Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Non Vicar of Christ Bergoglio dares God to act again!

It wasn't enough that Bergoglio allowed the bowing down and worship of a pagan idol, now, because he did not get the explicit answer he wants, he tries again on the issue of women in the Diaconate.

May God deal with Him swiftly and decisively. I expect that the Vatican will be destroyed and most of Rome along with it. I would expect it to happen soon, as fast as the China Virus has come  upon us. 

A most evil and despicable man is this Jorge Mario Bergoglio. A man whose actions can only lead one to believe that he is perfectly possessed by a demon from Hell if not Satan himself.

He spits in the Face of God, in this most Holy of Weeks!

O God in heaven, save us. Save us from the evil hirelings who have taken your Church and the evil imposter who is not the Vicar of Christ by his own admission.


Ana Milan said...

There is a very interesting article entitled FROM THE SIN OF DAVID TO THE MARK OF THE BEAST: WHY ID2020 IS AN ABOMINATION which reveals that both Bergoglio & Bill Gates names have the same value on the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) i.e. 666.

Johnno said...

All those cheering that Francis had 'stepped back' (even though he publicly stated he wasn't) must be sweating bullets right about now.

We all know Francis by now.

The question is, when will the other ostriches finally pull their heads out from the ground about him?