Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Linda Gibbons has been arrested!

At 11:34 this morning on the public sidewalk outside of the Morgenthaler abortuary, Linda Gibbons, a heroine in the defense of the unborn in Canada was arrested for violating the decades old "temporary injunction" barring protests, even silent ones, outside abortion mills.

Linda was carrying her usual sign "Why Mom, when I have so much love to give." She had been there since 9:00AM and was later visited by Sheriffs before the Toronto Police Force was sent to arrest her. 

At this point, I refer you to Toronto Catholic Witness blog who last night posted an interview with Linda. Barona was there to witness her silent protest and arrest and has the full story including photographs.

Linda will now join Mary Wagner in prison.

We await the outpouring anger at this injustice and that of abortion in the main-stream and Catholic media

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