Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Bergoglian corruption evdience mounts

The corruption of the Bergoglian regime continues. Edward Pentin, without a doubt the top Catholic journalist today, reports on a tangled web which diverted 50 million Euros from the Jesu Bambino Hospital to the same dermatological hospital involved in previous financial scandals.

Bergoglio is no pope. He is a thug. He has surrounded himself by evil men who are weak in morals and ethics and whom he can use for his own gain.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ protect His real Church and cleanse this filth and corruption from it with a vengeance not seen since Sodom and Gomorrah.


Michael Dowd said...

Yes, let us pray for divine intervention as that appears to be the only kind we are going to get. In the meantime all efforts should be made to let the world know what this anti-pope is all about the damage he is inflicting on the Church and the entire Christian world.

Kathleen1031 said...

We need to come up with an agreed-upon name to call this new "Francis Church". It is not accurate to call it the Catholic Church, which still exists in the TLM, but which will go underground in the Pope Chito reign (after he rescinds Summorum Pontificum).

We really need a fixed point of reference for this diabolical infestation of the post-VII church. We'll keep the "Catholic Church", and they can have...what. I do not wish to share even a name with these satanic perverts.

Dan said...


susan said...

WORSE....waaaay worse than sodom and gomorrah, Vox.

The Germans pull his strings...this whole sh*tstorm is going to go very fast now.

Kathleen1031 said...

Works for me Dan.

John Haggerty said...

There was a silly song from the musical *Hair*; the words as far as I can recall, went *This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius, AQUARIUS ... *

This musical from the 1960s, predicted the New Age; a rainbow coalition of all faiths and none. Syncretism. Magic, myth, gnosticism.

The name for Francis' One World Religion is:
*The Church of Aquarius.*
We were warned that it was dawning.
We just never expected to see it dawn in Catholic Rome.

Aquarians speak about Jesus, but not the Jesus of the canonical Gospels; they love to talk about *spiritual experiences*; but they reject doctrine or reinvent it to suit the age.

Os Guinness prepared us for this in his prophetic book, *The Dust of Death* (1973) published by the Inter-Varsity Christian Press.
He said that Western Civilization would be seduced or taken over by Eastern thought and practice. Yoga and Mindfulness are now mainstream.

Evangelical theologian Leonardo de Chirico said that since Vatican II, the Catholic Church has been programmatically searching outside herself, embracing whatever can enrich her, including paganism.

Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II endorsed the New Age guru Sri Chinmoy Ghose, who ran a mind-control cult, and who denied the lordship of Jesus Christ. You can see photographs of this online.
Francis blesses gurus of every stripe; he endorses Aquarian sexuality.

The Church of Aquarius is the final stage of the Modernist takeover of the Roman Catholic Church, which began with Pope John XXIII.

The members of the hierarchy maintain the outward appearances, but they have gutted and destroyed the faith from the inside.

They are not intentionally evil; they are simply Aquarians, dancing to the song of the New Age. Old hippies who betrayed the faith of our fathers.

Watch, Father William Jenkins, *What Catholics Believe*; Michael Voris *The Vortex: Church Militant*; Michael J Matt of *The Remnant*; Patrick Coffin; Dr. Taylor Marshall; and Father Adam Purdy of Vox Catholica.
All on YouTube.

Tom A. said...

Conciliar Church