A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Thursday 8 April 2021

L'osservatore Romano's homo-erotic blasphemy


Only a sick mind would try to rehabilitate Judas Iscariot. Bergoglio has. Only a sicker mind would blaspheme Good Friday with a homo-erotic image of Jesus, naked, tending to Judas.

Judas is in Hell. Judas did not repent. If he did, the LORD would have told us as an example of His mercy. 

Judas is in Hell, period. Jesus Himself tells us, "better that he had not been born."

Father Zuhlsdorf goes deeper into this than I can at this moment. It is worth the read.


Anonymous said...

Son of Perdition ,according to Christ,Judas was obviously offered a lot more than thirty pieces of silver,probably a position of power and prestige in the Temple.There are a lot of interesting articles on the continued rehabilitation of Judas on Tradition in Action. https://www.traditioninaction.org/RevolutionPhotos/A185rcJudasRequiem.htm

Brian said...

Is there is no end to this disturbed man's desire to offend? Maybe if we look closely enough we can find some copraphilia.

Tom A. said...

Bergoglio is not a Catholic. Why are you in union with him?

Paisley Gal said...

Francis' sick mind is torturing him.
Bishop Sheen spoke about sin and the conscience. To paraphrase, he said that sinners who don't go to Confession, who deny their sin and are obstinate in their sin, will begin to be proud of their sins. Speaking about the psychology of the human person, Bp. Sheen said they will then feel compelled to make their sins known in public. We can see this displayed through 'pride parades', and maybe even paintings displayed prominently is certain prelates offices...