A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 24 March 2015

Raymond Cardinal Burke: "Confusion is spreading in an alarming way"

In an exclusive interview on LifeSiteNews, Raymond Cardinal Burke spoke again of the "manipulation" that was taking place at the Synod on the Family and he warns that confusion is spreading amongst the faithful on the matters of divorce and homosexuality.
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He is also not afraid to call out those who have sown this confusion and that they have gone unpunished.

More and more over the next months will Catholics need to listen to the words of this churchman who speaks with clarity and truth. 

God bless Raymond Cardinal Burke for his faithfulness and fatherly care for all of us.



Catholic Mission said...

Here is confusion among the FSSP who offer the Traditional Latin Mass which His Eminence will still not address.

Priestly Fraternity of St.Peter (FSSP) has changed Church teachings on family catechesis, religious education, salvation, mortal sin, ecclesiology...


TLM said...

Cardinal Burke was at least one of the first to 'sound the alarm'. As some of us anticipated, his 'exile to Malta' was a Blessing in disguise. He now has a BIG MEGAPHONE and he knows how to use it.

About the 'gossip and chatter', well, just another intimidation tactic to try to shut people up about the atrocities going on. They would love it if we in the pews were all deaf, dumb and blind. Michael Voris had a good episode about what is and is not a sin when standing publicly for truth. We are CALLED to call out the clergy that doesn't uphold the faith. I believe it's a DUTY, not a SIN. Yes, in charity, but boldly. We have an account to give, and I for one really don't want to face the Lord of Lords by not calling out heresy. That said, he had another good one on the underlying problem of the 'symtoms' we are living. The dissidents have lost all sense of the spiritual and the eternal. He is spot on. It's the 'here and now' that concerns them. Maybe kind of like 'all are saved'?