Wednesday, 11 March 2015

National Catholic Register finally does the right thing


After the post written two below this, messages through Facebook to the National Catholic Register, EWTN and to Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Raymond Arroyo and three voice mail messages to Michael Warsaw the President of EWTN, Register staff have finally taken down the uncharitable and inflammatory comments containing libel and defamation against Pope Francis, Rabbi Skorka, Msgr. Ricca and your blogger, Vox Cantoris. It is too bad that it took nearly 48 hours!

This is from the National Catholic Register's own page for comments which are apparently moderated:

Charity is our first rule. If you can’t communicate charitably, then please don’t comment. We encourage lively and honest discussion of our content. While we know that there will be disagreements, and that our readers can be very passionate, we ask that you disagree respectfully without personal attacks, sarcasm, name-calling, bullying, libel, defamation, or obscenities. Don’t make judgments about the other person’s sinfulness or salvation. Please keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of readers do not comment and your comments become part of the information of and the Register’s social media pages. We want to keep our forum a place of respectful, charitable and honest dialogue for all our readers.

Yes, I am persistent and the person that moderated or did not moderate is more like it, should be held accountable. Was their an agenda? Or did this just slip by?

As for Francis Pope, Wendy List, Linda List her twin sister and Maggie - they have been shown by their actions what they are by bloggers in the United States, Canada, Britain and Poland where they left their filth. They have convicted themselves. Further, I.P. addresses are easily available to from any blogs statcounter and one does not have to be a "mafiosi" to find them or have "inside connections" on the police force.

Really people, some of you really think this way?

The other young man with the Toronto blog who has been harassing me and my work for the Church and the traditional Mass movement and sowing discord with regard to it in our Archdiocese has removed his four posts about me and my wife, a friend and the unfortunate situation with a priest. He and the woman behind Wendy and Linda, have also in the past written libelous and defamatory letters to hundreds of priests, deacons, seminarians, friends who shared our Christmas table, international associates and complete strangers. I've taken it and not struck back. Not now and not every again. I did what I was commanded to do in Holy Scripture, take it to him, take it to him with your brothers and then if he still does not listen take it to the Church. Thank you brother for finally doing what is right. Now, feel free to post the public apology as part of your recompense. As for Wendy and her sisters you have my final letter. Read it again.

One more thing, Jesus commands us to turn the other cheek. In this case, it means to not prosecute those who did this, it does not mean that we have to be doormats and have no right to defend ourselves and our name.

Oh; and this is class - from the combox.

Dear Mr. Domet,

On behalf of EWTN I will step forward and apologize. 

I'm so sorry. 


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Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Like the widow going after the unjust judge, you have received the reward of your persistence. God bless you and your family.