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A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 28 March 2015

Kasper's heresy and the Pope's fawning - Shall we, "Chiacchierare?"

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Every once in a while something comes along that puts many pieces of the puzzle together.

Remember these words?
"In these days, I have been able to read a book by a cardinal—Cardinal Kasper, a talented theologian, a good theologian—on mercy. And it did me such good, that book, but don't think that I'm publicizing the books of my cardinals. That is not the case! But it did me such good, so much good ... Cardinal Kasper said that hearing the word mercy changes everything." [1]

The book in question is the one by Cardinal Kasper who brought to the fore the scandal at the Synod on the Family. It is from where those that worked to manipulate the Synod in an adulterist and homosexualist conspiracy to undermine the faith and defame the Holy Eucharist found their footing and leadership

Now we read that Pope Francis is upset about "gossip and chatter." I dare say that there is a lot more that he should be upset about and it begins with the man whom he praised.

In 1967, this same German Kasper said:
"The God who is enthroned over the world and history as a changeless being is an offence to man. One must deny him for man’s sake, because he claims for himself the dignity and honour that belong by right to man…. We must resist this God, however, not only for man’s sake, but also for God’s sake. He is not the true God at all, but rather a wretched idol. For a God who is only alongside of and above history, who is not himself history, is a finite God. If we call such a being God, then for the sake of the Absolute we must become absolute atheists. Such a God springs from a rigid worldview; he is the guarantor of the status quo and the enemy of the new." [2]

In this same book that the Pope has praised, Kasper writes more carefully:
"On the basis of its metaphysical starting point, dogmatic theology has difficulty speaking of a compassionate God. It has to exclude the possibility that God suffers with his creatures in a passive sense; it can only speak of pity and mercy, in the active sense that God opposes the suffering of his creatures and provides them assistance. The question that remains is whether this satisfactorily corresponds to the biblical understanding of God, who suffers with his creatures, who as misericors has a heart with the poor and for the poor. Can a God who is conceived so apathetically be really sympathetic? Pastorally, this conception of God is a catastrophe. For a so abstractly conceived God appears to most people to be very distant from their personal situation." [3]

The Pope has thrown his papacy and our lives as Catholics in with this masonic and modernist heretic. What kind of plot is this? Did the Pope not know this about these statements by Kasper before he praised him? Surely he knows it now.
The praise given by the Holy Father to this book did not go unnoticed. Kasper himself shared a revealing anecdote during a public interview at Fordham University in May 2014. He related that after Pope Francis had publicly praised his book an “older cardinal” had insisted: "Holy Father, you should not recommend this book! There are many heresies in it!" The Pope smiled as he told Kasper the story, and reassured him "It goes in one ear and out the other!"[4]

Will Pope Francis now distance himself from Kasper for the sake of Christ's faithful? 

Until the Pope himself puts an end to the scandal and heresy the chattering is going to continue and in fact, grow to a crescendo! 

Read the rest at Culture Wars : The Sodomy Synod from where the quotes and footnotes have been received.

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Dorota said...

In "Alta Vendita" we read that a successful infiltration of the Church will overtime place the princes of the Church fully on board the conspiracy - with full conviction and enthusiasm.

Is the pope deliberately deceptive or is he brainwashed? I have no doubt that the pope is aware of his duplicity. He is often praised by those who knew him in Argentine for being all things to all people. The problem with masonry is that what Christ despised and condemned - falsehood and hypocrisy, they elevate to the status of the highest virtue. While it is possible that the pope truly believes that only skilful manipulations and machinations can preserve peace in our so called global community, it is impossible to imagine him studying the Word of God and believing himself to be a follower of Christ. After all, he is not completely unintelligent. He sacrificed Christ on the altar of men, as Kasper did. We must all face it. Choosing blindness to this hostile takeover and the raging spiritual battle will do no one any good.

Jeff said...

Well, that was literally jaw-dropping. It seems Cardinal Kasper fails not only to understand Catholic dogma but basic physics as well. God, who created time and space, necessarily preceded that which he created. His existence (and therefore his nature) is superior to his creation. Since change (A transformation or transition from one state, condition, or phase to another) can only occur in the context of time, God's nature must be unchanging. You have to *want* not to see something that obvious.