Tuesday, 21 April 2020

My December illness and the China-Wuhan Virus

As my dear readers may know, I was terribly ill in December and wrote it about previously. Your prayers were heard and I wrote as well that looking back on it, as my wife has said, we could see the "hand of God" directing everything, from her urging me to take some actions, to my realization that this was no ordinary cold to everything done by the doctors. God was present and saved me as "the waters came up to my neck."

To Him be the glory forever and ever!

So, what was it?

It began severely on December 19 with a searing pain in the chest and heaving breaths. This was not a heart attack. In early December, I had a full physical including a treadmills stress test reaching 94% of maximum heartrate at nearly 7 minutes when only 85% is required. No hypertension, to arterial hardening or blockages and a resting heartrate in the 50's. It was not a heart attack. Soon came the fever and medication for what was becoming a bronchial infection, the "z-pack". Christmas Mass was missed with a fever of nearly 102F which varied as low as 99.5 for six days. Eventually, it got worse landing me in hospital at New Year's with pericardial effusion and an enlarged heart caused by an "unknown virus." 

I will say this. I've been sick, just like you. I've had colds, flu, bronchitis and even walking pneumonia decades ago. Nothing; nothing was like this. 

Thank God, all is now well.

When the current crisis over this China Wuhan Virus is said and done, will our leaders admit that this disease was with us in North American and no doubt Italy earlier than they want us to believe? China lied and many people have died. They must be held to account. Reparations must be paid even if that means declaring the debt they hold null and void. They have never invented anything, they can only produce with slaves and steal through espionage. 

Some will say that this is just anecdotal. Sadly, no test yet is approved in Canada for antibodies, but I will get tested eventually and it will prove what I already know.

And know this: Bergoglio's sell out of the Chinese Catholics and his worship of the pagan earth goddess has more to do with this then some think. 


Ana Milan said...

You are absolutely right Vox - the Antipope F & his coterie of effeminate (sodomite) prelates & dancing in the aisles homosexual priests are to blame for our suffering. All along they are acting out what Satan tells them to do. The prize of seven million good Catholics handed over freely in a secret agreement to Communist China & the veneration of pachamama & other Amazonian pagan idols was done to bolster their Marxist, Modernist ideology in contradiction to traditional Catholic teaching & to insult the Deity of Jesus Christ. They are vermin ready to sell out the Bride of Christ to NWO for the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver. They love the power they have blatantly stolen by the heinous deeds of Sankt Gallen Group & have appointed perverts to the most important offices in the Vatican & Episcopes around the world ready for the promised godless society takeover as relatively good clergy look on this abhorrent scene while saying & doing nothing to put a stop to their gallop.

I pray that your suffering & that of so many others worldwide will greatly increase God's anger against them & that He will show Hs hand very soon.

A slave to Jesus said...

Unfortunately at the same time, this aggressive pausing of the economy has lead to more young women turning to sex work to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, I have been told that EMS workers in Toronto have been told to NOT intubate patients who have had an overdose due to the risk of COVID 19 transmission. So they are allowed to die, I think.

Bill Gates has seemed to find a way into all this despite being an uneducated man with no degree.

Anonymous said...

Many traditional Catholics have all of a sudden become epidemiologists and public health experts. This is after they became doctors in canon law. Some of these people say that this virus is just like the common cold or the seasonal virus. Others say we are being persecuted while they sit in their comfy homes. Unfortunately, some are listed in your blogroll. These people are liars and seek sensation for clicks which often means money. You may want to check whom you are supporting by publishing their blogs.

- Caterina

Anonymous said...

I too think I might have had the virus at end December for 6 weeks. At times I struggled to breathe. They gave me steroids and an inhaler which helped. But it lasted 6 weeks.

— Caterina

Vox Cantoris said...

Caterina, I was first given Prednisone by my Respirologist but in hospital, they ended that and rather went with NSAIDS - Ibuprofen and Colcichine.

As for the blogroll, there's a few that are going off the rails, but the debate is important.

Tom A. said...

And there are way too many people from all walks of life who have made science their new god. The world stage is being set for the Anti Christ. Only a fool explicitly trusts everything our governments tell us. First we were told here in the US that there was nothing to worry about and the we were told to flatten some curve. First we were told not to wear masks now we have to wear them in many cases. I don’t know what to believe anymore from any so called expert. So far, most of what we know is from anecdotal evidence such as Vox’s experience and that of others. The scientific community likes to present themselves as experts and elites, so when they cannot come up with any answers the minions panic. Stay in a state of grace and then there is nothing to fear.

Evangeline said...

We are how many weeks into this and I am as stunned to read what my fellow Trad Catholics think about this virus as I am that there is one Catholic in the world who would support Francis. It is completely mystifying, I cannot understand it. One would think the reports we are hearing would be enough but clearly they are not. We see Catholics who are obviously intelligent people in some areas denounce this terrible virus as nothing more than a cold. Yet we are reading terrible reports of great suffering and awful effects, such as possibly yours Vox, which may well be attributable to this mysterious virus with these wide-ranging effects, including blood clots that invade the lungs and even the toes! This is just beyond imagining, these kinds of effects, and to minimize it... I don't know if it's fear-based or denial, but people should maintain social distancing, quarantine as much as possible, and wear masks when appropriate. This thing is a killer. Don't listen to armchair experts on this virus. Use prudence and good old common sense. May God remove this pestilence from us and soon, amen.

Johnno said...


It's much more complicated than that, so you would do well to not simply dismiss those who are rightfully scrutinizing the virus stories.

There is a false narrative going around as if those saying the virus is 'no different from the seasonal flu/cold' are somehow claiming that it is 'not dangerous' or that this is downplaying the serious effects it has on people.

This is false.

The reality is that for decades now we have simply gotten used to the fact that the seasonal flu and the many strains of 'Corona' that we've been getting all this time that causes people to suffer terribly has become routine. So people who go through what Vox went through and even more serious conditions are merely statistics. But we never bothered shutting down the economy and locking people in their homes and stomping over the rights of people then, and given the draconian measures being placed upon us, and the devils involved pushing for every lefty/communist police state control into perpetuity, you'd have to be a fool to not question what is going on.

As I and many others have been trying to make people aware of long before these days - the 'Scientific Community' - are not and never have been angels from Heaven. Also the 'scientific community' are not necessarily the same ones being paraded on TV channels. Many in the Scientific Community, even doctors and others are blowing the whistle on this whole thing. They just don't get interviewed by CNN. China is not the only nation that ignores and locks up doctors blowing the whistle. The West also has their own methods aided by corporate media shills.

Johnno said...

The fact is that when the government has to ignore all scientific rigor for testing etc. and fudge the number of deaths, and hastily revise their own death predictive models downwards by 90%, and what testing is being done reveals more positive cases of the virus detected in people, which as Vox said, has been with us for a much much longer time, and even that inflated death toll remains unchanged - this reveals a massive case of deliberate over-hysteria as far as the lockdown measures are concerned. It can also be argued that the lockdown has in fact exacerbated the problem, is simply ineffectiveor merely only a placebo effect. At the very least there is no consensus, and the politicization of this thing has made the truth even more troublesome.

That many things involved in this can be demonstrated to be highly misleading or outright false, DOES NOT MEAN the virus is fake, not potentially dangerous, or no people horribly suffer from it. It does mean we can challenge the 'authorities' about whether the practices they are enforcing actually work, and we should blindly trust the same morons who sterilized Kenyan women without their knowledge, and harmed people with previous vaccines, now have free reign to forcibly inject us all and be tracked perpetually.

Especially when the morons who funded the research of viruses in Wuhan, and are the same ones in charge of telling us we can't work, go to Church, and face imprisonment and fines for benign activity in public by law enforcement gestapo who don't practice the social distancing and countermeasures they preach.

There culprits who are not Chinese ALSO need to PAY! Lawsuits need to be brought forward for civil rights violations, as well as against 'scientists' from around the world who worked hand in glove with China on 'virus research' and then tried to cover their tracks, not blow the alarm for the rest of us while giving themselves time to sell their stock and shares before the markets crashed. Given Gates and Fauci are responsible along with China for the release of this same virus they made together, why are we rewarding them with development of any vaccine? Especially when we have have cheap effective treatments that are readily available? But because Trump recommended it, and Big Pharma can't make more money, someone like Vox can't access it because the partisans HATE Trump and the deplorables that much?

When Vox is suffering in the hospital, does that mean the government has the right to determine that Vox, because of age or other BS reasons, should be deemed not suitable to receive any medical treatment and be left to die outside, to free up a hypothetical bed for somebody else who is determined by the 'scientists' as being more able?

Such questions do need to be asked, especially given evidence is emerging that most hospitals are empty, and medical staff being laid off, when they are not using valuable time to create choreographed dance routines on TikTok because there's nothing for them to do. Because the apocalyptic estimates of patients never showed up for which they kept the hospitals empty in anticipation of. And if this is the case, and despite the availability of beds, many elderly were DENIED treatment they needed, and DENIED access to the Final Sacraments on top of that, should we just let this continue? Especially when abortions are deemed essential services?

The 'modern' world for all its 'science' and 'social' systems is a gigantic joke! Welcome to the era of 'Human Dignity' where your dignity matters until it is inconvenient.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

you cannot call this a china virus they simply identified it who was the zero patient you should look this up, that is proper science.

Vox Cantoris said...

First of all my friend, this is my blog and I can comment any way I choose. Secondly my little communist spy, how much did the China Wuhan Virus commie thugs pay you for this. Get your propaganda out of here.