Thursday, 28 April 2016

Heresiarch Kasper: Pope will not preserve that which has been! Do you get it yet friends? The Pope IS the problem!

It really is time Catholics; wake up! Get out of your doldrums and your daydreams and your fantasy that all is well. The crisis in the Church which came to the surface during and after the Second Vatican Council, the crisis and heresy of Modernism is upon us now greater than ever. Prelate after prelate and even the Pope, the Bishop of Rome himself, Jorge Bergoglio, are now proving on a daily basis that they do not hold to the orthodox Catholic faith. They are Modernists - heretics, through, and through. 

Cardinals and Bishops, wake up and demand clarity and faithfulness or you will be held accountable before the Lord for the loss of millions of souls. Yours will be damned in the lowest pit of Hell if you stand by and allow these heresiarchs to undermine the Faith and scandalise the little people.

Pope Bergoglio is whining because we are concentrating on this issue. This issue of Holy Communion for adulterers is only one. It doesn't matter how much scripture and how many other phrases in the document are beautiful, there is enough heresy in it to nullify the whole mess of pig slop that it is. 

Exalting Feminism. Downplaying manhood. Uplifting "irregular" situations. state-sponsored sex-education, soft-pedaling sodomy. It's all in there, read it, if you don't believe this writer. 

It matters not that he speaks against abortion and euthanasia. If those are the two things by which we measure Bergoglio's Catholicism and the orthodoxy of this waste of trees then we've set the bar of what it means to be a Catholic, pretty damn low!


The German Option of the Argentine Pope

Cardinal Kasper and the progressive wing of the Church of Germany have gotten what they wanted. On communion for the divorced and remarried, Francis is on their side. He made up his mind a while ago, and has acted accordingly

by Sandro Magister

ROME, April 28, 2016 – The definitive confirmation of Pope Francis’s endorsement of the German solution to the crucial question of communion for the divorced and remarried has come from Germany’s most famous cardinal and theologian, Walter Kasper, in an interview published on April 22 in the Aachen newspaper "Aachener Zeitung":

Kasper: Pope Intends “Not to Preserve Everything as it has Been”


On 22 April, Cardinal Walter Kasper gave yet another interview about Pope Francis and his reforms. This time, he spoke with the German regional newspaper Aachener Zeitung. In this interview, the German cardinal made some candid — indeed, bold — statements which are very important in the context of the current situation of the Catholic Church.
Kasper speaks about the further Church-reform plans of Pope Francis and his intention “not to preserve everything as it has been of old.” With Pope Francis, “things are not any more so abstract and permeated with suspicion, as it was the case in earlier times” within the Church. When asked whether there is also a new tone within the Church, Kasper answers: “Yes, a new tone.” He also responds in a more positive way to the question as to whether the German Bishops’ Conference now have a “tail wind” and says: “Certainly.” And he continues, in the context of the question about “remarried” divorcees, by saying that Pope Francis has agreed with him about making some “humane decisions.” The German cardinal recounts how he once told Pope Francis about a priest whom he knew who had decided not to forbid a “remarried” mother to receive Holy Communion on the day of the First Holy Communion of her daughter. Cardinal Kasper himself concurred with that priest’s decision, saying: “That priest was fully right.” About his further conversation with the pope, he added these words: “I told this to the pope and he confirmed my attitude [with the following words]: ‘That is where the pastor has to make the decision.’” Kasper concludes: “There is now a tail wind to help solve such situations in a humane way.”
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Peter Lamb said...

Vox, AL is old hat! We gotta keep moving with Jorge - he doesn't let the moss grow - and the god of surprises always has a new one up his sleeve! We moving on! Papal Infallibility is now the cutting edge:

On March 9, Hans Küng, [the heresiarch of all heretics], issued what he called an "urgent appeal to Pope Francis to permit an open and impartial discussion on infallibility of pope and bishops."

Ecstacy and jubilation followed when Jorge replied on 20 March:
"In the pope's reply, the following points are significant for me.
The fact that Francis answered at all and did not let my appeal fall on deaf ears, so to speak;
The fact that he replied himself and not via his private secretary or the secretary of state;
That he emphasizes the fraternal manner of his Spanish reply by addressing me as Lieber Mitbruder ("Dear Brother") in German and puts this personal address in italics;
That he clearly read the appeal, to which I had attached a Spanish translation, most attentively;
That he is highly appreciative of the considerations that had led me to write Volume 5 of my complete works, in which I suggest theologically discussing the different issues that the infallibility dogma raises in the light of holy Scripture and tradition with the aim of deepening the constructive dialogue between the "semper reformanda" 21st-century church and the other Christian churches and postmodern society.
Francis has set no restrictions. He has thus responded to my request to give room to a free discussion on the dogma of infallibility. I think it is now imperative to use this new freedom to push ahead with the clarification of the dogmatic definitions, which are a ground for controversy within the Catholic church and in its relationship to the other Christian churches ... Francis no longer wants to be the sole spokesman of the church... This is the new spirit that I have always expected from the magisterium. I am fully convinced that in this new spirit a free, impartial and open-ended discussion of the infallibility dogma, this fateful key question of destiny for the Catholic church, will be possible... I am deeply grateful to Francis for this new freedom and combine my heartfelt thanks with the expectation that the bishops and theologians will unreservedly adopt this new spirit and join in this task in accordance with the Scriptures and with our great church tradition."

OK! Now hands up anybody who still believes that Bergoglio is the Vicar of Christ and that the NWO church is the Catholic Church.

Ana Milan said...

PF himself declined the title Vicar of Christ opting for Bishop of Rome, but Bishop of Rome cannot carry the awesome power & absolute respect of all faithful Catholics - just the Roman ones, if indeed that. There has been no Traditional Pope since Vatican II and in time that Council will be declared Null & Void but it will not be before Russia is consecrated to Our Blessed Lady and the Third Secret of Fatima is fully revealed. It is most necessary now to rid ourselves of this Papacy but as pew-sitters we have no such power, so it is vital that a large percentage of Cardinals & Bishops throughout Christendom wake up and exercise their authority as successors of the First Apostles and insist on both requests of Our Lady to be carried out immediately. We can only keep praying for this to happen soonest, but really the responsibility lies with them.

Dan said...

Yay for Gaia!

Mark Thomas said...

Bishop Ralph Haskett was elevated to that rank in 2010 A.D. by Pope Benedict XVI. In 2014 A.D., Pope Francis appointed Bishop Haskett to the Diocese of Hallam, England.

Here is Bishop Haskett's vision of future parishes..."The Kasperite Parish".

Bishop Ralph Haskett on "Liturgy in the Absence of a Priest"

"Liturgy in the Absence of a Priest"

"Bishop Ralph Heskett enthusiastically asks the people of his diocese to embrace “the model of parish found in Cardinal Kasper’s book, The Catholic Church: Nature, Reality and Mission [because] “the model of parish that most of us grew up with and were nourished by, is no longer adequate to meet the demands that a socially changing Church and society is making on the parish as we know it.

"To meet the demands of the changing Church and world around us, he offers a model of the local Christian community that is both old and new…

"His suggestion is that we should look to the model of the base communities of South America and Africa, where groups form themselves into reliant worshipping communities.

"Part of his vision, then, of the parish of the future is of a community of communities.” The Bishop does not believe they need to “slavishly follow Cardinal Kasper’s model” but “if we overcome our resistance [to change] we will do more than we ever dare hope or imagine.” Whatever that means is anybody’s guess but sounds dramatic and you can, after all, fool some of the people some of the time."



Mark Thoma

Ever mindful said...

Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him

Job 13:15

FLOR solitaria said...

"The Pope IS the problem"
Was there ever any doubt ?

Anonymous said...

We should have woken the day when Pope Benedict mysteriously "resigned" rather we did accept and believe the lie of fraudulent conclave that elected Bergoglio that day all Catholics had to understand that something bad was happening and We should have woken the day when we heard the blasphemer Bergoglio damn sentence on sodomy and the day when he published his infamous questionnaire and every time when he was opened his mouth against the Catholic doctrine.

Michael Dowd said...

Let us remember the words of Christ: "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

It is time to use the sword to cut away the dead branches. One approach may be through a managed schism which would be like a managed bankruptcy as the Church is becoming spiritually insolvent. The purpose of this temporary schism would be get rid of all the bad practices incorporated since Vatican II. Having two popes, if it comes to that, for 50 years or so is a small price to pay for potential loss of millions of souls.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Michael Dowd, I get your drift, but if one analyses your statement there are some problems:

"It is time to use the sword to cut away the dead branches. One approach may be through a managed schism which would be like a managed bankruptcy as the Church is becoming spiritually insolvent. The purpose of this temporary schism would be [to] get rid of all the bad practices incorporated since Vatican II.

DEAD BRANCHES: No part of God is dead. Therefore no part His Mystical Body, the Church, of which He is the Head, can ever die. The "dead
branches" have left His Church - heretics who have severed themselves from it. They are not still a withered part of his Church. His Church is perfect, as He is perfect - no imperfect parts; no dead branches.

MANAGED SCHISM. Schism is mortally sinful.

CHURCH IS BECOMING SPIRITUALLY INSOLVENT. Impossible. The Catholic Church is the pillar and bulwark of Truth. It is Infallible and Indefectible. Its doctrine is immutable, as God is immutable. The Catholic Church cannot fall into error, as God cannot err. The Catholic Church cannot become spiritually insolvent, as Christ, Our Lord, cannot become spiritually insolvent.
You are still considering the NWO church to be a damaged, misguided Catholic Church, as very many good souls still erroneously do. For all the above reasons, this is impossible. The conciliar church is not the Catholic Church. It has nothing whatever to do with the Catholic Church - apart from having usurped its property. It is a judeo-masonic anti-church. Christ has no part with belial.
The Catholic Church is alive and well - pure, unblemished and without wrinkle as ever - in her members, who practice our beloved Faith exactly as our forefathers did.

BAD PRACTICES INCORPORATED SINCE VATICAN II. You have just proved that the NWO church is not the Catholic Church. :)

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Peter. I will stick with what I said as I don't understand what you are saying. What Catholic Church are you talking about? Where is the true one now in your mind? Where is the NWO one?

Peter Lamb said...

Sorry Mike, but I can't explain it better than I have tried to do. :)

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Mike, I'm gonna try. The Catholic Church are those PEOPLE who believe and adhere to every jot and tittle of the Catholic Faith as taught from the time of Christ until 1958 - up until Vatican II. The Church does not reside in its buildings(churches, convents etc.) but in its MEMBERS - the Catholic people. In the days when all the hierarchy were Arians except St. Athanasius, the Church resided in St. Athanasius and his followers - not in the heretical hierarchy who occupied the church properties. If there were only one Catholic person left alive in the whole world, then the Catholic Church would reside in that single person, even if he/she lived in the bush without a roof overhead.
Today the Catholic Church resides in those Catholics who believe what the Catholic Church has always believed everywhere.
The NWO church is in Rome and throughout the world in our properties which they have usurped. The NWO church consists of the conciliar popes, hierarchy and clergy and those people who follow them.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Peter that helps. I still like the idea of threatening a schism. It would help draw attention to issues.

Peter Lamb said...

LOL. I know how you feel Mike.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Peter Lamb said... The NWO church consists of the conciliar popes, hierarchy and clergy and those people who follow them.

But that begs the question: At what time did Catholics cease being Catholics and become part of the "NWO church"?

Please name the year.

And please tell us how those of us who were alive back then stopped belonging to the Catholic Church and started belonging to a "NWO church."


Your theories contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church regarding indefectibility because, if they were true, it would mean the entire Church defected at the time of the Second Vatican Council.

The entire hierarchy accepted that council at the time. Even Archbishop Lefebvre signed its documents... all of them... as admitted by the SSPX.


Peter Lamb said...

Dear Anonymous @ 5:51 pm, You have asked intricate questions and me no canon lawyer, but I'll take a bash at answering them.
I would say the active planning stage for creating the NWO church, started with the "Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita," (Google that). It is however, important to remember that the battle is primarily between Christ and lucifer, who desires the destruction of Christ's Church. So I think it would be true to say that the ideal of a NWO, luciferian anti-church dates from the disciples of Caiphas, the High Priest of the Jews. Remember that judeo-masons literally worship lucifer.
The Vatican was infiltrated by masons long before 1958, ( google "Pecorrelli List"), but the election of mason Roncalli would be a practical date for the start of the NWO church as we now so well know it. That day was a great victory for lucifer - his first masonic "pope".
To say "The entire hierarchy accepted that council at the time" is not true. Cardinals Ottaviani, Bacci, Fr. Guerard des Lauriers, Bishop Lefebvre and many others smelt a rat right from the beginning - google "Ottaviani Intervention". Much can be said about the masonic manipulations of the council, but that would be too long for this comment. You must remember that the revolution taking place was so shocking, so unimaginable, so unique in the history of the Church, so mind-boggling, that it took time for many to believe what they were seeing. The changes have been introduced so gradually, so slyly, so ambiguously and so deviously, that it has taken 50 years and the internet for the general awareness we now have, to develop. So to say "... the entire Church defected at the time of the Second Vatican Council" is not true.
The Catholic Church is Indefectible and it has not defected - the NWO church has defected from the Catholic Church through heresy.
I too was alive back then and I only left the NWO church about 3 years ago when I had my Damascus moment. Millions of sincere, good Catholics who are working hard to raise their families; who go to mass on Sundays; who have no particular knowledge of, or interest in theology; who trust their priest, bishop and pope, have simply accepted the changes in good faith and ignorance - as I did for so many years. They are good Catholics by intent, although ignorant and in many cases their ignorance can be said to be invincible. These trusting souls are being led astray by wolves in shepherd's garb! They are not NWOrdites! They are misled Catholics. The NWOrdites are those who know and are informed about what is going on; who know the NWO church is not Catholic and who despite this, consent and adhere to the modernist NWO sect. To sin, 3 things are required: Grave matter, full knowledge and consent. These people meet all 3 conditions and become modernists (heretics) themselves. That is when they "stopped belonging to the Catholic Church and started belonging to a "NWO church."

Michael Dowd said...

Good stuff Peter. I like your attitude.