A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 10 April 2021

Priests for "Life" aggressively endorse abortion-tainted "vaccines" - Calls opposition "Prophets of doom and gloom."

With all due respect to Father Tom Lynch  and the priests behind Priests for Life Canada, they've set a pretty low bar, no? I mean, how holy does one need to be, to be a priest for,

"Life?" Isn't every priest, everywhere, all the time, for "Life?" Father Frank Pavone's "Priests for Life" links to this Canadian organisation on its web page. How are they associated?

Since they are for "Life" they advise you to take the CCP Virus genetic therapy to protect your "Life." They engaged in Jesuitical debate on the ethics of these experimental injections tested on or containing the stem cells of an aborted child in the same manner as the theological debate on how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. How many twists has Father Pretzel put himself through to come to his conclusions? They are for "Life" but they discount the life of the baby murdered whose cells have been developed and used in testing or contained within these injections.

Those of us who have through our conscience, whom these same clerical cretins declare as supreme, and I must not sin against my conscience, after all; have been called by this Priest for Life, "prophets of doom and gloom," and that we "deny the reality of a worldwide pandemic," (not true) and the "gift of the newfound vaccine." We are accused of "manipulating the truth."

The pressure coming from Bergoglio, his Toronto minion Thomas Collins and these other so-called "theologians"  to take these injections is straight out of Hell. They are forcing you to violate your conscience, a conscience they demand is supreme. They twist and turn so that you do not concern yourself with the abortion connection.

I am a simple man and I think using simple logic and I come to conclusions doing so. These clerics can opine that the "vaccines" are "remote cooperation with evil," or so distant from abortion, that it does not matter. This is a lie. Cooperation with evil is evil, even if it is, "remote." Why would I want to knowingly derive direct benefit from the murder of a child? - even putting all the associated issues that may result from the injection, aside. 

A conversation with a friend last night is relevant here. He will take the shot on Sunday and berated me for not taking it. "Are you not afraid to die?" "You will end up in ICU!" I do not want to die before it is my time which God has already marked out. I will not be in ICU with the SARS-CoV-2, the CCP Virus because I will not go. I have already told Fox nearly a year ago, "If I get this and I am to die, I will die at home." The fact is, I am 99,9% certain that I already had it in December 2019. Vitamins, minerals, clean and organic food, common sense - a mask when necessary, washing, staying away from sick people,, that is enough for me. I thought about something else said by another colleague, "What about your piece of mind that you will be safe? I responded. "My peace of mind would be greatly disturbed by what might happen from the injection more than the virus."

I have many sins in my life suitably shriven. Yet, I may have missed a few or may commit some again. At my particular judgement, the LORD will hold me to account for them but I will not have that little child stand there and tell Our sweet Jesus that I benefited directly and with full knowledge from her murder. 

Priests for Life would call me a "Prophet of doom and gloom." 

"So let it be written, so let it be done."

PFLC_Feb2021.pdf (adobeindd.com)

PFLC eNewsletter April 2021 (adobe.com)


Phineas said...

The pressure to be vaxxed is about to go into overdrive. After all the lies that have been thrown on us over the last year, the suppression of scientific opinion contrary to the accepted wisdom (the Great Barrington Declaration, most obviously), how can any sane person trust the government and its unelected health bureaucrats, to which they've delegated their leadership? Total abdication of leadership across all provinces.

The MOST SICKENING is the Ontario government's current propaganda asking you to get vaxxed "when it's your turn". Welcome to life in a post-Christian world. No truth, no reason. Just raw power.

Barona said...

What these wayward clerics fail to point out is that for those under 70 years with no preexisting comorbidities, the survival rate is 99.95+ %. They also fail to mention that these drugs are labeled “for emergency use only”. A survival rate of nearly 100% hardly constitutes an emergency.

A final question can a “man of God” stand in the pulpit and say “go ahead and take these things, they are safe”? Not without lying for we have NO long term studies. Further these same men are silent on the administration of drugs to youth, children, and women with child. All questions and then when we add the issue of abortion. Well, well...

There can be no doubt that these men are under orders from the Canadian episcopate to push the drugs. There are hundreds of millions, if not billions at stake from Caesar. The Catholic Church in Canada with the encouragement from Rome has become the “Church of Canada”. Not only have these churchmen handed over control of the Sacred Rites and Liturgies to degenerates who push abortion, sexual promiscuity and perversion, they have come from the darkness and under the streetlight, where they openly prostitute the Church to Caesar, to globalists, to internationalist corporate interests.

Kathleen said...

>> but I will not have that little child stand there and tell Our sweet Jesus that I benefited directly and with full knowledge from her murder.


And WORSE. It is NOT just murder. Of the innocent.


And therefore those slaughtered infants are denied the beatific vision.

How can any priest justify this?

How can any Catholic?

The fact these infants are denied the beatific vision is simply ignored over and over and over again by every one of these CINOs pushing the death vax.

May God bless you for pushing back.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood is part of the "Covid-19 Community Corps" and giving injections at some of their facilities as well as providing mobile clinics for that purpose. Does it give PFL any pause to be part of a promotion also enthusiastically backed by these abortionists?

MEwbank said...

Having taught logic for about 25 years, let me say that yours is impeccable whereas 'priests for life' is not. Also, you make a coherent conclusion based on a true premise, while they do not.

In no way can one alter what is an inherently, intrinsically, evil act or object by appealing to 'remote participation.'


Maria K. said...

"Are you not afraid to die?"
"You will end up in ICU!"
"What about your piece of mind that you will be safe?"

I have heard the same from other Catholics as well. These arguments from other Catholics irk me. We are Catholic. I'm not supposed to shiver under my bed because "I'M AFRAID I'M GOING TO DIE!!"

Yes, I have been vaccinated as a child, but my parents (at the time) were ignorant of the ingredients. It wasn't until my brother was vaccine-damaged from the MMR did they start researching ingredients. Poisonous heavy metals, but worse, fetal cells.

I refuse to "benefit" (if you can call it a benefit considering the risks of adverse and possibly long-term effects) from the collaboration of murder. And, it's really not just from ONE murder. There are all the other murders that were committed prior to finding the "perfect fetus."

How can injecting stuff into my body that was created from something that was made in a horribly vile and evil way, benefit me? How can it benefit society? If I knowingly and willingly had that concoction, would it not effect me spiritually? Would my soul be more "open season" to demons?

I could go on. But for the 'Priests For Life Canada' to say what they did, is akin to saying, "You can benefit from those 30 pieces of silver!"

Dan said...

I am a Priest who us for Life, and I resist the vaccine.

Deacon Augustine said...

The whole point about supernatural faith is that it is supposed to take away our fear of death. Death becomes but a gateway to the Resurrection if we really believe in Our Lord's promises. It saddens me that so many clergy have been so taken in by this climate of hysteria and fear that they cannot see any further than this transitory, earthly life. Now the whole purpose of existence has become the prolongation of our sojourn on earth rather than striving for that eternal union with God. Lord save us from worldly clerics.

John the Mad said...

I recently received the first shot of the Pfizer inoculation. It was done after much deliberation and on the advice of my (Catholic) medical specialist. I have two chronic diseases with a suppressed immune system that place me in a high risk category. Notwithstanding my personal situation I do not believe anyone should be forced or pressured into taking the "shot."

I recommend it but do not coerce anyone to do it.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us and deliver us from this Chinese Communist developed bio-weapon.

Vox Cantoris said...

John, some people have reasons to take the experimental injections. I am not sitting here judging your reasons. It is indeed about conscience. We must do what we believe is right and not coerce.

Sjalsevac said...

It should be emphasized that Priests for Life Canada and Priests for Life USA headed by Fr. Frank Pavone are two entirely separate organizations. Fr. Pavone has no control at all over what is said or done by Priests for Life Canada. It should not be assumed that he agrees with the Canadian group's support for COVID vaccines and other policies. That would require contacting Fr. Pavone to determine his organization's position on this issue. The two organizations have had different views on a number of issues over the years.

Anonymous said...

I am watching with great interest at all of the interesting things conservative Catholics are falling for.

When you allow yourself to be manipulated by propaganda of ANY KIND

you will fall into error.

Be watchful lest you yourselves fall into the error of believing all the nonsensical propaganda about China coming out of the byzantine labyrinth of blogs, websites, authors, speakers, columnists, etc. which are run indirectly or directly by the U.S. State Department.

Vox Cantoris said...

Steve Jalsevac,

I have written. Please tell me why they link to Priests for Life Canada under their "International" tab? See the photo.

Sent: Sunday, April 11, 2021 6:54 AM
To: 'mail@priestsforlife.org'
Subject: Priests for Life Canada

Dear Father Pavone,

Is Priests for Life Canada associated with your organisation?


Thank you.

Vox Cantoris

Dan said...

I guess following your conscience is out. There are many of us who in good conscience cannot receive this vax. Why are we being villanize?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Newfoundland - an epicenter of the abuse crisis. I recall penitential services where the priests in our parish would hear one-on-one confessions for hundreds of people every year during Lent and Advent. In 1986, our new bishop, Raymond Lahey, decided there should only be a general confession service and that there would be no more one to one confessions. Hundreds of people still gathered in the church, and I can still recall the strange feeling amoungst us all when our priest said, "Remain in your pews, and silently, in your own mind, confess your sins to God." After that experience, the practice of going to confession died out. How many people passed on without having the chance to be cleansed, washed clean in the blood of the Lamb before death. Years later, after a typical east-coast youth spent staggering around bars in Halifax and St. John's and finding a sort of emptiness after establishing a good career and doing what I was 'supposed' to do, I began to think more deeply about Catholicism. I came to learn that general confessions are permitted, but only under circumstances where many lives are in immediate danger of being lost, and the priest would not have enough time to hear everyone's confession. That, Raymond Lahey's arrest, jailing, and defrocking, and other events eventually lead me to a complete reversion and eventual embrace of Tradition. The point is, the people did not know the faith and failed to resist a wayward bishop as they should have done. I see the same situation occurring before me again.

Sjalsevac said...

I presume Priests for Life US links to the Canadian group because they are genuinely pro-life and orthodox Catholics, but they certainly have their disagreements and Fr Pavone still tries to work together with everyone. Fr. Pavone tends to be overly charitable and does not want to get into public disputes with other pro-life groups. That is a firm policy of his. Still, it would be preferable if he did not link to PFL Canada because that can create confusion such as we are seeing now.

Anonymous said...

I did my research and am now watching them scramble to create boosters for the variants.
Some of the variants target the YOUTH people .The Brazilian variant saw at least half in ICU under forty.
Read !!!
God Blesses the prayerful and shows the way to alternatives.

Anonymous said...


WE do this instead of getting any communist jabs

Robert said...

The priests are right. This is a dangerous illness that has killed thousands. The church has said the vaccines are right and these negative clerics are anti authority liberals. In any other profession you do not go against the management. The church is just tolerant of dissent. Do you want the church to be seen as an eccentric sect. We are called to serve society..Their hearts are in the right place but their brains are not in gear. I'm not anonymous. Robert Tickle, England.

Barona said...

As a pharmacist friend of mine likes telling me “when someone tells you there are no dangers with experimental drugs, just say ‘Thalidomide’ “.

Evangeline said...

I'm not sure that my contribution adds anything, but here it is. My husband is in day 14 and I am in day 12 of Covid. The first week was tolerable, what you'd expect, low grade fever, achy, unpleasant soreness in the chest. Then you start to think you're recovering, but one day up and the next down. It is not like any other virus, which I do not fear. You deal with it and move on. Not this one. The people who famously have called it a "chest cold", haven't had it. It puts a squeeze play on your airway, and there is nothing that gets your attention like that. We have spent all week measuring each other's oxygen saturation rates. You MUST have a pulse oximeter and get help if it drops below 90. There is nothing our wonderful doctors offer if you get Covid. Nothing. There you are like a fish, and the medical community doesn't want to see you. The medical community, one assumes who have all had the jabs, still doesn't want you to come in. They'll tell you that.
If I was the administrators wife or mother, I'm sure I'd be seen, lungs x-rayed, offered antibodies, perhaps a steroid, but for the rank and file poor slobs, nothing but stay home and do call if you turn colors.
It's miserable. A flu would be nothing. It's not a flu. It makes you weak like a kitten, your muscles shake. I'm not trying to be scary, but I've been adamant against the vaccine for the abort-connection and the mRNA technology, which I do not trust. But go through this again? I don't know. It's weird, it's not that you're filled with phlegm. You feel inflamed.
If someone isolated the virus and it became a true vaccine I'd take it in a second. I don't have the answer here, but the people who call it a "chest cold", haven't had it. By the way, I'm in my mid-60's with general good health. God bless all who died of it, are struggling with it, or worried about it. Darn people in charge have us by the throats.
I am shocked we are not treated, with something. We are left on our own by the entire medical community. This has never happened before. What about Ivermectin? What about Hydroxy? What about anti-inflammatories? Why is there universal agreement there is NO treatment? There is always treatment! What on God's earth is happening here.

Vox Cantoris said...


Your input is always welcome here and I'm sorry you are experiencing this. I have never doubted the virus nor its effects. Why? I have no doubt that I had it in December 2019 with all you write and six days of fever resulting in pericardial effusion and pericarditis.

They said, "You have a virus or had it and are over it, we can't identify it, can't find it. It has migrated from your lungs to attack your heart."

I know what it was

Treatment was massive doses of Advil and Colchicine. Read this from https://www.bing.com/search?q=montreal+heart+institute+colchicine&FORM=AWRE

It is another old NSAID used for the treatment of gout. How did they know to give it to me? Old fashioned repurposing of listed, tested and safe medications!

You have laid out the whole crime.

God bless you, I will remember you in prayers.

Evangeline said...

Your kind words are a balm to my soul, thank you. Oddly enough kindness seems in short supply just when you need it most, so I thank you sincerely for it. I hope you have recovered from the pericarditis, please God, you have.
A few words about treatment, just in case others reading this have to deal with it. We took the Vit D3, Vit C, zinc. I don't know that it did anything but it didn't hurt. I would have taken Quercetin but didn't have the chance to check it out fully and I'm always hesitant to take things but Quercetin is a supplement to treat inflammation and it appears widely used. Aspirin, yes, it made me feel better than Tylenol which is the recommended thing. But aspirin has two important qualities, anti-inflammatory and helps thin the blood, a concern where blood clots are concerned. Also, for those moments when your perception is that oxygen is tough to get, lie prone, on your tummy. It has been shown to open the lungs and it did help. It made dodgy moments more tolerable.
Thank you again Vox. It's been a lonely, tough week for a lot of reasons and when someone is kind it stands in such stark relief. God bless you and all.