Monday, 16 December 2019

Cardinal Pell ‘is an innocent man’: Bolt

Andrea Gagliarducci has a report on the imprisonment of Cardinal George Pell, convicted of sexual assault in Australia. Admittedly, I am torn on this. I've seen physical abuse and criminal assault directly at the age of 13 by Basilian perverts and thugs (Rosica was only following a trend but who's in a mental hospital, Southdown, now?) I also have personal knowledge of what has happened to a friend at the hands of clerics. I am naturally inclined to believe the victim and I believe, given the extent of what we know about the infiltration of homo-perverts into the priesthood, nearly anything is possible, by anyone. Therefore, I've been at best "neutral" on the case of Cardinal Pell. I've had to assume he had an expert legal team who defended him using the same common-law system as we in Canada. 

One reason that I have hesitated to believe Pell innocent is Theodore McCarrick. We can see how the cover up happens, how people fail to report, how even now McCarrick who has never had a trial, defends himself to be innocent.

Yeah, everyone in prison is innocent. That's why they're there!

On the other hand, I put nothing past the potential of a corrupt Catholic-hating judiciary nor the potential that the faithless sodomitical and malfeasant Bergoglian scum in the Vatican may have had a hand in this, including pay-offs to the courts in Australia.

Yet, I have to admit that the conviction of Cardinal Pell is most strange based on the simple facts of what happened after the Mass. I hope and pray that my hesitation of being out there to defend Cardinal Pell has been wrong. I have not defended him because I have been bothered by this, "What if he really did do it." 

The broadcaster here at Sky News is not a Catholic, may not even be a believer, but he may very well be right.

I hope so. I sincerely hope so.



Ana Milan said...

I have no doubt that this masquerade is being carried out on Vatican instructions as he was getting to the nub of IOR money laundering & all that goes with it. It has been reported some years ago that Caritas were paying for condoms to be distributed all over Africa & now Peter's Pence doesn't go to Catholic aid charities but to Elton John's biography movie which is nothing but pornography. Not to mention the underhand deals with banks & investment companies making the Vatican one of the most prosperous trading institutions in the world but instead of looking after their own they are supporting our enemies.

I have been praying for both Cardinal Pell & Mary Wagner for a long time as I believe both are living saints & an example to us all. I have enrolled him in a Christmas Novena of Masses offered by Carmelite nuns at which will be celebrated by Fr. Maximilian Dean their chaplain. Let's hope he will be discharged from all culpability after the next hearing. I have read that even atheist legal men in Australia are outraged by the judgement against him on so flimsy (made-up) evidence & are adding their voices to get a miscarriage of justice, as they say it goes against the legal system in their country. One of the two boys involved in this action was a drug addict & told his mother before he dies that no such assault ever took place. Victoria is known for its Freemasonry who hate Catholicism.

Mary's Child Mariann said...

Thank you for posting this.