Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Archdiocese of Toronto Priest Liborio Amaral gets the CCP Virus "vaccine" and asks, "What would Jesus do?"

"When your time comes," take the vaccine, says Father Liborio Amaral. "One day we can use these sunscreens, put it on, enjoy the sun!" Sure Father, block your Vitamin D, get CCP Virus and its mutations.

"I believe that Jesus would want us" to take the vaccine says Amaral.

Yes, I am sure Jesus would want you to take an experimental injection that we already know is causing injury and death and has either been tested or contains fetal stem cells.  Not!  What a pompous liar. Jesus would not want you or me to benefit from the crime of abortion. Only a devil would try to convince you otherwise.

Do you want the proof? Here, you are:

"And fear ye not them that kill the body, and are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28

If you are a part of St. Mary's Parish in Brampton, flee! Flee this parish, flee this priest. He is not your friend. He is a deceiver. If you take it on the advice of this pompous, narcissistic, effete, then you better well be ready, "when your time comes!" 

Liborio Amaral! If you wish to take this injection, that is your business, you take it knowing full well its development and dangers. You will be judged. You have no right to deceive your people at St. Mary's or those who come across this video that this is a gift from God and that Jesus would say to take it. 

Flee this priest and this parish!

Now, which Toronto priest is next, because if your dumb enough to do this and lie to the people that this is a gift from God or what Jesus would do, you get your own blog Label. 

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Phineas said...

Good work, Vox. The deceivers are all revealing themselves now, and with such glee. Stay confessed, and keep to your prayer regimen.

Barona said...

Let Fr. Liborio explain to the 350,000 (and counting Europeans) and 12,000 (and counting Israelis) that this is a "gift from God". Having been "blessed" with side effects (including serious and even death), re-infection, etc.

No this is blasphemy. I ask again, just what is the "Catholic Church OF Canada" receiving from Caesar? Just how much money is changing hand? Is it hundreds of millions? Perhaps even a billion or two?

Anonymous said...

II do not believe that man or any other person who publicly "gets their "JAB"' actually does. A saline injection is what he received for all we know, where was the vial of poison at? The nurse did not pull back as she should have before pushing anything in, no wonder he didn't feel anything. They all have their dose drawn up before, why not show the nurse identifying Mr said patient, showing the right drug in the vial, draw up the correct amount ( dosage) for us to see and watch her physically insert that needle into his arm. Just like Dolly Parton, Anthony Fauci , Mike Pence, Joe Biden and all the other's who were so "brave" to take it....I call it Bee S and theatrics. The actual "jab" is always hidden from the camera, go figure!
I'd love to be the person administering it to Justine Trudeau, The murderous couple Bill and Melinda Gates and all the other elites first before anyone should get it

Anonymous said...

"Don't hesitate when your time come." They will be saying this when it's time for euthanasia. I couldn't listen beyond this statement.
Dear Vox, you are a very insightful man but the obvious has escaped you. Fr. Liborio is encouraging people to take the "vaccine" because he is simply doing what the cardinal has already done from the Cathedral pulpit. Fr. Liborio has chosen to deliver his exhortation from his kitchen. Why? Who knows? The priests of this diocese are for the most part incapable of independent thinking. Most are frightened of what Archtoronto Corp. may do to them if they step out of line. Some are just useful idiots. Some are dangerous. And some are all of these things put together because after all, what matters most is that everyone is welcoming and inclusive.
Is there a remedy for all this? At this point it would seem that the only available option is something called SSPX. The likes of the priest in the video would barely be able to serve the Traditional Mass. The antichurch is done. Good riddance!

Vox Cantoris said...

It has not escaped me. Go down a few posts and you’ll find I’ve skewered Collins on this very matter.

Anonymous said...

Paisley Gal said...

Fr. Liborio appears to be a shill for the Archdiocese of To. When I played back the video at the speed of .5, I could see no needle being used in his 'vaccination'; interesting, no?

Anonymous said...

If you required a heart transplant to live, and one became available. However, you learn that donor had been murdered.

Would take the transplant?

Would you be complicit in the murder by receiving the heart?

Vox Cantoris said...

First, the situation are not analogous.

Second, I would not take an organ transplant because they cannot be obtained from CADAVERS, only live subjects and BRAIN DEAD is not necessarily DEAD.

See, I am consistent and use logic.

Move along sissyman.

Paisley Gal said...

Vox, great reply to Anonymous!
I remember some twenty or more years ago, reading Dr. John B. Shea debunking the whole 'brain death' theory, as he showed it to be the excused used by ghouls for the harvesting of fresh organs. Culture of death is so sick!!

Vox Cantoris said...

Further to Anonymous, by the time a heart became available from a murder victim it would be useless so your point is moot.

Anonymous said...

Someone can be shot, and die in hospital. All with immediate medical attention. You will find that this is a common source of organ donation, including a heart transplant in my family!

Vox Cantoris said...

None of which is relevant.


Anonymous said...


Johnno said...

Even organ transplants come with risks and the patient is informed about what could happen to him, and is given the choice to have a risky transplant. Some factors might mean you'll live longer without the operation.

Covid is largely a non-problem in terms of deadly apocalyptic scenarios and we have treatments that are cheap and don't require you to be a lab rat in a grand experiment that even says on the bottle it won't do what it's being advertised as.

The base premise that a state of pandemic exists is what is wrong. It's about as fatal as h1n1, Sars and so on that shows up every 5-10 years. The numbers are in. And even inflated and suspicious as they are they tell us an utterly benign tale.

This whole thing is horse manure brought to you by the same folks who gave us Saddam's WMD and incubator babies, Assad's chemical weapons, Russians paying Afghanis to kill Americans, MAGA hat Teens picking on poor natives, a hundred things Trump allegedly did according to anonymous sources, Global-Cooling-Warming-Disruption-Change-Pausing, and that man in a wig and a dress is 100% a woman and you had better agree or else!