Thursday, 23 April 2020

A pervert's a pervert no matter how Trad

There is an old saying, "all lace and no grace." This is particularly true within the Latin Mass community. When my late mother heard first of the goings on at the Mount Cashel Orphanage in Newfoundland, Canada's first exposed saga of priest and religious sexual predators, she cursed, "To think, we would kiss the hands of those bastards."

Some of my best friends are priests and they are good masculine men devoted to the Lord and saving souls. Some priests that I once worked with now have nothing to do with me. I suspect that they know that I know that all that glitters isn't gold.

I am glad that Cardinal Pell was exonerated. Clearly, the one witness was not credible and logically the events could not have happened as described. The Victoria Police and courts and media were biased. The Vatican may have helped for nefarious reasons. But Pell is not totally without blame in the whole matter. If he knew of one event from his past as a priest or bishop and did not take action then he is complicit. 

The bottom line is this. A pervert is a pervert is a pervert. If he gives the impression of being a conservative or a traditionalist, he is still a pervert. 

Stop putting priests on a pedestal.


Michael Dowd said...

Excellent advice. No pedestals for priests, Bishops and especially Bergoglio.

Ana Milan said...

All clerical perverts, no matter what Diocese or Order they spring from, need to be held personally accountable. Confession requires restitution as well as repentance & this applies to popes, prelates & priests as well as the laity. The laity are not responsible for the actions of sodomites & therefore taking money from their donations towards the upkeep of their churches & schools to recompense victims is actually stealing. These corrupt men, if found guilty, must be liable to pay their own legal expenses which might dissuade them from carrying out such vile abuses in the first instance. The CC must disassociate themselves from them & insist on seminaries to be rigid in accessing the characters of all newcomers before they are accepted as seminarians. All CC institutions urgently require exorcism!

luis_rcoelho said...

Good on you, I fully back your stance against sede traitors who act like proxies...have you noticed that sedes deny all Marian and Jesus messages from the 60s until now? They even deny the Divine Mercy because it was officialized by St JPII...hypocrites.

Evangeline said...

We've had to become our own Church of One, ourselves. I can think of no other way to express it. None of these men are our heroes. For our part we are so completely over former quaint ideas about things. It was nice living in denial, but you can't live in comfort knowing how many boys and young men have suffered and died on our dime. The SSPX is "better" than the Modernist church because they kept the old faith, but if they are homosexuals and predators as well, they can be dead to us just as quick. We want NO part of anything to do with homosexuals (predators) at all, not even the ones that are good at covering it up, because underneath are the same old disorders. Hey, it's rough, to have to go it alone, with perhaps only Scripture, the Rosary, devotions, to sustain us. But we have Jesus Christ and His Mother, and THIS is our firm foundation, this is our rock. It is not even the church, it is Christ.
It's all crumbling, even the Catholic blogosphere has become a shooting gallery, but we just have to stand firm, stay faithful, so that when He returns, He will find faith on earth. He knew it wouldn't be easy. It's not.

Aqua said...

In Persona Christi = Pedestal, assuming they remain within the Magisterium of the Church and are not heretics. The CM article did not establish the converse, at least as it pertains to the SSPX Order itself, its Priests, their orthodoxy and their Liturgy.

It made a valiant effort to knock them all off their pedestal. I grant them that.

Aqua said...

The SSPX response to the CM *allegations*.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear luis_rcoelho, You need to get a few facts straight ol' chap.

1. "Private" revelations may be accepted, or rejected by any individual Catholic. "Public" revelation must be believed by all Catholics.
2. The conciliar "popes" are not Catholics. They are judeo-masonic impostors. They have no authority to approve of, or to disapprove of any private apparitions.
3. Pope Pius XII put Sr. Faustina and the "divine mercy" on the index for a couple of very good reasons. Him being the last Pope until the interregnum ends, his decision still stands.
4. Sedevacantists are not traitors. They are the only Catholics left who are true in every unalterated way to the Holy Catholic Faith of our Fathers.

Tom A. said...

You obviously do not know sedevacantism. Yes the SSPX are hypocrites because they pick and choose what they will accept from modernist Rome. But the SSPX are not sede!