Saturday, 17 April 2021

Just how big is the taxpayer bailout of Cardinal Collins and the Archdiocese of Toronto?

Over the last few months, this writer has indicated in various posts that one must "follow the money" and it will explain Tom "No Mass For You" Collins' bowing down to what he termed, "virtuous" public health officials and has gone so far as to actually suspend the public offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, notwithstanding, Chairman Ford's fascist actions of limiting church attendance to ten persons.

LifeSiteNews has a full report on how much tax money the Roman Catholic Episcopal CORPORATION for the Archdiocese of Toronto has received from Cesare.

Vaccine-pushing Toronto archdiocese rakes in government funding | News | LifeSite (


Phineas said...

Instead of pictures of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More behind his desk, there should be a framed copy of the Submission of the Clergy, 1532.

Johnno said...

Perhaps we should all start our own letter-writing campaign. But no e-mails, those get ignored and deleted. Needs to be a physical campaign.

Get some rope string from an arts and crafts store, fashion it into a noose and mail it to Cardinal Collins.

If the stores are locked down because of the So-scaree-Virus, then print out an image of a noose. Or photoshop Collin's face onto an image of a hanging Judas Iscariot and send it in.

Sit back and wait for the "Violent right-wing antivaxxer Catholics threatening Cardinal" news hit pieces and yes-men local priests wagging their fingers at you for being disrespectful on their YouTube streams. Remember to hit the 'Dislike' button.

Remember NEVER to donate money to any of the Cardinal's or Diocese pet-projects ever again. Support your good local parish priests directly.

Anonymous said...

They have been taking government monies for almost a century. That is the practice that destroyed Catholic schools. It destroyed genuine Catholic charities , universities and colleges too because when you take Fed money ,you play by Fed rules.

Anonymous said...

They will know we are Christians by our love,

Anonymous said...

How much longer before the Cardinal is retired? Please God, let it be soon.