Sunday, 19 April 2020

Xi Jinping and China must be held accountable!

The world is quickly recovering from the initial shocks of the China Wuhan Virus. People are now pointing at those who caused this disgusting pandemic brought about by evil researchers, (bats which have no normal human interaction should be left alone), filthy markets an elitist Middle Kingdom culture combined with "saving face" pride, corruption and arrogance of these communist thugs.

China must be held to account in any and every way.  

You can start, check every product you buy to see if it is Made in China and unless it is absolutely necessary, put it back. Better, do without China all together.


Dad29 said...

Good luck with that. Most of the made-in-China stuff is buried three layers deep in computers, cars, and medicines. The largest project of the 21st Century will be to re-Americanize industry.

Vox Cantoris said...

Yes, you are most correct. Much of it is buried, even in pharmaceuticals that are manufactured here in Canada and the U.S.A. there are compounds that come from China.

Every little bit helps, we as consumers need to do our part.

The question remains, is this a corporate wake up call?

Vox Cantoris said...

... of course, we all need to decide we don't need this garbage from there and we need to be prepared to pay more for "stuff."

That $7.99 T-shirt at Walmart needs to become a thing of the past. Pay twice as much for a Canadian or U.S. made shirt from cotton grown in the U.S. and put your neighbour to work, because he might be what you produce.

Sounds like subsidiarity.

Evangeline said...

We got in bed with the devil and now we pay. That story about the lady and snake fits, the one where the naïve lady takes in the serpent and coddles him and care for him, only to receive a fatal bite. In shock the lady says I took care of you, why did you do that? The snake tells her, you knew I was a snake when you took me in.
We in the West know that China is an abuser of human rights. It's not a secret, it's understood. They dragged pregnant Chinese women about to give birth, kicking and screaming into clinics to kill their babies under the one-child policy. They have a 2-week turnaround for organs, which is pretty unprecedented in the world. Why? Because they have prisoners and will take organs from them. (and no, they don't volunteer them) This is profitable, but if it's murder, so what, there's always more people. We know the persecute and disappear priests or any person who dares complain, and Catholics know what is done daily to the Chinese Catholics.
But the US and I guess Canada allowed millions of Chinese to come here and buy things up and steal our intellectual property, which is a huge problem. And American and Canadian money made China into what it is, a manufacturing giant and hoarded PPE when we needed it, from a horrible virus they probably created and "accidentally" released from the Wuhan lab.
Good going, President Bush, President Clinton, President Obama. Now it's the long road back. Hope we can do it.