Sunday, 18 April 2021

It is Good Shepherd Sunday, or next week in the Ordinary form and you'll miss it because if you are in the Archdiocese of Toronto and much of Ontario, tomorrow, there will be

Because after midnight tonight, there will be a mass invasion of SARS-CoV-2 descending on every church because just like magic it knows to stay away today.

I don't know who is a bigger idiot, Doug Ford or Thomas Collins. Methinks it's Collins because he, at least, has an education.


Barona said...

I think over the weekend Ford (unless he is even more stupid than we give him credit for) realizes that he has been played by the bureaucrats, the corporate media, the activist social media crowd. Where was the media outrage when Tory closed the parks, even this past December banned (e.g.) sledding etc. in parks; even sending out police. The same police who sanctimoniously now declare they will not be stopping cars, asking for IDs. The same police who have arrested citizens for sporting Canadian flags, peacefully holding anti communist signs. So how do we reconcile this apparent contradiction? Simple: ignorant Ford was being led by the liberal-left establishment to commit political suicide on their terms. It is an authoritarian State, it is lock downs and mask virtue signaling, but according to the Establishment. It is interesting that the same media that rages against police checks in Ontario is SILENT to the grave civil liberty violations in Quebec. The outrage is political; the Liberals and NDP support the most draconian measures. Ford lacked the courage and leadership and he is now paying the price. And we will all pay a further price under the next leftist privincial regime. Doug Ford is no Rob Ford.

Evie said...

I am afraid that the Toronto faithful don’t have a good shepherd, but a mercenarius masquerading as a cardinal. I’ve gone to the Latin Mass in NYC for 4 Sundays now. Even liberals here managed to get their act together.

Phineas said...

Well said, Barona. The government overplayed their hand and now there's blood in the water. I hope the people seize their opportunity to end this madness.

As for Cardinal Collins, could he not think of other options than closing churches yet again? Most churches have reservation systems in place now for Mass attendance. How difficult would it be to adjust the reservation system to, let's say, 8 parishioners to attend Mass on a daily basis? And you promise to register for only one Mass over a two or three week period? They're managing to do it in Ottawa, and even offering Mass outdoors. Or are outdoor Masses too undignified for His Eminence?

To have the opportunity to actively participate (see what I did there? haha) in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, even once per month, is better than nothing.