of our Faith have coalesced into a truly united front against the counterfeit faith and thereby put them to shame for being the shills they are and showing we are not.

Vox Cantoris said...

Thank you all.

Ex Magna Silentium - I too have found your blog through all this and so many others.

I too am ashamed of my past lukewarmness.

No more.

God bless you.