Thursday, 8 April 2021

Cardinal Collins on the CCP Virus "Vaccine"

From: Vox Cantoris []
Sent: Friday, April 9, 2021 7:57 AM
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Subject: Help me

Dear Tom,

You have lost the right to be addressed in any ecclesiastic salutation. 

Help me understand your inane use of the holy Ambo to peddle this genetic therapy tested or made from the stem cells of an aborted baby? Help me understand how you justify this in your charity and clarity rant of the greater common good? 

You dare disgrace the Ambo for a public service message? How much did they pay you to sell out to the overlords? 

Is it not bad enough we have your Bergoglio rescuing Judas Iscariot and recommending to world bankers a new world order but we find that even YOU have put yourself in the camp of these devils? 

You are disgrace. 

Quite the legacy. 


From his cathedral and in the place where the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the preaching of His Word is to be proclaimed, Thomas Cardinal "No Mass For You" Collins dressed in a stole and his episcopal cross peddled the so-called, "vaccines" and urged all to receive it. 

Surprisingly, Priests for Life Canada promoted and supported the Cardinal's comments on Facebook! Isn't Priests for Life Canada a "pro-life" organization? Isn't every priest, for life?

Shame on Thomas Collins. Shame on Priests for Life Canada.

These experimental genetic therapies are resulting in injury and death. Worse, depending on the producer, these therapies have either been tested on or are containing the stem cells of an aborted child. 


How much money has Thomas Collins taken from the Canadian taxpayer? Is this the price paid to open our churches to fifteen percent?


Evangeline said...

Do people have no ear for Marxist drivel anymore? Do they not realize at all that lectures on "the common good" are to herd the sheep into a collective, where the individual is lost and what matters is the group. Liberty-minded people must reject this push toward group-think, and remember that as individuals we are sovereign. While considering others is part of civic responsibility, it is immoral to coerce people into taking an injection into their bodies that has not been adequately tested and is in the experimental phase, especially since there have been so many adverse events, which are hidden by the media. No one has that obligation, to take something "for the common good", and when people in the West hear that, their alarm bells should start ringing. For the church to do this, especially given the abortion connection, is reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” I chose to follow Jesus,
but "Cardinal" Collins is a wolf in sheep's clothing. "Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings." (1 Peter 5:9)

MaryP said... He also addresses the "vaccine" and vitamin D.

Johnno said...

Has Collins taken his shot?

Tell him we'll let him test it as the guinea pig for several years before we consider it.

Let him know that there are Protestant pastors out there with more faith than him and he'd be better off injecting some of their substance in him.

Barona said...

Am I to understand that Collins wants to give these (experimental drugs to completely healthy people who are in .003 +/- % of death? To even children, even infants; to mothers with child?? Is the Cardinal unaware that Pfizer openly states on its website that children are to be monitored for TWO YEARS after receiving these “for emergency use only” therapies? Now why would they need to do that if they were not concerned about potential unknown side effects? NO Cardinal Collins this certainly is NOT for the common good of these various cohorts. C

Everyday For Life Canada said...

The Church’s response to the pandemic, the lockdowns and the vaccines both here in Canada and the world has been a total disgrace.

Anonymous said...

"Dear Tom"? Come on, get over yourself.

Vox Cantoris said...

Over “myself?”

I call them as I see them.

Unaccountable cowards who deserve rebuke. Wolves and hirelings is sheep’s clothing.

Just as you, Padre!

Anonymous said...


I don't think that you will be invited to his next birthday party.
(Sorry. I couldn't resist. You are correct, of course.)

Anonymous said...

When will you nail your 95 points on the Church door

Vox Cantoris said...

Move along, idiot.

My faith is in Christ and His Church, One, Catholic and Holy, not the rogues, effetes and hirelings in watered silk. Comparing me to Luther is a curse that will come back on you.

Anonymous said...

The Church has no jurisdiction over scientific matters, except in the moral implications of such matters. The issue of vaccination should not be the content of quasi-pontifical pronouncements from the cathedral pulpit. This is a pathetic and craven attempt to kowtow to the secular overlords who now govern the antichurch throughout this insane world. To try to guilt the faithful to submit to the health dictatorship is really low. The upper management of Archtoronto Corp. compromised long ago and it's too late to turn back. Worship "safe" guidelines have made a mockery of the liturgy and the snitches in the parishes ensure that the dictatorship is truly totalitarian. Priests continue to be denounced and the regional or auxiliary bishops spend much of their time dealing with these complaints. It's all a matter of priorities. Would that they were so solicitous when parishioners complain about liturgical abuses, heresy preached from the pulpit and all of the other horrors that are part of parish life. The good thing is that with each passing day, the bishops and most of the priests are exposed for what they are--hirelings afraid to stand up to this tyranny. Big Brother will eventually close the churches for good, out of charity of course and love of neighbour. All who have been duly programmed by the incessant propaganda will cheer the government's diktat and the clergy will be free to do what they do most of the time, nothing!
Thank you, Vox, for fighting the good fight, for exposing the errors and for expressing what a lot of people are thinking though they lack the ability to articulate it. Tom as you say, is no Becket; and you, are definitely not Luther! Vivat Vox! Defender of the Faith!

peasant said...

No mention of Our Lord Jesus Christ but now vaccines are our hope. Even if the vaccines did not contain or use aborted baby cells to make them the vaccines would still not be our hope.
Why are we not burning the heretics at the stake anymore? Burning man made global warming.
He should at least declare himself a Bergoglianist non-Catholic, so that many would not be deceived.