Friday, 16 April 2021



April 16, 2021 - Press Release:
Canadian Constitution Foundation condemns new Ontario police powers as “police state”
TORONTO: The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) is today condemning the new powers that have been granted to Ontario police to enforce the province-wide stay at home order.

The new enforcement powers include giving the police the power to stop individuals and vehicles to ask for their name, address, and their purpose for being away from their residence. The powers comes into effect as of midnight on April 17, 2021.

“Ontarians are essentially living under a 24 hour curfew and police will now be able to randomly stop people and vehicles and demand an explanation of why people are out living their lives,” said CCF Executive Director, Joanna Baron. “With these new police powers, Ontario is one step closer to becoming a police state,” continued Baron.

During the last stay at home order, the Solicitor General had directed police not to stop people or vehicles for the sole purpose of demanding why individuals are outside their homes. This new regulation reverses that previous instruction.

“There are 14.5 million people in this province, how exactly are the police going to stop and demand information from anyone they see outside? There are huge practical challenges to this police power to enforce the stay home order, and we are very concerned that it is already over-policed communities who will bear the brunt of this new police power,” continued Baron. “Low income and minority communities have borne the brunt of this pandemic in terms of cases and mortality, and they are now more likely to bear the brunt of police enforcement.”
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Barona said...

Today truly Doug Ford has earned the title of Gauleiter. Perhaps the worst thing is that the positive tests were already coming from locked down regions. Imposing further draconian and unscientific measures will not suppress this virus. It is here to stay. We must learn to live with it, like we do the flu or any other communicable disease.

Anonymous said...

Here in Manitoba it is not as bad - I was lucky to get to many of the Easter services as I registered early. They filled up very quickly. Better than last year when there was nothing. People are crazy here, though. Just today on my way to work I saw 4 people walking outside, alone, with masks on. Yesterday a guy was biking with one on. They are also cheering on the govrnment's draconian measures,and pressuring everyone to get a vaccine. I am asked all the time if I got my vaccine yet, as I am age eligible, and people are shocked and dismayed when I say I am not getting one.

Vox Cantoris said...

Same here. Driving alone in the car with a mask on is a common occurrence. Many here think it is just great and question me as well on my refusal to take the shot.

Anonymous said...

It drives me crazy when people bring up the vaccine in conversation. Its become as commonplace as discussing the weather.

Johnno said...

I want to take the opportunity to once again tell all those who poo-pooed the Prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima and criticized good priests like Fr. Nicolas Gruner for stating the obvious that Russia was never consecrated and that you are going to be in for a world of hurt, that you are as usual "WRONG!" and will deserve everything that is coming for you!

Ontario goes communist: Checkpoints at borders, Churches restricted, playgrounds closed

Also please note Biden is busy antagonizing the Russians again.

Look forward to the 100th anniversary of Papal disobedience in 2029. Things are just getting started.

Evangeline said...

Shame on police for following through on these orders! Have they no family to discourage them from such acts?? Have they no friends who hold them accountable??
There is only ONE way to deal with tyranny friends, one. If Ontarians wish to be free again, they must practice mass civil disobedience. They must denounce these fascists ruling over them, they must go out of their homes in vast numbers, they must demand their liberty, they must be as willing to take a stand as the people of 1776 America. Only something like 3% of the population fought the British, but look how that battle went. Ontarians are guaranteed to lose more and more freedom, although once they can lock you in your home or question you, there is not much left to take from you.
READ about 1776 America. Find your spirit people! Liberty, once gone, is very hard to regain, but you are early in the going. For your children and your grandchildren's sake, get going! Even if you fail, which you would not if enough joined you, you will be able to look at yourself and say, I did not give in, I did not allow fascists to just take my freedom.
People are more powerful than they realize, but if they hide in their houses waiting for someone else to do it, they have acted like cowards and deserve to lose their freedom.
The police cannot arrest the whole country. The more who fight this the better. Demand your human rights.