Monday, 13 April 2020

Bishop Crosby of Hamilton in Canada, banned Good Friday and Easter Vigil in defiance of Cardinal Sarah and Francis!

Douglas Crosby, OMI, is the Bishop of Hamilton in Canada, a suffrage diocese to the Metropolitan See of Toronto. Crosby was the pastor at St. Joseph's in Ottawa in 1987 from where the demonic-inspired attack to oust the fledgling Oratorian community was led. I was there at St. Brigid's. I know the history and he has a history.

In defiance of the Instruction that Pastors must celebrate (below Crosby's letter) the Triduum in their parishes with certain modifications, Crosby banned the celebration of the sacred rites on Good Friday and the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil.

Here is his order (note, computer generated signatures, not even real, but a font).

From Cardinal Sarah:

This contrasted with the Archdiocese of Toronto and Thomas Cardinal Collins who advised all parishes that they were to implement Cardinal Sarah's Instruction. Further, he and the Cathedral Rector, Father Edward Curtis along with three others priests resident at the Bishop's "Palace" (a lovely nearly 200 year old house/rectory more than a palace and the oldest building in Toronto used for its original purpose), did the entire Triduum and live-streamed it, and singing much of it. 

Crosby's actions were disgraceful, without authority and logic and objectively speaking, grievously sinful. Nobody's health was jeopardised! Crosby and Monsignor Crotch are heretics - believing in essentially the Heresy of Assemblyism - that the assembly of people is necessary for the worship of God and the fulfilment of the liturgy. Clearly, they have no belief in the efficacy of the rites themselves.

The Diocese of Hamilton has many good priests, young, educated in Toronto at St. Philip's Seminary at the Toronto Oratory. This is where the former Bishop Tonnos sent all of his Seminarians, something Crosby ended within two years of his appointments. Those priests, perhaps twenty or so, will fix this, all in good time.

Crosby and Monsignor Crotch or evil man - malefactors. They must be called out and condemned for what they did. They cannot be defended in any way for this.

The people of Hamilton Diocese which includes Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Brantford, Burlington, Milton, Oakville up to Owen Sound and all the bucolic country in between must and the priests at some point must rise-up and challenge these two hirelings.

Pathetic monsters they are. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ judge them and may he deliver the people of Hamilton from such derelict "men." 

Oh, and about those two OMI "Co-Pastors" at St. Lawrence and St. Patrick, that Crosby imported from Labrador...  


S D said...

nailed it Vox!

xsosdid said...

Hello Vox. Hope you are well. I hope that, if you haven't yet you will take some time to listen to this argument in its entirety. It's really astonishing in its thoroughness.

Irenaeus said...

That decree from Bishop Crosby reeks of clericalism.