Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Judas was a "good boy" and Jesus called him "friend."

What is it with this non Vicar of Christ that at a time with the world groaning medically, socially and economically he can't even stop for Holy Week from his insanity, his heresy and his evil statements. I read the opinion a few days ago that this man is possessed by the devil and has been since his youth. 

There can be no doubt.

Get out of Rome, now!


Ana Milan said...

I thought Antipope F didn't believe in the existence of Hell? If that is so, then in his ignorance Judas couldn't possibly be there. He has shown utter contempt for the Deity of Christ who was only a 'good man' in his own eyes but is now dead, so needn't be followed. How can anyone listen to his continuous demonic ramblings, promoting himself well above God, His Mother or any angels/saints that we as Catholics revere & pray to. He daily demonstrates that he is the False Prophet - unholy, incompetent, ignorant, uncaring nincompoop ever to be elected to the PO & we have had some beauties in our past history.

Johnno said...

Considering what Francis is up to, he's gotta hope Judas got off the hook... His Unlimited Mercy Theory requires it. It's that or complete annihilation.

Stephen Lowe said...

Bishop Baron the Red, agrees with Jorge....surprise, surprise surprise.