Saturday, 24 April 2021

No Lifeboat For You. It wouldn't be fair.

The Province of Ontario is in a near-complete shutdown of life, not quite what it was a year ago, but not far off. In the now-abandoned system of regional colours for control areas due to SARS-CoV-2, the grey area, which was most of the Archdiocese of Toronto, there was limited to ten persons at religious services. This was the case from late November when the limit was thirty percent. Toronto's Cardinal Thomas Collins determined that Mass for ten persons was "just not worth it." Not a quote from His Eminence but from those around him. This blog made available, after it was provided by the source who uploaded it, a video of a webinar where Collins threatened any priest that he would "shut you down," for non-compliance. The link follows.

Archdiocese of Toronto Webinar - Friday November 13, 2020 (

In the middle of Lent, Collins finally found enough gumption to have his Most Excellent Liason and Communications Minion, the Excellent Mister Neil "I'm handling it, I'm the liaison" MacCarthy organize a letter-writing campaign to the Ontario Government of Doug Ford and all Members of the Provincial Parliament. My sources indicate over 14,000 letters were received and Ford increased attendance from ten persons to fifteen percent which was returned to ten persons again, as of last week. One would think that maybe the team of Collins and MacCarthy should have done this five months sooner. However, once again Collins has doubled down and cancelled Holy Mass completely, requesting, not ordering, pastors to open churches for private prayer and offering up instead a drive-by, in and out service of Holy Communion on Sundays. To organize Mass for the priest and nine others is, well, you know, "just not worth it."

The logic of this is inane. In fact, I am incorrect, there is simply no logic, it is the opposite and completely, illogical. 

Let us look at this one example. A priest could open the church for nine parishioners. He could offer, with them, a rosary for reparation and calling down the Blessed Mother to smite these hirelings with a motherly slap who have cancelled the Mass, but he could not then offer Holy Mass with these same people present. He could have a Holy Hour but could not end it with Holy Mass. Have you ever heard anything so illogical? So utterly stupid? 

Not everyone can have Holy Mass so nobody can. That's the view of Tom Collins.

This is akin to saying that we should have let everyone die on RMS Titanic because there were not enough lifeboats for all of them. It's just not fair that 706 of the 2,203 passengers and crew survived. No, that was not fair, we should have let them all die because there were not enough lifeboats. 

Yet, Thomas Collins believes we have a lifeboat, but it's not the Holy Mass.

On more than one occasion, dressed in episcopal and liturgical finery from the Ambo or Cathedra at St. Michael's Cathedral, Thomas Collins has bullied Catholics to bow down and take a jab of an experimental genetic injection that is not a protein vaccine, but a genetic therapy tested or containing the stem cells of an aborted baby. Yeah, I know, "remove cooperation with evil." Blah, blah, blah. It is an injection that he says is an "act of charity" and "common sense" and for the "common good" yet is only for personal gain because it does not stop the spread. Priests have been moved up on the priority list and many are bragging that they have had the jab. Collins, MacCarthy and the boys have received tens of millions of taxpayer dollars since the start of this pandemic to bail them out as long as they toe the line. Shouldn't the priest be sacrificing himself to be behind his people, not running to get out in front for the "cure?" Isn't the shepherd to protect the flock? Last Sunday's (EF lectionary) Gospel of the Good Shepherd and the hirelings rings clear again.

Filthy Lucre, indeed.


St. Damian Molaki would think much differently than our Cardinal named after a popular gin cocktail as would St. Maximillian Kolbe and our own, Bishop Michael Power. So did Father Thomas Rousell Davids Byles of Leeds, Yorkshire. He was an English priest on his way to New York City to preside over the marriage of his brother. Father Byles is no doubt a Saint in Heaven today. He stayed at his post on RMS Titanic, twice refusing the vaccine, I mean, the lifeboat. Rather, Father Byles went down with the ship and spent his last hours and minutes in this world preparing those he ministered to for the next. 

Father Byles is a hero and a sadly, non-declared, Saint of God and a true Shepherd. The same cannot be said of our Cardinal and those who would shut down the Holy Mass and sacraments rather than make it work within the draconian controls and take up the fight in court or directly through public protest. A true Shepherd would have defied Doug Ford last Friday and said, "No, just as the people will not accept arbitrary police powers, we will not accept the arbitrary non-percentage limit on our religious rites!"

That is what a true Shepherd would have done, not a hireling taking Caesar's coins. 


Ana Milan said...

This scamdemic has demonstrated beyond words how ineffective & utterly destructive & reprehensible the Synodal Way is proving to be, with each individual Bishop being permitted to lay down the law on about everything pertaining to the Catholic Faith. Heretofore such direction always came from Rome & therefore the Unity of the OHCA Church was kept intact. Its entire membership were following the same rules & understood the reasons for them, but with the introduction of False Ecumenism we have now been told by the Destroyer Francis that there is no Catholic God & that all can get to Heaven by whatever path we choose thereby ignoring EENS – a Dogma of the OHCA Church. This has led to each Bishop making decisions via the NWO globalist agenda rather than by the Ten Commandment & Edicts of the CC. They are all Apostates duly following their Master Satan & have relinquished their right to serve God as custodians of the True Faith. You cannot uphold what you don’t believe in & this Ape Church will soon be history.

Cardinal Collins, along with so many other prelates, has been made impotent by greed, coercion & control from anti-Catholic quarters that want to close our Churches permanently. They have proven themselves to be slaves of an Antipope – obedient to the False Prophet Jorge, disobedient to Christ Our King as they are without supernatural belief in the Triune Deity. They are willing to bend the knee to NWO Infidels & Satanists for monetary gain & hierarchal standing, acting like miniature gods rather than the servants of God’s people.

Those whose Churches are open for Holy Mass & Sacraments should pray avidly for those whose Churches have been slammed shut in their faces which is a demonic persecution contrived by NWO globalists who have no supernatural belief in God & therefore no power is given them over His Church. The continuance of adhering to their ‘pandemic’ restrictions will end in the closure of all CC Churches & will leave them structurally devoid of donations & in the clutches of Satan.

Phineas said...

"...dressed in episcopal and liturgical finery from the Ambo".

Nice touch, Vox. Indeed, the good Cardinal and his minions look quite well fed and appear to have suffered little throughout the pandemic. I don't know if they've received tens of millions from the government over the last year, but certainly millions. No matter the number, you're totally on point.

And what of communion on the tongue? This seems to be a very distant concern right now. I'll mention again that TLM communities have sourced slightly larger hosts to essentially eliminate finger-tongue contact. My respectful plea to His Eminence is this: it's a no brainer.

The madness continues unabated, Vox and we need to keep calling them out every single day.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear All,

Why keep complaining that an anti-pope will not act like a Pope? He and his conciliar predecessors are minions of satan. This has been shown over and over. None are Catholic prelates.
Why not face the facts and recognize the frankenchurch for what it is - the ape of the Catholic Church?
Why not face the discomfort; the difficulties; the effort required; the strength and love of our Faith required to join St. Athanasius and his tiny band of faithful Catholic Sedevacantistsin the Catholic fields?
Here is the Faith of our Fathers unspoiled!
Here is the true Catholic life undisturbed by heresy, or minions of satan.
Here are valid Priests; valid Sacraments; valid Masses pouring out Sanctifying Grace.
All it takes is the guts to swallow your false pride and to return to Christ's One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.
Francis is not your friend. Have you understood yet? He is demonic, an evil monster. He is a pustulating boil of an impostor on the Seat of Peter, His evil church is truly the church of satan. How will you answer God when He asks why you offered Him the Precious Blood and Sacred Body of His Beloved Son , for years, una cum - in union with - one whom you knew and declared to be a pustule on the seat of Peter? Sacrilege and blasphemy week after week is gloryfying God? There will be a terrifying price to pay for wilful ignorance.

Aqua said...

The difference between a Saint, Damian of Molokai, and this Cardinal is that one of them loves God’s children unreservedly; the other does not.

Saints are remembered throughout eternity because eternal beatitude is defined by Love.

Those who don’t love, or love only those who are loveable and “clean” are purged (please God, let me at least have this hope) or damned forever.

Closing Mass from the Faithful even if, *especially if*, they are sick and contagious is contemptible. If we possess Jesus, we are compelled to share Him. If we do not do this, then that is a warning sign of impending eternal doom.

M. Prodigal said...

If a link can be posted:

And, if not, look up the Now Word from Mark Mallett. A pretty thorough article about many of the issues relating to the present chastisement. New info is coming out all the time--one of the most worrying is the great increase of miscarriages not only among those taking the gene therapy injections but those who don't and are with those who did. Remember the goal of the globalists is depopulation and anyone who thinks any of this is about their health is mistaken. Quarantining, injecting, and masking of healthy people is a travesty.

Tom A. said...

Peter, well said. I personally rejoice that masses said in union with that “pustulating boil of an imposter” are shut down. Catholics should be preparing for the great persecutions that are to come as the world ushers in the age of the Anti-Christ. Bergoglio is the vicar of the Anti Christ and this so called “cardinal” of Toronto is a minion of Satan. Stop going to them. Find true Catholic priests. It may mean only a mass once or twice a year but it will be Catholic.

Johnno said...

According to the morons over in what looks like a government in Ireland, meeting a priest outdoors for confession is BANNED!

You can meet him in person for any other reason. He just can't forgive you for your sins. Anyone being absolved during Covid-Season is in trouble! The Covid government has spoken!

If your Catholic-senses aren't tingling right now that all of this - the alleged death-tolls, the masks, the tests, the distancing, the lock-downs, the quarantine camps, the experimental injections, the media censorship, etc. - are all bullshit, then I don't know what else to tell you.

All this hysteria is over faulty overcycled non-diagnostic PCR tests. The procedure is DESIGNED TO MANUFACTURE POSITIVE CASES. Even the "vaccinated" morons become more likely to show up positive in these, and thus they are only creating more suckers that'll show up positive on the tests because the test criteria even counts residual matter and antibodies as a "positive" "case." And "cases" are now defined to mean absolutely nothing! Can't wait until the increasingly "vaccinated" start turning up in the hospitals with greater symptoms thanks to making themselves lab rats for Pfizer and AstraZeneca and the hysteria ratchets up again as the hospitals fill up with actually-sick people!


Time for every remaining Catholic worldwide to invest in a gun alongside your rosaries because that's going to be all you'll have.

Anonymous said...

It is worth mentioning that the money received is provided by the Federal government, not Doug Ford, and that the money goes to pay for the salaries of Church secretaries. You focus on the Cardinal but the real beneficiaries are the real folks who run the Archdiocese. You are braver than I thought if you attack the parish secretary!

Vox Cantoris said...

You’re an idiot. It paid priest salaries too. They were all in for a big pay cut until it came along.

Begone. I am not taking your abuse!

Vox Cantoris said...

And further oh Anonymous idiot, why is the church taking any money from the government that’s the point not at the parish secretary or janitor might’ve been not paid. But frankly that is the churches job to pay at staff. You come on here and make the snide and snarky remarks you’re a no nothing and an idiot. Get off this blog I will not take anymore of your snark.

Leo D. Lion said...

Back in time. When Jesus was on Earth in His Word Incarnate, the "high and mighty" secular leaders/religous/politicians, especially the "high priests" knew exactly that Jesus was the Son of God.
Sent here by the Father in Heaven..
They watched Jesus perform miracles of all sorts. Jesus spoke the Truth.

Now fast forward to today. The same exists again. The leaders, politicians, priests etc. know who Jesus was/is.

And again! They want to get rid of Him in the Curch Tabernacles and in We Catholic Human Tabernacles...

SEND HIM/THEM BACK TO THE FATHER, same same as 2000 years ago. That is what all this is about. A Clean Earth, Green in color instead of Jesus' RED BLOOD SACRIFICE pouring Mercy all over Earth.

The vac will send you back.

Anonymous said...

They will know we are Christians by our love ...

Anonymous said...

I knew two parish office employees who worked for the same pastor. He , a filthy active sodomite tortured both these women and then hired lesbians to report on their attitudes towards his rectory lifestyle.

I find it odd that my Physician and his NP who work for a large hospital consortium NEVER asked if I planned to or not to get the shot. I KNOW they were warned not to give any recommendation because ,unlike the vaccine manufacturers , they CAN BE sued if after a Physician recommendation there are bad side effects.

Take note and the next time you have a routing appt ,ask your Doctor and see what he says.

Vox Cantoris said...

Anonymous said...
They will know we are Christians by our love ...


XXXXXXX said...

Maybe someone has mentioned this already, but the SSPX has chapels in Ontario that are open for Mass. Reservations may be required though.

M. Ray

Anonymous said...

an invitation......

God Bless you, Vox

Anonymous said...

Educate the Prelates