A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 19 March 2015

They want to debase the truth. It is an attack on Christ and His Sacrifice. It is an attack on the Eucharist!

What is behind the attempt by Kasper, Marx, Tagle and and the others who are attempting to change doctrine through pastoral practice and a talk of "mercy" as if it is something never practiced in two thousand years?

It is about sacrilege and debasing the Holy Eucharist. It is about denying that the Mass is the Sacrifice of Calvary and debasing it to be the reenactment of the Last Supper rather than a re-presentation of that Sacrifice. If the Eucharist is just a meal, who are we to judge or restrict by law those who want to come? If they want to come, they must do as all of us. Repent of your sins with a firm purpose of amendment. Period. It is that simple. Are any of us truly worthy? Of course not, that is why we pray the Centurion's prayer three times, or once if we're more worthy as in the modernist rite. When we pray, "only say the word" the word is said in the confessional when the priest says, "Ego absolve te!"  There is the healing. There is the mercy. 

The Ordinary Form of the Mass, the Novus Ordo Missae is a sacrificial offering, assuming the form, matter and intent is there on the part of the priest. Sometimes, it is illicit even if it is valid. More than often, it is a "banal" product as then Cardinal Ratzinger called it. It is not possible that it can convert and convict in the same way as the the traditional form for its prayers are deficient and its celebration often not sufficient. The Mass according to the latest books by St. John XXIII was nearly eliminated. It was banished by those modernists who were out to undermine the faith and are now at their zenith. This form of the Mass more fully expressed the Catholic faith and the Sacrifice and there is no denying it. It is as straight forward as 2 + 2 = 4 and those who say otherwise want you to believe that it really equals 5. 

They are at the height of their power now and they will come crashing down.

For your spiritual edification.

"A Meditation on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass"  
By Michael Sestak
August 2014

Some days back, a viewer on YouTube forwarded a kind request, asking me to produce a film showcasing the beauty and richness of the Latin Mass. I started the project, but never imagined where it would lead.

I worked on the video each day after work from 7pm - 3am for five consecutive nights. It was a draining experience. But I am satisfied with the end result.


"A Meditation on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass" is not meant to be a mere inspirational drama, but a heartfelt prayer, a Catholic meditation.

It should be viewed as such: Focused. Silent. Penitent.

My sincere hope is that you will grow in your love for God, and your Faith will be strengthened.


After previewing the movie for my family, they expressed concern about some of the symbolism, particularly the scene of the Kiss of Judas and the priest kissing the altar. Please know that I based everything on ancient Catholic teaching. For example:

"When the priest kisses the altar, he is kissing Christ, *faithfully,* in contradiction to the kiss of betrayal by Judas." In a sense, the priest is making atonement for the betrayal of Judas.

"The priest reading the Introit represents Christ being falsely accused by Annas and blasphemed."

"The priest going to the middle of the altar and saying the Kyrie Eleison represents Christ being brought to Caiphas and these three times denied by Peter."

"The priest saying the 'Dominus vobiscum' represents Christ looking at Peter and converting him."

"The priest saying the 'Orate Fratres' represents Christ being shown by Pilate to the people with the words 'Ecce Homo.'"

"The priest praying in a low voice represents Christ being mocked and spit upon."

"The priest blessing the bread and wine represents Christ being nailed to the cross."

"The priest elevating the host represents Christ being raised on the cross."

"The priest goes to the Epistle side and prays signifying how Jesus was led before Pilate and falsely accused."

"The priest goes to the Gospel-side, where he reads the Gospel, signifying how Christ was sent from Pilate to Herod, and was mocked and derided by the latter."

"The priest goes from the Gospel side again to the middle of the altar - this signifies how Jesus was sent back from Herod to Pilate."

"The priest uncovers the chalice, recalling how Christ was stripped for the scourging."

"The priest offers bread and wine, signifying how Jesus was bound to the pillar and scourged."

"The priest washes his hands, signifying how Pilate declared Jesus innocent by washing his hands."

"The priest covers the chalice after the Offertory recalling how Jesus was crowned with thorns."

"The priest breaking and separating the host represents Christ giving up His spirit."

Taken from "The Catholic Church Alone: The One True Church of Christ" by the Catholic Education Company, New York, page 551. The book has been out of print for many decades; used copies sell for about $200.00 or more, but can be read freely on Google Books.

FINAL THOUGHTS by Fulton J. Sheen

Too many of us end our lives, but few of us see them finished. A sinful life may end, but a sinful life is never a finished life.

Our Lord finished His work, but we have not finished ours. He pointed the way we must follow. He laid down the Cross at the finish, but we must take it up. He finished Redemption in His physical Body, but we have not finished it in His Mystical Body.

He has finished the Sacrifice of Calvary; we must finish the Mass.


Catholic Mission said...

The 'mainstream' Church has to begin the reconciliation process with doctrinal truth.They have to admit that there are no exceptions to the centuries old interpretation of the dogma EENS, on March 19,2015


Aged parent said...

Very well said.