Latin Mass for the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Latin Mass for the Sacred Heart of Jesus
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Latin Mass in Toronto for St. John the Baptist

Latin Mass in Toronto for St. John the Baptist

Sunday, 3 April 2016


Some truth!

Some reconciliation!

Vile, despicable demonic bishops!

Have a go at Canada's Bishops in the combox!

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The "artist" below; attempts to make a justification of this blasphemy by mentioning the "holy Pelican" of St. Thomas Aquinas. This refers to the words, "Pie Pelicane, Jesu Domine" from his Eucharistic hymn, Adore te Devote. There was an ancient medieval myth that the mother pelican would strike its breast to release its blood to feed its babies. Because of the analogous sacrifice, this became a medieval symbol of Christ, sacrificing himself for us. The pelican was not Christ. The pelican was a pelican and it became a symbol for Christ in the sense of the sacrifice. The pelican was not hung on a cross and crucified! It remained a pelican!

This kind of irreligious imagery is what we have come to expect from the CCCB and the Vatican II heretics in general.


The contact page for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops can be found here:

Christian tradition is rich in imagery. The New Testament speaks of the Holy Spirit as appearing in the form of a dove and in parted tongues of fire. Catacomb and church art of the early Christian centuries depicted the victory of the cross with diverse symbols. Indeed, Thomas Aquinas' eucharistic poetry acclaims Jesus as "holy pelican", a bird said to tear open its breast to feed its starving young. To most of the Indian peoples of North America, the Thunderbird is a powerfully awesome messenger of the great God. Here, Thunderbird is the sacred sign of God's force-filled entry into the world.
God's eyes watch from the four directions, from above and below, from both wings, saying that God is all around us at all times. All races, black and yellow, red and white, are represented in the four colors taken from nature and found in the earth-circle and all over Thunderbird. Christ-as-Thunderbird, indying for us, restores happiness and understanding; he fills us with new dignity and great richness.
The chip marks all over remind us of the old days when axes were not known and ivory and stone were used instead. The black color comes from the charcoal of campfires; the white from volcanic ash; and the red from the clay of the riverbank.
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Anonymous said...

My heart sank when I read your headline, and even more when I read your post. I couldn't even read the latest post on Eponymous Flower because it was so shocking.

Our Lord is extremely patient, but this can't go on. At some point (according to our manner of speaking), God will say "Enough!"

Lord, have mercy!

Anonymous said...

Who personally approved this satanic garbage?

This is a New Word Church in action...



People will leave such church with paganism applied lately daily in our churches... SHAME !!! SHAME !!! SHAME !!!

Sons of Inequity ... are you going to face GOD ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT ??? !!!

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

In the Name of God, what are these men thinking?!?! Have they ALL lost their Faith, or only the leaders? May God save the Catholic Church in Canada!

Anonymous said...

Ok, you want Thunderbird? You get the fruits of Thunderbird. I will stick with beautiful orthodoxy and tradition. Prax for these lost shepherds. P

Karl Rahner Jr. said...


Gisèle Demers said...

This is absolutely discusting and a real blasphemy against our Lord and Saviour. This is going to far in cultural integration...and a mockery against God! Shame on those who promote this...A pure illustration of lack of true faith and respect.

Gisèle Demers said...

Another proof that Vatican II is not the Catholic Church but a sect within the edifices of the Catholic Church. Wake up your Catholic faith...get out of this evil sect of Vatican II -- who promulgates such blasphemy against our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Well at least they didn't portray him as one of these Thunderbirds:

Tony La Rosa said...


What website or article does the blasphemous picture originate from?

Brian said...


Once again, the Modernist big top, a circus that keeps on giving. These bishops have all the doctrinal integrity of a wet dish rag. Their blood/Modernism level must go way beyond what the breathalyzer scale can measure. It is as if the 1900 years before Vatican II never existed. Welcome to Catholic Canada....mutate, mutate and mutate.

Vox Cantoris said...


Here is the link, also in the article.

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops' web page!

Ana Milan said...

It makes my blood boil to read this. I am writing to CCCB at their email address to condemn this blasphemous presentation of Our Lord. Maybe others would do likewise so as to hit home. I will also endeavour to make similar contact with Vatican to lodge a complaint.

Tony La Rosa said...

Thanks, Vox.

Kristin LA said...

St. Jean de Brebeuf, pray for us!

Anna Sze said...

@ Ana
Good idea Ana, we need to bombard our Bishops with emails, letters showing our complete disapproval and reproach to this vile blasphemy.. I am in the process of writing to Archdiocese of Toronto and forwarding this news to all my email contacts so they can likewise respond..
The laity need to go to the battleground to defend our Lord and His teachings, our Lord who is being persecuted by His own consecrated souls.

Anna Sze said...

I showed this image to my children today -- their response was literally,

"....what the heck is that?...who would allow something that disgusting?" This is literally what my 9, 11 & 12 year old kids said.

Out of the mouths of babes...enough said.

Anonymous said...

If you have boys, can we draft them to become bishops? They're smarter than the CCCB!

Ann XA said...

I would like to share video of the recently passed Mother Angelica. She expresses holy anger against the liberal church (Catholic) in America. She was greatly criticized for this by several bishops and clergy but now, all say she will be declared a saint some day!! We know this applies to our country too. Our faith leaders need to stop and take a look at what they are doing and consider where it is coming from. God has given us very simply and visibly, His purpose for us and all creation and His love and mercy expressed in the image of His Son on the cross. Trying to represent differently what He has given directly and clearly is futile, misleading pride!! Bishops of Canada - be cautious of what you are doing! You will have to face Him one day and answer to Him for misleading His beloved flock in any way at all! Remember also that St. Faustina and several other Catholic saints have had visions of hell where they also saw several clergy suffering the torments there! For the sake of your own souls and those of the flock entrusted to you by our Eternal High Priest and Shepherd - respond to the call of humility, faithfulness and obedience to Him and His Magisterium! None of us can be more inspiring nor more creative than God Himself! Let us not even try!! Here is the link -

TLM said...

Like I have said many times in the past: This is called DEMONIC INSANITY. Evil of the vilest kind! I'm not even Canadian, I'm from the U.S. but I would like to get a hold of these guys and tell them to please GET OUT OF OUR CHURCH!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from the US too and feel the same way. As T.O. Carm. said above: "May God save the Catholic Church in Canada!" Amen!

Barona said...

Though this is evil, let us not change the subject. Could those who blame Vatican II for this, please provide a reference? You are taking upon yourself an authority you do not have; which, is itself schismatic and heretical.

Anonymous said...

I hesitated when I read your words, thinking, well, this is an artistic interpretation and maybe there is some aspect we don't understand.

Then I read the description by the artist about diversity, 4 directions, blah, blah; how trite. This degrades the Cross in the name of cultural ecumenism.

This is about one thing only: EGO (eg: capital sin of pride?).

Anonymous said...

Celebrating the Resurrection of Paganism .Even Satanists couldn't have come up with something that appalling ,if they desecrate a Crucifix ,they make sure it's a traditional one. Liturgical abuse has been put down to the misrepresentation of Vatican 2 ,that may be but it's up to Rome to rein in the rebels ,and they are not doing it,every clergyman is now free to interpret the Faith and Liturgy according to their own whim unless of course it's a traditional one .Apostasy is now mandatory.

Anonymous said...

U.N. to Install 1000 Temples to Baal in U.S., China, Great Britain April 2016!

TLM said...

Vatican 11, Barona, was too ambiguous. Too many gaping holes for the modernists to wield their destruction. If you think this may have been unintentional, you are looking through rose colored glasses.