Friday, 17 April 2020

Furthermore: If SSPX priests can receive faculties, then they are not suspended!

To follow up my post two below on the Society of St. Pius X and the silly and pathetic dustup involving Voris, Marshall, Gordon, (there, I named them) and others, I inform you of this long but important essay by Father John Zuhlsdorf.

Given the closure of our parishes, the pandemic, the worship of idols by Bergoglio and his betrayal of the faithful Catholics of China, without a doubt in my mind, connected to the China-Wuhan Virus, one would think these people would find something else to write about.

That being said, Father  Z has much to say and it is worth reading and contemplating. 

And remember this, the SSPX is not your enemy! Without them, we would have no Latin Mass, no "Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite." One day, we will say Saint Marcel of
Écône and Gabon!

I pray to live to see that day!

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Ana Milan said...

Unfortunately there is no SSPX, FSSP, or ICK presence in southern Spain although I have tried to encourage them to come. SSPX said they needed faculties & the FSSP, whom I have spoken with in Malaga, were visiting for talks with local Bishop which so far haven't proved fruitful. It would appear that the only snag lies in the legality of their Order rather than Validity, although I do have reservations about an anti-Pope giving them the go-ahead for hearing confessions & attending marriages (which they have been doing anyway) making any difference to their status.

All this confusion could have been spared us if PBXVI had finally cleared-up their communion with Rome & mandated TLM. Half doing a job is a failure - it needs to be quickly corrected.

STEPHEN - Roodepoort said...

I already invoke Marcel Lefebvre as a Saint

P. O'Brien said...

My archdiocese persists in public denunciation of attendance at an SSPX Mass, but last summer a young pastor here told me he saw nothing wrong with fulfilling Sunday obligation there. Those poor young priests - they just aren't all on board yet.

And by the way, since the Vatican II Church, in opposition to the practice of centuries, encourages attendance at non-Catholic services as long as one does not receive Communion, how can my archdiocese forbid mere attendance at an SSPX Mass? I wish my archbishop or his assistants would have thought the thing through.

Anonymous said...

The SSPX can validly hear your confession, can validly witness marriages with permission of the local ordinary, so what is the problem?! These faculties were granted by the Pope during the Year of Mercy and extended beyond. Maybe some people need to fast from the internet.

— Caterina

James Joseph said...

Marshall & Gordon are good where they are good. I think they are best as familymen and might be most fruitful in the realm the of domestic church.

Voris is also good where he is good. I believe Dr. E Michael Jones is spot on about the wound of homosexual narcissism sometimes sullying Voris' work -- a subject Marshall and Gordon were out of their depth in comprehending effectively.

I think to understand the SSPX situation one needs to let go and let Christian charity take effect. The SSPX are a vehicle for the Sacraments for better or worse. I would argue a measureably better vehicle in many cases.

I considered inserting here an analogy by way of a short analysis of 20th century Romanian ecclesial politiccs; that is, the life of Bishop Iuliu Hossu and the man who made his life difficult Bishop Justinian Marina.

Tom A. said...

The NO hierarchy cannot come up with a clear consistent position vis a vis the SSPX and the SSPX cannot come up with a clear consistent position vis a vis the NO V2 hierarchy. Thats what happens when one tries to have any dealings with the V2 church. Confusion, ambiguity, contradiction, and eventually heresy. Just stay away from the NO. They have not practiced Catholicism since 1958.

jose guadalupe rodriguez said...

"I pray to live to see that day!"

I congratulate you very much for this beautiful prayer.

Peter Lamb said...

" The SSPX doesn’t say that Novus Ordo is invalid."
So says "Fr. Z." There you have it. I rest my case! An heretic is the valid Vicar of Christ. A wildly defectible, changing, developing, dogma-defying novus ordo "faith" is now the new valid Catholic Faith - alongside the old one, which completely contradicts the new one, but no matter! We easily solve such occasional major problem by Recognizing and Resisting! Q.E.D. !!! It's all valid - no matter what it is - we just leave voodoo blessings and koraan kissing out if we don't like it. If the Vicar wants Pachamamma (?) on the High Altar of St. Peter's during "mass" - well not my taste, but he is our valid Pope assisted and protected from teaching error to the church, or anything detrimental to the salvation of souls, by the Holy Spirit and accompanied by Jesus Christ Himself, who said "I will be with you always - even to the consummation of the world." So, what frankenchurch, the novus ordo, teaches is all OK, because "Fr. Z" says the SSPX doesn't say that the novus ordo is invalid!!! Well if it's not invalid, then it can only be valid. And Our Lord can't be immutable, or perfect, because His teaching can obviously change and even contradict itself - according to the valid novus ordo and the SSPX. Well, I suppose dogmas develop, evolve and adapt to suit special circumstances - most especially in our modern, scientific, very developed and special times, which are so developed and different from all other times.
I can't really see the logic in it all, but I suppose that's because I'm getting geriatric and over the hill, so to speak. I'll just stick to being an old fashioned Catholic like all my fore-Fathers were. I believe God is perfect and that his teaching is immutable - the One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Faith for all men of all times. Unchanged, unchanging and outside of which there is no salvation.

Peter Lamb said...

The present situation of the Church – that she has been living without her hierarchy over the past decades – and of society which has disintegrated well before the present calamity, carry the great danger for any Catholic to turn, nolens volens, without realizing or willing it, into some kind of protestants. Therefore St John teaches and warns us today in what is certainly one of the highlights of the New Testament: “Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?” Faith alone, as Luther taught, does not save anyone, but only Faith which is operating through the works of charity. And not any belief or faith saves us, but only and exclusively the true Faith!
The danger that arises from the present situation lies in the fact that we cannot know by our own devices what exactly we need to believe, but only through the authoritative teaching of Holy Church. The Feeneyites are a good but sad example of how quickly and how thoroughly one can get things wrong. They quote endless passages from Holy Scripture and Tradition, wanting to prove a point in which they are wrong, and which has always been clearly taught by the Church.We must not forget that mankind, led by Europe, has turned away from the Church in 1517 (with Luther); from Christ in 1717 (with the first federation of free-masonic lodges in London) and from God in 1917 (with the Russian October revolution). Fifty years later the outward structure of the Church fell apart with the proclamation of errors and heresies by the Catholic hierarchy which thereby showed that it did not enjoy the assistance of Christ and of the Holy Ghost any longer. Practically at the same time the cultural (sexual) revolution of 1968 transposed to the natural society what had been happening to the spiritual society! Church and society are headless, leaderless… What wonder, then, that nowadays everything looks gloomy and apocalyptic…
But still, for souls of good will nothing essential has changed. God is still God, Christ is still Christ, the Church is still the Church! The truth has not changed, and Faith has not changed. Only it has become less evident where the truth is since it is not being taught authoritatively by the Church’s magisterium, her teaching authority. But what has always been true, is still true: All graces have been obtained and merited for us by Our Lord’s sacred Passion and Death. He has entrusted the entire treasure of those merits to the Church, the ark of salvation, and we cannot receive any spiritual benefit or grace except through the Church. Only the Church is not functioning in her normal mode, where everything is ordered and structured by a visible hierarchy. (Sermon F. Arnold Trauner.)

Peter Lamb said...

Many “traditionalists” like SSPX follow the same principle as the protestants: that of free examination and of laying off the teaching authority of the Church. Very early on, when their problems with Vaican2 Rome started (1974), an article published in the Osservatore Romano laid the finger on this problem: If they do not follow the one whom they recognize as the Pope – and therefore the living rule of the Faith – which leader, which authority will they follow…? Archbishop Lefebvre’s declaration of November 21 st , 1974 opens an abyss by claiming that there are two “Romes”: “Catholic Rome, Guardian of the Catholic Faith” and “the Rome of neo-Modernist and neo-Protestant tendencies which were clearly evident in the Second Vatican Council and, after the Council, in all the reforms which issued from it”. While this may
have been fair enough in this moment of exasperation and anger, his followers up to today have not cleared up the theological ambiguities inherent to the declaration. Rather, like Goethe’s Faust, they see that “Zwei Seelen wohnen, ach! in meiner Brust – Two souls, alas! are lodged in my wild breast” (Faust 1, verse 1112)! The only explanation their “theologians” have come up with, is that there is some kind of schizophrenia or personality split in the Vatican2-popes, one Catholic and one heterodox. They do not realize that by their attitude they make the papacy useless in the full sense of the word: A pope whose every uttering I need to scrutinize and to assess, is certainly not the living rule of supernatural Faith – rather I am, as a matter of consequence. Therefore let us beware of the poison of wrongful thinking. Let us abhor novelties and ambiguities. We know that we are far from knowing everything of and about the Catholic Faith – therefore we should teach ourselves, using the purest sources of the Church’s teaching; and in any dilemma or perplexity we should profess the truth and the true Faith: I believe and want to believe all that the Holy Catholic Church teaches, all that the Apostles have believed! Let not our ignorance lead us to stupidity! May Our Blessed Lady, the guardian of the Faith, the Mother of Good Counsel, lead and protect us. Let us be worthy children of so good a Mother!
So speaks a Priest who was a member of the SSPX for many years. He is now a sedevacantist Priest in Austria and Hungary with thriving communities in both countries. He is the real kind of Catholic Priest we used to take so for granted in the good old days. This dear miles Christi flew from Austria to England at his own expense to give VALID last Rites to my dying son.

jim norwood said...

Taylor Marshal in a recent video admits that he was completely wrong about Archbishop Lefebvre. He says he is a saint and what he did was completely justified.
I have been attending the SSPX for a few years now and words cannot express how gratefull I am for them. I am angry however for all those Catholics who falsely mislead me and prevented me from attending the SSPX mass for years prior.
Some of the writings that opened my eyes.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes Jim, they lied to you.