Sunday, 5 April 2020

Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada


Kathleen1031 said...

The Great Britain this elegant lady speaks of seems already gone.
A beautiful, 7 year old tiny blonde darling of a child, had her throat slit by a 30 year old Somali woman in an English park in the last few days. No reason of course, the child was simply riding in her little kart, and the Somali woman, as so often happens, filled with mindless, demonic hatred, killed that poor child with her Dad standing there. The media tried to bury the story by not mentioning the woman is Somalian, a more violent group of people you'd be hard pressed to find.
How can these people act as if their England just goes on?

Vox Cantoris said...

Kathleen, you are so correct. I had not heard that story. Poor England has gone so far down, more than even our Canada and the United States of America. Sometimes I wish Elizabeth Regina ruled rather than reigned. She would give England a good box to the ears as she did recently to her grandson!

Kathleen1031 said...

I believe she would. That lady has all the qualities one should expect in a royal, they'll not see her kind again. But England as she was is no more.
She is conquered already, by abandoning her faith and identity and certainly by demographics and the people running things. Jolly Old England, the land of Alfie Evans and the beloved NHS. England has chosen badly.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have read Yves Dupont's book 'Catholic Prophecy: the coming chastisement', Kathleen, but I really recommend it. I truly do believe that 'there will always be an England', and that she will return to the Catholic faith and be more beautiful than ever. That said, I am Canadian - 16th generation and a mix of all our founding nations - British, French, and native. I believe there will always be a Canada, as well. The basis of my belief? This country has been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, twice, and we are under the patronage and protection of St. Joseph. England has also been consecrated to Our Lady. Only heaven can save us now. I watched the Queen, as well. The Empire is gone, the Dominion of Canada is gone, Merry Old England is gone, but Queen Elizabeth's presence reminds us of what we were. If we remember, with the help of God, we will be the best of those things again.

Kathleen1031 said...

I hope so. I was just reading some comments about PM Boris Johnson, and saw people "clapping" for Boris and other shows of support. The people need to rediscover God and pray for their needs! I see signs that say the virus will help us be "stronger", and in a sense that is true, adversity overcome makes us more resilient, but people need to turn to God in prayer, the only sure reason for hope. We rely on our strength, when a molecular particle can kill us within hours.

Anonymous said...

I can't deal with her. After the total silence of the royal family while Alfie was murdered and they welcomed a new baby, nearly the same day, the Tale of Two Kates, this woman and her vile husband and all her family are masonic frauds. Denial and romanticism do no one any good. Only truth and love in ACTION. PROVE it, queen, prove your decency. You have not. Your own chaplain resigned in protest and became a Catholic.

I pray for the faithful remnant left in England, but so many of them are in all-out denial about the seriousness of the disaster in the country. I've barely spoken to anyone in England who truly got it and wasn't either cowardly or acting like a silly hobbit. The place is brainwashed into being like another planet, a parallel universe. I am grateful to the good people who helped me and supported me, they will be rewarded in heaven for their courage. But most of them couldn't accept the whole truth, with very rare exceptions.

The demonic spirit of death and its horsemen must be fought with repentance, faith in Our Lady and Jesus Christ, and cultivation of the opposing Godly spirits and virtues of humility, acceptance of reality, hope, fear of the Lord and trust in Him, courage, respect, love and truth. Lay your life down for your brothers. Stop focusing on your own security and comfort. Entrust yourself to God and do what Our Lord tells you.