Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Polish Bishops throw down the gauntlet to Synod manipulators: "People living in non-sacramental union deprive themselves of the possibility of receiving Holy Communion."

Richard Fitzalan, 11th Earl of Arundel; Thomas of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester; Thomas de Mowbray, Earl of Nottingham; Henry, Earl of Derby (later Henry IV); and Thomas de Beauchamp, 12th Earl of Warwick, throw down their gauntlets and demand Richard II to let them prove by arms the justice for their rebellion

With his heritage and knowledge of the Polish language, Barona at Toronto Catholic Witness has been monitoring the news from Poland. 

The Polish Bishops have concluded their annual plenary. The story is now being picked up by Voice of the Family, LifeSiteNews and PewSitter showing the importance of the matter - the outright rejection of Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried.

Individual Catholics must look to the Bishops of Poland in addition to those whom we already know as being faithful to Our Lord Jesus Christ and the teachings of His Church. 

Here is their statement which flies in complete contradiction to the modernists who would seek to approve sacrilege. 

The original communique can be found at the Polish Episcopal Conference website. 

Zebrania plenarne

In view of the upcoming Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome, the bishops have undertaken a reflection on marriage and family. This reflection demonstrated the importance of the family from the perspective of philosophical, theological and legal issues.

Identified once again was the indispensable importance of the sacrament of marriage, and the family for the growth of Christian life within the Church.

Emphasized was the need to promote the pastoral care of families, to strengthen the faithful in understanding and the implementation of sacramental marriage, as understood as a sacred and indissoluble union between a woman and a man.

The teaching and the tradition of the Church shows that people living in non-sacramental union deprive themselves of the possibility of receiving Holy Communion.

Pastoral care must be provided for those living in such unions so that they may be able to keep the faith and continue in the community of the Church. Pastoral care of those in non-sacramental unions should also take account of children, who have the right to participate fully in the life and mission of the Church.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful testament to Truth! Oh, that Ontario's Bishops would come out in public to decry the corruption of our children through the perverts in power over our schools. Shame on them all. We may view those in other countries, especially those in Eastern Europe as somehow 'those people' not 'sophisticated' or 'with-it' yet look at the witness they give. Shame on us.

Kathleen Wimmer said...

I just read an article posted to Pew Sitter from the Remnant that discussed what do Faithful Catholics do if indeed the Pope takes on the wishes of Kasper and decrees that all Catholic teaching will change and all prelates will follow the progressive edicts he could possibly make. She had no answer, but what will we do and how will be good Catholics if we no longer wish to hear Mass and receive the Sacraments from those that adhere to the Popes command. I have a question Anonymous? Are you the "Anonymous" that some blogs are speaking of? A Catholic priest? I do speak my mind to priests that I encounter. Just the other day at confession, when I thought the priest was drifting to the left, I said to Father, that I am an "old Catholic". He knew what I meant and changed his thoughts. I live in a very progressive diocese, we are now considered a missionary diocese because so few Catholics attend Mass. The only parishes that have a high volume of attendance are the two that have priests that really are quite obviously on the side of the progressives. It is very hard and I have very few friends or family that share my views.

Kathleen Wimmer said...

I just read an article from the Remnant that was posted to Pew Sitter. The writer posed the question of what happens in the Pope goes along with Cardinal Kasper and calls for all Catholic priests to accept the progressive practices that are now being considered. How and what does a Faithful Catholic do? Do we continue to go to Mass and receive the sacraments from these priests. This is such a heavy problem for us. Anonymous, may I ask are you the "Anonymous" that some of the blogs are referring to as a priest? The other day you suggested that I do something about my feelings. Well, I do, even the other day when I went to Confession, I had to stop the priest who seemed to be drifting to the left in is comments to me that" I am an old Catholic". He got the message and changed his thoughts. I told him that I was not an advocate for reparation without accountability. He seemed surprised. I live in an Illinois very progressive diocese. Even with that their are very few people who attend Mass. There are 2 parishes that have a high attendance, but those are administered by progressive priests. What will we do, no one seems to really know.

A woman of faith said...

Dear Kathleen,
Where in Illinois are you located? Anywhere near Quincy? ST. Rose of Lima parish in Quincy offers the traditional Mass by FSSP priests. I hope this helps!

God bless,

Woman of Faith

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Kathleen,

Do not despair. We are going to get through this. There is a big difference today than fifty years ago. We have the tools that our parents and grandparents did not have and we are fighting back.

It will all become clearer in the next number of months.

The Pope cannot change doctrine. If he tries to change practices that would erode doctrine then he will be called out by many. There will be bishops such as Cardinal Burke that will never break with Rome but they will never submit to heresy and they will, as he said, "resist."

We will look to them for guidance.

For now, let us be of good courage, fight and pray. If one can only pray then that is enough and please pray for those of us that do this.

God bless you.

P.S. Thank you A Woman Of Faith for your charity. It shows you how close our beautiful Catholic world has become.

TLM said...

I'm of the same thinking as you are Vox. I do think there will be Bishops that absolutely 'RESIST'. We are to look to them for direction. I think they will call out the Pope publicly, they will give us direction, no doubt about it. Bishop Athanasius Schneider will as well, I believe, along with many others. Not to fear, our Dear Sweet Lord has our back, and I do believe the Blessed Mother will help in giving us a path. We have to be patient (which I admit is hard at times) but just keep praying. Hang on to those Rosaries people, and pray them with your heart!