Tuesday, 10 March 2015

EWTN's National Catholic Regsiter permits libel and defamation against Pope Francis and Vox Cantoris in its combox - violates its own comment posting policy

The National Catholic Register which can join the "Reporter" in the fish-wrap category has a comment in its post regarding the recent situation and the lifting of the threat of a lawsuit which was apparently never real in the first place, it was all just a little game.

Why is a Catholic journal of great respect and owned by EWTN allowing an anonymous comment of "Francis Pope" in the combox that contains nothing but calumny, slander, character assassination and defamation?  

If you think that I'm peeved now, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

I demand its removal, a retraction and a public apology!

Let them know what you think and please post a copy in the combox below.


One more thing; my wife and I married during a solemn nuptial mass. We have been publicly accused on an insipid and dyspeptic blog of adultery. The person that has done this is known to me and has engaged in harassment for four years but never to this extent. Unfortunately, while the blog has few people reading it intentionally, it ends up on search engines and feeds where this slander can become widespread. Further, the Church's canonical procedure of annulments has been held in disrepute by these two people. It is a heresy to deny the power of Peter to "bind and loose" and to "deny and loose" as these have done. I have previously spoken with my "brother" and have taken "two" to counsel him. I have now "taken it to the Church" to his Pastor and two other Toronto priests. While I have ignored it in the past, torontotlmserving@gmail.com, this I can no longer ignore. 

Furthermore, the person behind Wendy List, Linda List, Maggie, Francis Pope who operates from 0102anonymous@gmail.com and whatever pseudonym that cowardly mind can conjure up should be aware that the I.P. address has been determined and all of this information has been provided to your Pastor. Unlike others, I choose to follow Holy Scripture as found in the First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians. It is now up to him to deal with you through the internal forumThe fact that you wrote the bile which was then reprinted by the young and impressionable blogger in question has deepened your own culpability and perpetuated your own public scandal by inviting him to participate in it.

Suffice to say, I am not putting up with this harassment any longer.

While I don't agree with every thing our Pope has said or done, I am certainly not going to accuse him of  "smoking a big, big spliff in a jacuzzi!"  with a priest who was known to engage previously in a manner for which we can ask "who are we to judge!" Now, how did that calumny escape the attention of the moderator!

Shame on the NCRegister and shame on both of you who are, objectively speaking, in serious need of spiritual guidance, confession and penance, I suggest you obtain it quickly for you not what time the Bridegroom comes.

Update at 20:00hrs EDT

I am pleased to report that the young man with the blog linked at the National Catholic Register combox has purged the many offensive posts from his blog. Let us hope he has learnt his lesson and refrains from any further behaviour in this regard.

However the National Catholic Register has still not undertaken the removal of the offensive (and apparently moderated comment) which includes calumnious description of Pope Francis and others.

Raymond Arroyo has taken it upon himself to apologise. He is a man of class.

* * *

Posted by Frances Pope on Sunday, Mar 8, 2015 1:03 PM (EDT):

This website of a young Catholic I know;and Domet has been slandering on the web for years is worth visiting.  It might educate people to the truth.

Here is what this young man has to say.  He is right.

“...Worse, I hate to see it done to young people of my generation and the next. To do it to the Church`s next generation and kids, to me, is a darker, more villainous sin to commit vs. older adults. It is deeply contrary to the New Evangelization, and instead embraces a New Tyranny…”
Posted by Frances Pope on Sunday, Mar 8, 2015 12:52 PM (EDT):

This case is not as cut and dry as you think.  It’s amazing that those who know little or nothing are writing or commenting here.

My experience with Domet who has maliciously slandered Young Catholics on the web,is voiced by Maggie on another Blog.  I take the liberty of forwarding a very accurate comment by Maggie on another blog which was deleted by the blogger who happened to be a Domet supporter.

David is no martyr. He’s been brazenly libelling people for years; and we’re not just talking of people like Fr. Rosica. He’s written tirades in his blogs against people who were formally his friends, kids at least 3 decades younger than he. He’s even lashed out at others in the traditionalist movement here in Toronto and undermined their efforts when they've organized Solemn Masses on Holy Days at churches that haven’t so much as smelt incense in 40 years.

This man was a ticking time bomb. It was only a matter of time. If Rosica pursues this and decides to reach out to other people David’s libelled it could get interesting. And it would be his own doing.
I’ve been reading comments on the traditional Catholic blogosphere giving David all kinds of advice from “hiring a canon lawyer” to suggestions of writing to our archbishop or even writing to the pope. Some are painting this as some vast conspiracy instigated by Francis to silence blogs that he doesn’t like. With respect, Francis is likely busier smoking a big big spliff with Rabbi Skorka and Msgr. Ricca in a heated jacuzzi in Sanctae Marthae than following bloggers of the likes of Domet. All this support from clueless people who don’t even know him just feeds the beast that is David’s ego at the expense of more sober thought.

Rosica has a good prima facie case for libel. This is true not because the judges are bad or the system is corrupt or because Canada is an awful, hedonistic, sodomitic, anti-Catholic country. If Mars were a common law jurisdiction, David would be in trouble there too. Considering all the facts, should he issue a retraction, remove the objectionable posts and escape this with his finances in order, his roof over his head and not facing [redacted] it’ll be because of Fr. Rosica’s goodness. But knowing David, he won’t do that. Facts and laws be damned. David is always right, you see”





My name is David Anthony Domet and I own the blog at www.voxcantor.blogspot.com. I have been a subscriber of EWTN for over 15 years.

Your newspaper, The National Catholic Register, has permitted in its combox a comment regarding me that is libellous, defamatory, calumniating and filled with outright lies posted by someone anonymous using the name of "Francis Pope." 

How is it possible that this bile made it through a comment moderator?

This is a disgrace for a Catholic publication and EWTN. The person that has done this is known to me and has been harassing me for four years. She is in a grievous state of mortal sin, objectively speaking, and you have participated in it by publishing her filth and bile.

I demand that this filth be removed immediately and that an apology for it and a retraction be printed at the top of the story.

Yours truly,
Vox Cantoris

And this:

Dear Mr. Domet,

On behalf of EWTN I will step forward and apologize. 

I'm so sorry. 



Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I read Phil Lawler's article and I thought he was relatively sympathetic to you. He certainly made it clear that Fr. Rosica brought this upon himself.

If someone chided me for being sometimes intemperate on my blog, I would have to agree with them. I can be caustic and sarcastic.

We are all different. Some of us have the style of St. John the Baptist and some have the style of St. Francis de Sales. I think the Church needs us all.

I've been threatened with a lawsuit before -- by the March of Dimes. It wasn't as big a deal for me since my job was wife and mother and joint property can't be seized, but I can imagine how stressful your situation was. I'm glad the threat is over and I'm praying for you and your family.

Vox Cantoris said...

Relatively yes, I take exception to his word "hounding" he clearly seems to have never read my blog nor did he write me before choosing such a word.

As for this, post; the NCRegister has done a disservice by publishing a string of calumny and defamation that even bloggers had the good sense to remove.

It's one thing to criticise ideas it is quite another to defame and I am not the pot calling the kettle black as I am sure you know.

NCR needs to smarten up with its combox!

Liam Ronan said...

It would seem that a public written apology by both EWTN and NCR would be in order as well as public notice banning the offending poster from future comment on any issue published under the aegis of each.

The rest is up to you, David.

"Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. "Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. "Rejoice and be glad, for your reward in heaven is great; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you." Matthew 5:10-12

Vox Cantoris said...

That is all I want Mr. Ronan, the offence removed and an apology placed at the top of the article.

I've referred the rest off to the Pastors of both of these people for them to address in the "internal forum" and now I shall treat them as "gentiles."

Liam Ronan said...

Well done, David.

With respect to EWTN and the Register, I recall a saying (which he attributed to the Roman poet Horace) my Latin teacher was fond of quoting when even he made an error in his Latin grammar:

"Boys! I am indignant when Homer nods, but in a long work it is allowable to snatch a little sleep."

Dymphna said...

Someone brought your marriage into it? These people are disgusting.

Steve said...

It does not make sense to raise alarm bells for what Fr. Rosica threatened you with, to only follow similar tactics with your own opponent(s). It is not logical to waste time on what was said in a comment section in NCR or any other place on the internet. The internet is a big place and it is a colossal waste of time to demand anything be removed. Either there is free speech or there is not. You can post on your blog why what was said by your opponent is wrong, but it does not make sense to demand censorship from NCR while at the same time crying foul over the very same thing that was requested of you by Fr. Rosica.

Anonymous said...

Why is your marriage an issue? Is there a missing detail here?

Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Steve,

If I learnt anything advising federal and provincial cabinet ministers in Canada on communications it was this, “confront the s.o.b. head-on and speak with clarity and leave the charity for the pastors.”

What does not make sense is for you to comment without having read every post that I have written with regards to the matter and the comment in the NCRegister. If you did, you would have seen that this wretch suggested that Pope Francis was smoking pot and sitting naked in a Jacuzzi with two other clerics one of which is known to have experimented with sodomy at least once in his life but who are we to judge? Further, you would see the vile commentary towards me which has not place in a Catholic journal. You will also note that these comments were of a personal nature and to insinuate that I acted in this manner is an outright fallacy and distortion of the truth.

Yes, the internet is a free-for-all, but we are dealing here with the National Catholic Register owned by EWTN. They allowed a comment that clearly commits calumny and defamation against the Holy Father, two Monsginore and myself to stand. Free speech? If you admit to monitoring a comment box as they do then there is no free speech. Free speech laws are to protect us from the government, not one another.

What you are doing is trying to draw a moral equivalence between honest and hard criticism of public statements and outright personal guile. There is no moral equivalence. Crying foul? You’re bloody well right and if you think that you’re going to come into my blog and try to bully me then I have news for you. You’re not going to be allowed to do that and you’re not going to insinuate that I somehow did what this cretin has done.

No Sir not here and not on my blog.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why is your marriage an issue? Is there a missing detail here?

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 at 17:04:00 GMT-4

There is no issue with my marriage. The issue is the National Catholic Register printed a slander piece with a link to a disturbed man who for four years has harassed me and has now harassed my wife with bile that insinuates the we are committing adultery and that the Church - Peter has no authority over binding and loosing.

I have a right to my good name and my wife to her honour.

Do you have issue with that?

Unknown said...

Said link and related material has been purged - no need to post this update, just FYI. Pax

Anonymous said...

I see why you're a little sensitive.


According to the CNS, as late as 2009, Pope Benedict raised the issue of certain problems with the whole annulment thing:

"Pope Benedict said there is still a need to deal with a problem Pope John Paul II pointed out in a 1987 speech to the Roman Rota, that of saving the church community from "the scandal of seeing the value of Christian marriage destroyed in practice by the exaggerated and almost automatic multiplication of declarations of nullity."

Pope Benedict said he agreed with Pope John Paul that too often members of church tribunals see a failed marriage and grant the annulment on the basis of an ill-defined case of "immaturity or psychic weakness."

The tribunals make the juridical determination of whether to grant a decree of nullity. The above shows that even the popes are at odds with the increasing trend of annulments for all who ask especially in western countries. Binding and loosing is another matter that doesn't apply here.

Pope Francis recently said that 50% of marriages are invalid. I don't agree with him for first marriages, but he may very well be underestimating for subsequent marriages even after these decrees of nullity are given.

Fox said...

This unfounded accusation of adultery not only calls us into question but also the actions of the sacred ministers who married us; Good and faithful men who would never commit such an offence.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous at 17:44.

It seems to me that you are taking it upon yourself to go somewhere you're not qualified to be or to dare to sit in judgment of me.

Neither are acceptable.

Vox Cantoris said...

Andrew, a friend in Kitchener who was also being named unjustly by our little friend wrote me to tell me the good news.

I imagine his Pastor must have made him see the "light."

Fox said...

Dear Anonymous,

A little bit of information is a dangerous thing.

Are you suggesting that my husband's Decree of Nullity is invalid?

You are indeed delving into an area that is not only none of your business, but one for which you are poorly armed for the battle.

Objectively speaking, you should consider taking this up with your pastor, in the confessional.

Should you wish to further enter into an honest and mature discussion you may email Vox through the blog. Otherwise, drop it.

Roke said...

Dear Mr. Domet,

I viewed the text and photos of your wedding. It was beautiful. My congratulations and fraternal wishes for many years between your bride and you.

Kitchener Waterloo Traditional Catholic said...

The difference between Rev.Rosica's lawsuit threat and the Vox asking NCR to remove a comment is very simple: truth.

Rev.Rosica's threat was baseless. There was nothing specific mentioned. Basically, he doesn't like contrary opinions or being called out for error and/or improper conduct (his admiration of Gregory Baum, for example).

The vile spewed in the NCR comments and a certain altar server's blog is libelous and heresy.

See the difference, now?

One thing I've noticed on my blog is how quiet some people get when they are called to a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer. How quickly some people will throw sarcasm around yet ignore the question and these irritating things called facts.

It's all about the truth. Some people think it's important, others don't.

Wade S. said...

I agree with the commenter referring to your double standard. If you take issue with what someone says, write about it in your blog. You can’t try to censor everyone that disagrees with you. If you're right, people will see it for what it is. That is what brought you into the spotlight recently, and made many people aware of you; a famous priest took issue with what you wrote and told you to stop. You didn't and you had every right to do whatever you wanted on your blog as long as you weren’t naming people directly, which incidentally you did with two individuals' emails addresses here! I read Fr. Rosica’s issues with you and what you wrote in the past. You did use words like insidious and counter to teachings of the church tradition, etc. You WERE suggesting Rosica was dishonest and an unfaithful priest. He does a lot of good on S&L for Catholic faithful. He brings people together. The commenters never said you were divorced or commited adultery. They just said people who are married more than once should keep their mouths shut on certain matters. I don’t question your marriage because I don’t know your situation and all, but on another point which is sort of related, as the pope said annulments affect lots of people and is a sensitive topic, and opens lots of questions like, what about children out of past marriages? Are they now to tell their friends that they were conceived out of wedlock? Are they bastard children? What about a Catholic who married in an Episcopalian church, and then gets divorced with good reason? Can they get remarried in a Catholic Church? What about being married for 50 years with someone and all of a sudden you can get a church to say it never took place with an annulment? Pope Francis sees these situations and is trying to be open and honest about dealing with people. I’m honestly shocked that you went so far as to talk to the commenters’ pastors and searched their IP addresses which can search where they live?. Only the police can do things like that, and if you got a police friend to help you out, mafia style, that is WRONG. Besides, how many people were they? Maybe 4 or 5 people? Who cares?!?

Vox Cantoris said...

Wade S.

1. Everyone has a right to an opinions which as you know are like a certain body part which everyone has but everyone else's but your own, stinks.

2. Free speech is about my right to write a blog, not you're right to comment. I am the Constitution around here, that being said, I have published this so that I can rebuke you.

3. One email you will know is "anonymous" I did not release her private personal email. Second, the other leads to his blog I did not release his personal email Further, he was quite happy to put his own name out in the universe for all to see. I have a right to defend my name and that of my wife. Indeed, there was the suggestion that annulments are without basis which is not only suggesting that my wife and I are adulterers but a complete repudiation of the "binding and loosing" and that Sir, is heresy.

4. Further, the disturbed woman that wrote that bile has engaged in a four-year long defamation against me of lies and maliciousness to hundreds of priests, deacons, seminarians, friends, strangers, colleagues and associates on an international level -- all in a vain attempt to discredit me. Well, I have had enough of her and you.

5. You have calumniated. I NEVER said nor suggested that Father Tom Rosica was or is a "dishonest or unfaithful priest." You Sir, are a LIAR. Got that? Never have I questioned his vows or priesthood or personal holiness or behavior which would be calumny and worse. So don't come on my page and impugn my motives or suggest that I have committed such an act.

6. YOU have impugned my motives. YOU have born False Witness against me and I will not tolerate that so you can take your bulling attempts and put it you know where.

7. As for searching for an I.P. address, I can find yours from my Statcounter, shall I post it?

8. I told a friend the other night, "you came on my blog five minutes ago, you're using an IPAD and Firefox and your server is located at approximately..." So, you acuse me of using police or that I am Mafiosi?

9. You're more stupid than I imagined. Go away; I won't take your bunk here, nor will I allow you to call me son, a bastard! You stinking hypocrite.

Vox Cantoris said...

Oh, one more thing Wade S.: "Ignorance of scripture, is ignorance of Christ." If you are "shocked" that I went to their Pastors which was actually an act of charity, then you surely are ignorant of Christ. Why not open a your Bible if you have one. Look up the passage in Matthew about "taking it to the Church." Then you might read 1 Corinthians.

Wade S. said...

I do not think everyone is trying to attack or accuse you personally when they do not agree with you Vox. I'm not accusing you of anything as I don't know you. The internet is full of lots of opinions. You can't control them all.

Vox Cantoris said...

Ah, but there is a difference between a personal attack and an challenge to one's ideas and that is the point. The internet has many opinions I cannot control nor do I desire to do so. However, I have a right, as you do, not to be harassed or defamed as these have done and I have a right to defend myself and put an end to it in any legal and moral fashion that I can, as do you.

Barona said...

There are a number of issues being posted here that need fleshing out.

Wade: you write of censorship. I suggest you explore Fr.Rosica's wikipedia entry. You will notice that there is no reference to his interview with Gregory Baum. Strange, given that it may well be Fr. Rosica's most controversial interview ever for S + L. however, it becomes more interesting when one reviews the various edits to this same Wikipedia entry. What does one notice? Why, respectful edits were entered regarding the Baum interview, to be promptly removed under the pretext of "libel" and then, "slanderous intent". I suggest you explore this when speaking about censorship. It is indeed passing strange for a reference to an interview be removed in this manner. Why is this interview being removed from Fr. Rosica's wikipedia entry?

If you do not know about Vox's marriage - why do you bring it up? enough said. As to those who who have brought it up, not only have they objectively committed a mortal sin, they have, based on what they have written also indulged in the mortal sins of schism and heresy.

As to annulments, "Anonymous" displays such ignorance to be staggering. Is it just ignorance or something more? Let readers be the judge. Simply,a marriage is considered valid until proven to the contrary. I find it bizarre that Mr and Mrs.Domet's holy nuptials are being questioned by those who reveal themselves as protestant in mentality, by stating "I don't agree with him...(re: the Supreme Pontiff). Are we now to pick and choose what we agree with, just because it panders to our own ideas?

The issue is not Mr.and Mrs. Domet's marriage, but the behaviour that is gravely sinful of those who are attacking him and his wife.

Derrick said...

Mr. David Domet,

Wad never calumniated you and never accused your son as a bastard. He just asked questions relating to annulments. He never accused you of anything yet you threaten and accuse him of lies and accused him of calling you son a bastard. He didn't.
You seem to take everything personally. You said the pope should send that Fr. Rosika packing, and other things. I saw the law firms letter and the words you used about Father Rosika.

Barona, you look at Wikipedia as the authoratitive source. Anyone can add or subtract things from there. Gregory Baum might say strange things. But until he has life in him, he has hope and time to see the truth. Moreover, we don't know his life and his past, which shapes people. You all have no charity. Do not try to defend the Pope either now. You've got comments about how the pope should be catholic and he doesnt follow the law. Law, Law, Rules, Rules for other people but not yourselves. You Mr Domet called the commenter a liar among other things. S&L interviewed sspx leader and others including Gregory Baum as well. I say So what??? Gregory Baum is a child of God and so are all you. The church is big. Not everyone will agree with you and people are at different stages in spiritual life.

You only see what you want. The reason why you must be upset is because it might hit a chord in you. You accused the commenter here just because he adked questions you don't like. He didn't accuse you. I read your article on a fundraising concert at the cathedral, and how you seem to know more than the archbishop of Toronto.

It seems all of you are friends on the traditional blog sites. you filter what you don't like. The web is free to report anything and Im sure that there's truth to what these posters commented. Look at how you all are. You are like hypocrites, or jackals and you have a vicious streak in you all. I used to wonder why the church went in such a direction as it is now. Maybe because it was run by people like you. You tell others not to judge and you are in no position but you do it all the time. You asked that other blogger to remove something and they did and now you are posting your victory blog report on it, and then threatening anyone to go and sue you?

You cast judgements on everyone. The commenter here never said anything of you but you said he calumniated and lied. Don't lie Mr. Domet. Don't cover up. It means nothing what your response is. If you believe in the God you profess, then you need to look inward. Seriously look inward and stop attacking everyone around you. STOP IT! It's not good for your health. You seem to have so much rage in you.

I wish you all a very happy lent and Easter. I'm sure you have a wonderful family Mr. Domet and may God bless you, your new wife, your son and other children.

Pray the good Lord opens your eyes and mine and be more patient and understanding and loving.


Vox Cantoris said...

Ah, so nice to see the trolls like Derrick, an alter ego of Wade and spawn of Wendy and Linda List. Welcome brother.

Regrding your comment about the concert at St. Michael’s Cathedral; you are assuming that the Archbishop new and approved of the desecration of St. Michael’s Cathedral by that secular cabaret concert. I never said he knew you clearly insinuate that he did. However, I certainly know more than the Rector or the staff person who permitted that blasphemy of sacred space to go on. If you can’t see something wrong with that, then it says more about you then you can even imagine.

Now get out of my living room and find some courage to step out into the light.

Vox Cantoris said...

Isn't it odd that Wendy and Linda looked up that very blog post this morning on another blog? You see, a friend called and said "Is this I.P. address Wendy's?" I looked it up from my records and those sent to me by other bloggers and said, "It certainly is?"

Funny that she was looking at the page on the concert and then you were too.

Isn't the Internet wonderful? It leaves little crumbs of bread just like the gossip that you two boys and your mother have sown.

You see boys, you can't fool me or anyone and the people that read your histrionics can make their own decisions.

Fox said...

"Derrick", Barona's point about Wikkipedia was exactly that anyone can post information on and DELETE information from it...

Fox said...

Vox, Please Explain, I don't understand why "anonymous" people need to be defended in the comments box?

Barona said...

My point was that someone was acting censoriously regarding the most controversial interview ever granted by Fr. Rosica. That is the point.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Domet,

On behalf of EWTN I will step forward and apologize.

I'm so sorry.


Vox Cantoris said...

Dear Mr. Arroyo,

On behalf of Frankie and I thank you for your kindness.

We appreciate our work and your humour and watch you all the time.
God bless.

Vox Cantoris