Friday, 6 December 2019

Stop it. Stop it now. Stop sending any money to Peter's Pence or any Bishops' Collections! Look at what they are doing with it! Every dollar in your collection plate has a diocesan tax called a cathedraticum. A portion of that goes to Rome, or to cover for sodomites in the priesthood or to pay luxury living for clergy. Stop, starve the bastards.

Exceptions? Yes; Latin Mass communities. For good priests and good parishes, slip them cash into his hand for his expenses. For the building, buy what is needed "in kind" for a tax receipt or give to the Building Fund which is not subject to Cathedraticum, do physical work. 

Now, they fund a movie about a filthy has-been sodomite.


Brian said...

Hey Vox
I share your disgust. We are in the ecclesial age of "Homo Modernismus", a faith destroying platform that continues without any effective opposition.

Kathleen1031 said...

That's right. If they were hurting for money they wouldn't be nearly as arrogant as they clearly are. We've been suckahs too long.