Friday, 22 April 2016

Pope Francis says we should listen to this Cardinal - I don't think so!


Karl Rahner Jr. said...


Peter Lamb said...

Wish I had a patio table like that!

Anonymous said...

Outta sight and far out! Groovy dudes and Hip Cats...a the Brothers Gibb and ABBA wouldn't be out of place there.

Anonymous said...

Don Says:

I wanted to say "Beam me up Scotty etc."
But upon reflection, the subject in this picture is far more grave.
Look at this scene (The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass)
What do you see?
When I attend the Extraordinary Form of Holy Mass (TLM) WE have one Priest (in the person of Christ) with his back to us (leading us to Calvary) With the Blessed Lord in His Holy hands, begging God`s Mercy and Blessings.
I see God at the Traditional Latin Mass

To Me in this picture, I see none of that. My Catechism tells me what they are doing, but my eyes see it not.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: Have Mercy on us.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who this cardinal is, but to be fair, is this at a hotel convention or some similar venue, and they're perhaps trying to make the best of it? Perhaps they should just go to a church, I don't know. I've run retreats in remote places, and called in a priest for Mass, and used a dining room table. Once, we were in a public high school, and 2 desks were put together. And Christ came down and fed those kids who wouldn't have been able to receive him that day. I don't know what the situation is there, but if JPII can say Mass on an overturned canoe... BTW, Vox, I always enjoy your blog and come here often. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Tony, I had a similar idea, at first. I thought, "No way is this a church." No crucifix, no anything, with ambient lighting and that lovely mirror-tile ceiling. It looks like some hotel ballroom or convention center. The "set" of altar furniture looks portable (folding legs). So appears to be a secular venue.

BUT, the presence of THREE bishops and several priests, in matching vestments, would indicate a major serious event, and in that case Mass would be in the cathedral, or if that's to far away, a church.

Kay Sandee said...

Cruise ship?

Peter Lamb said...

Seeing the comment on Mass being said under makeshift circumstances, reminded me of Fr. McFadden. Father Mac was a military chaplain to the South African forces in north Africa during WWII. The convoy had stopped for cha in the desert. Father Mac dropped the tail gate of a troop carrier and set out his Mass kit to say Mass for the Catholic troops. Suddenly an enemy aircraft appeared out of the blue and proceeded to strafe the column. The troops scattered in all directions diving for cover. Father Mac, unperturbed, calmly continued saying Mass. Both altar candles, one on either side of him, were shot off by machine gun fire. Fr. Mac never skipped a beat and gradually his congregation reassembled until Mass was ended.

Anonymous said...


Who are these Cardinals, bishops and priests? I have no idea who they are. Please provide names.

Thank you.


Vox Cantoris said...

The "Celebrant" is Cardinal Schoenborn, Archbishop of Vienna who was the relator of the the Pope's apostolic exhortation at the press conference. On a plane interview, Pope Francis said that it we wanted to know what he, the Pope, meant, then we should read or listen to what Schoenborn said.

Anonymous said...

In his defense, he appears to be "right on target"