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A corporal work of mercy.
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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Cardinal Nichols chastises priests and bloggers and lays flowers at hindu god

One wonders what Cardinal Nichols is afraid of. He has chastised five-hundred priests in England who felt it necessary sign a letter restating their "unwavering fidelity to the traditional doctrines regarding marriage and the true meaning of human sexuality, founded on the Word of God and taught by the Church’s Magisterium for two millennia.” Father Alexander Lucie-Smith gives his reasons quite clearly on why he signed the letter. As a moral theologian and a parish priest witnessing what has been occurring he expressed his "worry about the future."

Cardinal Nichols states that "Every priest in England and Wales has been asked to reflect on the Synod discussion. It is my understanding that this has been taken up in every diocese, and that channels of communication have been established."

Perhaps, His Eminence's "understanding" is not correct. Perhaps the established "channels of communication" have been closed. Perhaps these priests have, to their horror. concluded that they had no other choice but to declare publicly their faith. Did they conclude that they were not being listened to by their bishops? Did they determine that there was some kind of collusion with the likes of Kasper and Marx and Bonny and others to change the teaching of the Church and debase the Holy Eucharist by allowing the divorced and civilly remarried and those engaged in other sexual practices to receive. 

Bloggers bad, Hindus good

This is the same Cardinal Nichols who said that "Pope Francis understands this (love) in practical terms. He has already identified two kinds of behaviour that destroy love in the Church. They are complaining and gossiping. He is a practical man. He knows that we live in a society in which complaining and gossip is a standard fare. They sell newspapers and attract us to blogs because we love hear complaints and to read gossip. But Pope Francis is clear: they should have no place in the Church."
Archbishop Nichols at the Hindu temple
On another occasion, as preserved on the web page of Diocese of Westminster, The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster and President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, made an official visit to the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Europe’s first traditional Hindu temple in Neasden, north London. Archbishop Nichols was greeted by the  Mandir’s spiritual leader, Yogvivek Swami, ( Head Sadhu, BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha - UK & Europe) and the Trustees of the Mandir. He was welcomed in traditional Hindu style – with a red vermillion mark applied to the forehead and the tying of a sacred thread on the wrist, symbolising friendship and goodwill.  Yogvivek Swami guided the Archbishop around the Mandir complex, including the sanctum sanctorum.  He then moved to the deity of Shri Nilkanth Varni (Bhagwan Swaminarayan) where he joined Yogvivek Swami in praying for world peace and harmony.

Damian Thompson at the Telegraph reported that "After wagging an admonishing finger to the incoming Traditionalist Anglicans that they may not "pick and choose," Archbishop Nichols chooses to go to Europe's first Hindu temple to receive a pagan blessing. 

Did Cardinal Nichols show real respect for the gentleman in saffron robes by preaching to him Jesus Christ and Him crucified and risen from the dead or did he allow our brother to be left in sin worshipping false gods?

Synod warning

Archbishop Nichols chastises his priest for being faithful, states that bloggers should be silent or put out of the Church, offers flowers to a pagan god and receives a so-called blessing from a pagan priest's smudge mark. Did Cardinal Nichols and Bishop Petersen of Boise, who chastised a State Senator in Idaho regarding this same false religion to false gods, studied together the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita?

These priests and we simple lay Catholics are not alarmists. We witnessed last October and we see the same shenanigans being played out leading up to this year's Ordinary Synod on the Family. Damian Thomson has written today in the Spectator that Cardinal Nichols' attempt at silencing these men will "backfire." He has posted the names of the five-hundred priests so as to "keep an eye on what happens to them."

Cardinal Burke said yesterday that "confusion is spreading in an alarming way." It is spreading because of these kinds of comments and the behaviour of Cardinal Nichols.

At his Wednesday audience on March 25, the Pope said that there is a need for more prayer and not "gossip and chatter." If exposing to the light the comments and attitudes of these Cardinals is "gossip and chatter" then we have a very big problem on our hands.

Rather than chastise these priests, His Eminence should be applauding their faithfulness to Christ and championing the truth. 

This is this just the latest example of a clericalist bullydom first to the laity in Toronto, Patterson and Boise and now extending to priests in England.


Anonymous said...

Cardinal: Fear what they put on your forehead in that photo. This guy and Pope Francis, the prince of chatter, should leave my church.

Pétrus said...

I've blogged on the same topic myself :


Rest assured, clericalist bullying isn't spreading to England. We have our own long established tradition in this!

Cardinal Nichols should be ashamed of himself.

Vox Cantoris said...

Thanks Petrus, I Tweeted yours out to my followers. We live in interesting times as the Chinese might wish upon us.

Speaking of China... something brewing there and I doubt it's going to be good.

More to come on that later tonight.

Brian said...

Perhaps Nichols should, stop the pretense, cross the Thames, and join the Established Church. He,like Francis, would make a better Anglican bishop than Catholic.

Barona said...

I put it that Cardinal Nichols is gossiping and chattering.

Unknown said...

Nah, he is wrong, blogs serve the much needed purpose of telling people the truth about what is really happening in the Church and in the world, something the established media has long since forgotten how to do.

TLM said...

What these courageous Priests and what some of the courageous laity are doing by their witness is they are managing to (as a manner of speech) 'draw the cockroaches out of the woodwork'.

St. Benedict's Thistle said...

St. Hildegard of Bingen, lately Doctor of the Church, had an apocalyptic vision of Holy Mother Church. She saw a woman straining greatly and in great distress. Eventually a black and disgusting creature was expelled from her lower region. The woman then shone radiantly again.

The darkness that currently reigns within the hearts and souls of some clerics certainly needs expelling.

St. Benedict, pray for us!

Anonymous said...

Men and women suffered agonising death from Roman persecutors rather than sprinkle some incense on an altar. Martyrs still offer witness with their lives. A man claiming to be Cardinal does it in the cause of 'Inter-Faith Dialogue.'

minbee66 said...

Catholic bloggers and faithful priests and teachers such as Patricia Jannuzzi must be doing something right if they are condemned by faithless bishops, including one stupid enough to receive a pagan Hindu blessing.

Let us keep speaking out as the Synod approaches. Who in his wildest dreams would have predicted this kind of apostasy in high places would occur in our lifetime?

The Internet is a blessing in that we can post our protests without paper and ink being required--it is the samizdat for the free world in the the twenty-first century.

Thanks, Vox, for your great example.

Michael said...

Receiving a fake blessing from pagans can cause demonic posession. This Cardinal should have been rebuked and threatened with excommunication.

Michael said...

Receiving a fake blessing from pagans can cause demonic posession. This Cardinal should have been rebuked and threatened with excommunication.

Michael said...

Receiving a fake blessing from pagans can cause demonic posession. This Cardinal should have been rebuked and threatened with excommunication.

Michael said...

Receiving a fake blessing from pagans can cause demonic posession. This Cardinal should have been rebuked and threatened with excommunication.

Timothy Johnson said...

There's increasingly less room for vestigial Catholic morality in the judaeo-masonic simulacrum of Holy Church initated in 1958 - the Harlot of the Latter Times.

It's a hard lesson to be learned, but learned it must be. Those who recognize the heretic Nichols as a Catholic are clearly making no progress.

Anonymous said...

@petrus Firefox blocked me from reading your blog, I had to download a different browser to read it.

Anonymous said...

Who can rebuke or excommmunicate
bishoph or priest if Pope him self seems support this beheve.Anonymous

Catholic Mission said...

March 30, 2015

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