Monday, 30 December 2019

The "spastic" papacy of Bergoglio does not even spare the Most Blessed Mother

Mary of Nazareth, Our Lady, Our Blessed Mother was preserved by the future sacrificed of her Son from original sin so that he could dwell in her for nine months as He became the Flesh to save all of us and the world. It is so simple, no? Therefore, by this, Blessed Mary ever-virgin participated in every way in our salvation, even in her own sorrows which Simeon told her, "and as sword will pierce your heart." It is in this that logic simply tells that her part by her fiat, her so be it, to the Angel Gabriel and his message from God meant that she participated in every way. She was a "co" a partner and active participant in our redemption - she was Co-Redemptrix. One does not need to be a theologian to get this and it is to the loss of the Protestants that they continue to deny it.

In today's Matins we read this sermon by St. Leo, Pope:

In any day of the year, dearly beloved, whenever we make our meditations, we are mindful of the birth from a Virgin Mother of our Lord and Saviour. Whenever our souls are uplifted in the worship of our Maker, whether we sigh in supplication, rejoice in praise, or offer sacrifice, there is nothing which we more frequently or more confidently set our minds upon than the fact that God, the Son of God, begotten of the co-eternal Father, was also born by a human birth. But on this day his Nativity, which is to be adored both in heaven and on earth, is brought before us as at no other time. For today it is as though a new and radiant light is shining forth in the heavens, in such wise that the brightness of this wondrous mystery is perceived even by our senses. And not only do we call to mind what the Angel Gabriel said to the awe-stricken Mary, but in some sort we seem even to be present at that colloquy when she conceived of the Holy Ghost. And we marvel both at the promise made to her, and at her faith in that promise.

In the Collect after the Alma Redemptoris at the end of Lauds, we read this:

O God, who, by the fruitful virginity of blessed Mary, hast bestowed upon mankind the reward of eternal salvation: grant, we beseech thee, that we may experience her intercession, through whom we have been made worthy to receive the author of life, Our Lord Jesus Christ thy son. Amen.

Nota bene: "by the fruitful virginity of blessed Mary, hast bestowed upon mankind the reward of eternal salvation." Co-Redemptrix!

But not with Bergoglio.

Sandro Magister features an article by Pietro De Marco of the papal homily. The author, a former professor of the sociology of religion at the University of Florence and at the Theological Faculty of Central Italy, a philosopher and historian by training, has for years been known to and appreciated by the readers of Settimo Cielo.


Anonymous said...

Titles are so uncommunist ,Comrade Mary would be so much simpler. In truth both Christ and Mary were Royalty,in the natural as well as supernatural order, as was Joseph been descended from the royal line of King David. They've stripped the Churches of the grandeur due to God ,now their trying to strip the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God of her titles ,It's as if they would reach up to the Heavens and pull all that is pure and beautiful down into the mire.

Robert F Scott said...

Mary is an impediment to the One World Religion. Therefore, she must go.
We are being forced to choose sides. So be it.
"Viva Cristo Rey"! "Viva Maria"!

Jack said...

Pope Francis is correct. She is foremostly the disciple of Our Lord, God's handmaid. But it's precisely her being the greatest of all disciples that made her Co-Redemptrix and Mother of God. Her outward role as "disciple" or "handmaid" contains all her more glorious hidden titles.

Anonymous said...

Take heed, Francis! said...

The article posted by Anonymous above is a damage control lie. The poor woman! She did NOT almost make him fall. They are liars!

Nobody has translated yet what the Asian woman was saying, but if you watch her...she is praying to God for assistance with what she is going to ask if the pope. She makes a pious sign of the cross, with a most painful look of suffering on her face. She really doesn’t seem to care about touching his hand. Only that she might have his attention for a moment. She is pleading with him about something and I would be willing to bet that she is begging him to help the Chinese Catholics that are being jailed and killed in Hong Kong for fighting the globalists but so far he has shunned them. Whatever it was, that poor woman went to who one she felt was the only soul on earth who could help her and he treated her like a dog. Even after the rebuke she maintained her expression of personal agony. The public apology he gave was a good start but he needs to find that woman and ask her what she needed so desperately from him.

“And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing."

Johnno said...

To deny her the title is also very anti-Feminist of Jorge.

It logically deprives the honor due to mothers and wives who are always working in the background of every great man, as the saying goes...

Methinks that Christ tolerates a lot of things but the moment Jorge sets his sights on His Mother is when he'll meet his Waterloo.

This is the moment where Francis' end begins.