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A corporal work of mercy.
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Saturday 28 December 2019

Statement of Hermits of Westray on being "excommunicated"

If you follow Deacon Nick Donnelly then you've no doubt heard of the tragic Christmas Eve "excommunication" of the Hermits of Westray brought to you by the Bergoglian Church of Mercy.

Here is their response.

They can excommunicate all of us. These filthy heretics, effeminates, apostates and Freemasons have no authority over the faithful. They will soon all fall. There time is very, very short.

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JayJay said...

Good call dear Hermits: worthless, null and void; just like Jorge himself.

Ana Milan said...

Null & void sums up this whole 'papacy' & any authority some Catholics place upon it due to the false belief they must pay blind obedience to whomever sits on the Throne of Peter. I believe these sodomites were never properly ordained due to insincerity when joining the priesthood, many of whom look upon it as a joke (dancing in the aisles, scootering down central aisle to delight children & their parents, wearing rainbow vestments etc. Such individuals only desired to meet with similar perverse males to continue in their depravity. I cannot believe that the Holy Ghost would bless their craven desires & charge them with leading souls to Heaven. They can only lead souls to Hell, which PF has said doesn't exist. This excommunication will, I hope, shake up those complicitly silent prelates into joining these hermits & +Vigano into issuing the promised formal correction that was to have taken place two years ago. They mustn't wait any longer in re-instating PBXVI & joining with him in the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Brian said...

What a statement? Thank you very much for posting this. This statement could serve as a boilerplate aimed at virtually every bishop today. It sums up succinctly what bishops will not address.

Kathleen1031 said...

Oh boy! Some people who speak like Catholics! Wowee, I love it.
We are sick to death of the effeminates and cowards and apostates in our church. We are convinced at this point even a virgin sacrifice by Bergolio at the altar would not raise their eyebrows, so completely in are they for whatever demons he summons for his purposes. It is an honor to be excommunicated by him or by any of these demonic hirelings. Onward Christian soldiers! Christ will find faith on earth thanks to people such as these religious. God bless them!

Tom A. said...

Such disobedience to the man they call Christ’s Vicar on earth. Reminds me of the parable where the evil tenants killed the messengers of the King. But then there’s always the sedevacantist solution to your obedience problem. If he aint Pope, then you dont have to listen to him.

Johnno said...

As Barnhardt pointed out...

A lot of this may be based on the false premise that Francis ever was the Pope.

We really need to examine the entire edifice on which this is built, beginning with Benedict's 'resignation' of the ministry, but not the office and remaining within the enclave of St. Peter in a new way, such that there are as Ganswein boasted, actually two Popes within a new expanded ministry.

Haul all these morons and the entire German hierarchy before an Inquisition.

Kathleen1031 said...

Tom A., I'm with you, I completely doubt Bergolio is pope, but he is acting pope, and 99% of the world says he is pope. This is not insignificant. So when someone in the church states the facts and goes against him, I can't help but enjoy it. I don't care how he gets removed, as long as he goes.
I do believe Benedict is still the pope. Hopefully God will intervene.
Ana Milan once again makes a great point as well. Most of these priests were made priests under false pretenses. They did it for the easy gig, the travel, the fellow sodomites, and access to lots of teens, domestic and with an international flavor as they travel around the world on our dime. If you don't have the proper disposition when you are ordained, your ordination isn't valid. Intention matters. It is impossible to imagine these rabid sodomites had anything holy in mind, so they are just as secular as the day they cursed the church by walking in.

Roland said...

@Kathleen1031. Benedict XVI has been pope since 2015. It is of great importance that Bergoglio is recognized as being illicitly declared pope. The truth matters as Jesus is the Truth. Say for instance Bergoglio resigns, then saying the truth doesn't matter means that he will be replaced in another illicit conclave by someone worse: younger (so he will be fooling people longer) and even worse than Bergoglio. Say someone like Tagle.

It is extremely important that the truth of the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict XVI be made known.

sarto2012 said...

Nothing to disagree with in that statement. The Scottish bishops are a wash-out.

Jorge Cerra said...

They have been excommunicated from Bergoglio's church, but not from the Catholic Church. For Catholic people those clerics have now even more authority than before the exclusion. The more excommunications by the imposters, the stronger the true Catholic Church again.

luis_rcoelho said...

Looks like these Hermits warned and instructed their click against the apostasy of ecclesiastical freemason Bergoglio; Although I have to state that although I know Bergoglio to be a wolf, he was right on changing the wording of the Our Father, which was wrong in its English version. I am portuguese and my language is more close to Latin than English is, and the right wording is the one Bergoglio changed.....The english version insinuates that God might tempt someone which is impossible since God is 100℅ good and pure, He cannot tempt anyone. The correct version also now matches Spanish, italian and French versions - your English one was the only wrong version in the world. [Just because bergoglio is a wolf, it doesn't mean that everything that he does is wrong, and this correction proves it]. European catholics also agree with being against the death penalty because that goes directly against the teachings of Jesus, who even taught us to forgive our enemies. The saints said that only God can take a life, not men!! By killing a criminal, not only you were robbing the man a chance to repent and convert, but you would also be interfering with God's plans because we never know when God is going to convert someone - and by the way, the death penalty goes against the fifth commandment. I normally get shocked at the way US catholics so easily mix politics with religion.
Instead of blaming those who engineer immigration, those war lords who constantly interfere with other nations sovereignty, either sending troops or 'making the economy scream', resulting in that many good people immigrate to avoid the poverty and the violence it brings; So you should be blaming the world elite for creating multiculturalism on purpose, and leave the victims [the migrants] alone - I find it hypocrisy since the great majority of US citizens are descendants of immigrants.
Are showing a letter from those Hermits, reacting to an excommunication, but you didnt report exactly what they have done to get bergoglio annoyed.
Yes .of course its pure false mercy, false humility and false everything coming from Bergoglio, but what I don't know and many other dont know is what exactly did the Hermits done or said...do you know what I mean?
I am not surprised with what bergoglio does or says, I know he inaugurated the great apostasy Our Lady warned us in La Salette, a great apostasy that would appear from the top of the hierarchy.

luis_rcoelho said...

Benedict XVI stated back in 2013 that God told him to resign during a mystical experience that lasted weeks. I have been telling people since 2013 that if it was down to B16 alone, he would have followed the example of St JPII and many other popes who sat on the Throne until death; I used to say that if B16 resigned it's because he was divinely told to because in my mind there was no other logical explanation. A month ago, during my researches I came across a Guardian report saying that B16 had resigned because God told him to. Why? Simple, because God cannot bring ultimate Justice to the world until all biblical prophecies are fulfilled. God will not give satan the slightest excuse for him to say that he didn't have enough time or power!!
Most catholics get confused with this situation because they dont know these are the end times nor that the Church has long been infiltrated by wolves and it's them the culprits of this crisis of faith and apostasy. Read 2 Tess 2:7, which has already been fulfilled. The synagogue of satan [not muslims] are placing the very last pawns on the chess table to explode a WWIII, since only then will they be able to present to the world their "messiah"!
And most catholics, as prophecized, are completely oblivious to these factual realities.

MyronM said...

The Epochal Breakthrough
The Pope is not an ordinary man but a vicar of Jesus Christ. Similarly, the high priest in the Old Covenant was a representative of God the Father. How did the Mosaic religion end? When High Priest Joseph Caiaphas condemned Jesus Christ, the Son of the same God who established this religion. However, before issuing the verdict, Caiaphas first prophesied [John 11, 45-53]: “Many of the Jews who came to Mary, seeing what Jesus had done, believed in him. Some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus ... So the chief priests and Pharisees called the High Council and said, “What are we doing in the face of this man making many signs? If we leave him like this, everyone will believe in him and the Romans will come and destroy our holy place and our nation »Then one of them, Caiaphas, who was the high priest in that year, said to them:” You do not understand anything and do not take it into account that it is better for you when one man dies for the people than to die the whole the nation. “However, he did not say this himself, but as the high priest in that year he prophesied that Jesus was to die for the nation and not only for the nation, but also that scattered God’s children to gather into one. That day they decided to kill him.” The verdict was carried out by the hands of the Romans. When our Savior died on the cross, at the same time the veil was torn apart on the Holy of Holies: God the Father left this shrine irrevocably. It was the end of the Mosaic religion, and at the same time the beginning of the Church of God the Son, Jesus Christ.
To rule his Church, Jesus established his vicar in the person of Saint Peter the Apostle and his successors. The last in this succession, Benedict XVI, Pontifex Maximus, or high priest, sentenced the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ to death. He did the will of God the Son himself, because his mystical Bride on earth took on the features of the repulsive Great Harlot. He [B16] began with himself, the visible head of the Militant Church: he broke it in two parts! This broken head cannot be glued back and therefore the last decision of the last pope is irrevocable. When will the Mystical Body die? At the same time when the daily Sacrifice of the altar ceases! Pontifex Maximus, Benedict XVI (birth name: Joseph), repeated exactly the act of high priest Caiaphas (birth name: Joseph), only this time this One Man is not Jesus Christ in his own person, but his Mystical Body. For what purpose did God the Son, through his vicar, the pope, pass judgment on himself? In order to “… gather dispersed children of God into one.” Where will He gather them? In God’s Kingdom on earth under the scepter of Paraclete! The awaited era of God the Holy Spirit will come true.
As a Catholic, do you miss animal sacrifices on the altar of the Jerusalem Temple? Do you think those elect to the Kingdom of God will regret any of the sacred rites of the Militant Church? In the salvation history, God with every epochal change brings man to a higher level of spiritual life!

Nov. 8, 2019, on the feast of Santa Maria della Vittoria (Rome, Italy) and Four Crowned Martyrs

Kathleen1031 said...

Luis, sorry, we reject anything Bergolio does and would not have approved BXVI or any pope changing the words of the Our Father. They do not have the right. We believe he tinkers with such things because his infernal hand has to be in everything Catholic because he enjoys having that ability to flaunt in God's face and ours. Evil. But God is giving him that power right now.

America is a nation of immigrant descendants but also law. We are a sovereign nation who has law that should protect our borders. A nation that does not protect it's borders is soon called something else. Legal immigration is in place to allow a certain number of people to come here, but we are under no obligation to throw open the doors and bring in more people who practice criminal activity or generational welfare, or who are not willing to adhere to American law , or who hate us. A nation who takes in people for any reason whatsoever including those who hate them will not last long, and Europe is dying, as I type this. It is killing itself. Americans do not generally have a personal death wish. We don't know everything but Americans are not generally short on common sense. We see what Europe has become and my goodness, why would we want that mess. No thanks. America is the most generous nation and always has been. We give far more than other nations to help other nations and people. We have no desire for the world to come here. People should stay in their homeland and stop voting for Socialists and Communists and dictators, if they can. We cannot solve the world's problems. We've got plenty of our own.

Johnno said...


There is NOTHING wrong with the Lord's prayer whereby it goes 'Lead us not into Temptation.'

Yes, it is never the Lord who directly does the tempting, but he DOES permit it in order to TEST us. Hence why in other parts of the world, the English goes 'Do not bring us to the Test' which I agree the latter is more in-line with the idea.

But overall - temptations - and God passively willing them to occur - are there to test us.

God allowed Adam and Eve to be tempted/tested.

God allowed Israel several times, and even his own prophets to be tempted/tested.

God allowed Jesus Christ to be tempted/tested.

Likewise, God allows us to be tempted/tested.

We understand that the providence of God is always 'leading' us in both good times and bad times.

Hence the Lord's prayer is perfectly sound.

All it requires is a minimal amount of effort to explain, which sadly our moronic clergy and education systems and parents have screwed up entirely.

The danger of the change, even if innocuous, is that it sets a VERY BAD IMPRESSION on the minds of the gullible people that we can CHANGE EVERYTHING - especially that moral law stuff.

So no, I'll have to rebuke you for even being tempted to think that such a move is in any way a wise idea, especially under this suspect-pontificate.

Johnno said...


The death penalty DOES NOT GO AGAINST THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST - who in case you missed it entirely, allowed none other than Himself to be sentenced to Death by the legitimate state authority of His day.

Right away I can tell that you are a liberal and a heretic. Please go read the Church Fathers. And also that book you're ignoring called the Bible. Because following your screwed up logic, God the Father Himself would be guilty because it was He who commanded the Death Penalty with detailed instructions for trial and verification and witnesses and due procedure in the Old Testament. And last time I checked, Jesus Christ and the Father were the same.

it was God who permitted the Death Penalty, and God who taught authoritively through His Church that the Death Penalty was good and necessary. So it is therefore God's own plan, which clearly you know nothing about and are rejecting in your liberal emotional rebellion. Criminals were given AMPLE TIME TO REPENT while on Death Row, and full access to a Confessor and the Sacraments. The only thing shocking here is your complete and utter ignorance of the topic and why Americans, are right to laugh at the liberal wasteland known as Europe, and I myself have plenty of bones to pick with Americanism, but all their issues inevitably find their origin in European heresy and stupidity.

I do agree with you that a large part of the migrant problem is down to the stupid BS wars of aggression by Western nations who are suffering the due consequences. But this does not remove the truth of the general principle that nations have a right to secure their borders as a natural extension of the right for you to decide who enters your own home and has access to your bank account.

Johnno said...


Nobody cares about any of Benedict XVI's alleged mystical experiences, which we shall hold just as suspect as the mystical experiences that led to Teilhard De Chardin, Renee Descartes, Martin Luther and the Prophet Mohammad to do what they did.

God would NEVER tell Benedict XVI to 'resign' but do so in such a way as to confuse what He Himself instituted as the basis of the Papacy - one man in one office. First you are trying to lecture us about how 'God does not tempt people' and here you are now detailing for us that God somehow led Benedict XVI to perform an evil act in such a manner that would lead people into heresy and schism and destroy the nature of the office itself.

Luis, you need to seriously sit down and think about the nonsensical things you are saying. Because you've directly contradicted yourself in your third post from your claims about the Our Father in your first one - which essentially states that God tests His people, obviously by temptation, in many circumstances to doubt what He Himself has said and laid down or to disobey Him when He presents us with a task that is challenging.

I would not trust anything Benedict XVI tells us about the reasons he resigned unless under scrutiny by a jury and prosecuter forcing him to tell the truth because the man has CONTRADICTED HIMSELF NUMEROUS TIMES as to why he's retiring, first because he was too old, too frail, but he isn't and drinks beer like a champ and still has time to write volumes of books but never time to answer fundamental questions about his resignation act. Then it was because he couldn't attend World Youth Day. Then he says he's keeping the visible signs of the Papacy because as Ganswein said it signified the 'truth' about his position. Then he says that it was because there were no black cassocks in his size in the entire Vatican. The man is either LYING, or he's desperately signaling a cry for help through his captors. What's sure as heck is that I'm suspicious of him ever since he aided in the cover-up of the 3rd Secret of Fatima. Something else which people like you in the Benedict-was-told-by-GOd-to-resign-camp also claim is somehow because it was written in the 3rd Secret. If that's the case he might as well just tell us the 3rd Secret now to put us at ease, because we know he and 'saint' JPII and 'saint' John XXIII and 'next-Francis-saint-in-waiting' Paul VI all openly DISOBEYED direct orders from God and His Mother to Consecrate Russia and release the 3rd Secret.

Considering the findings of people like Barnhardt and others that the Germans, including Benedict were openly debating the heretical idea of splitting and expanding and turning the Office of the Pope into modernist play-doh, there's ever reason to suspect that Benedict didn't 'resign' due to any divine will, but rather because he was coerced, or tempted by modernism, or both. If God even told Benedict to 'resign', God certainly would not tell him to lie about any of the reasons for it or provide such clearly bullshit ones, which he clearly has done.

Time to stop fantasizing and deal with the reality on the ground.

Justina said...

Why would it be significant AT ALL that 99 percent believe Berg is the Pope? Their opinions, singularly or together, have exactly zero canonical weight under UG Gregis. As for his being the "acting Pope" (whatever you mean by that), it's like the old saying about being pregnant--either you are or you ain't. There's no in between.

I wish people would stop making things up as they go. A person doesn't become the Pope by popular acclaim nor gain the office gradually due to the prevalent viewpoint of the misguided masses. This isn't rocket science, people.

Tom A. said...

Johnno, examine the entire edifice of vatican 2. It ushered in a new religion. Benedict is just as much a modernist at Bergoglio. Neither of them can logically be Pope.

Tom A. said...

Benedict? Last Pope? You mean the guy who promulgated the heretical “subsist est” at V2? Attention all, but Ratzinger was a heretic long before he walked out in that loggia in 2005.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Y'all may enjoy "HomoHeresy oozes . . " https://www.the-american-catholic.com/author/guy/. Wondering: must one be excommunicated from Jorge's sect to enter into the Kingdom? Guy, Texas

Kathleen1031 said...

Ok Tom, ok Johnno, good stuff, but is the Chair empty? If that is the case it also seems unlikely, that God would allow us to not have a Vicar at all for any length of time. Really I don't know what to think anymore, but I suppose it doesn't matter, I don't pay any attention to either/any of them, they're all dead to me now. I really don't think Bergolio can be pope, but BXVI is the world's worst pope ever. We're being devoured, and he's praising Bergolio the Hun.

Anonymous said...

Once again Catholics in the UK are betrayed by their bishops. During the reign of Henry VIII bishops betrayed Christ and the faith. We are seeing a repetition in our lives. May Jesus Christ preserve and protect the pious holy hermits and the faithful.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why, but Deacon Nick Donnelly didn't post the entirety of the Hermit's Declaration. In fact, quite a bit was left out.

The Hermit's say, toward the last part of their declaration, that they are withdrawing their obedience from Pope Francis and severing communication from the Holy See. Here's a link to the entire declaration, but I don't know if this blog allows links to be posted in the comments section.


M. Ray

Trg said...

Kathleen, very well said.

Trg said...

What you said.

Anonymous said...

The Hermits have clearly excommunicated themselves by their deliberate and premeditated decision to disobey the Holy See-Read their declaration in its entirety.Period.

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 4:38 am, Jan 2,

I have read the declaration in its entirety. I can see how the declaration may be upsetting to those who do not understand the severity of the Crisis in the Church.

Pope Francis has disobeyed Our Lord, and he has done so many times over. When we have a situation where the Pope himself does not obey Our Lord, and has disobeyed Our Lord in a flagrant manner, we have no choice but to obey God instead of man (the Pope).

Sedevacantism is not the answer, and we have to pray for Pope Francis, that he will be lead away from evil, and return to Our Lord.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said that we must love our enemies and pray for them, but he did not say that we have to obey them in all things.

M. Ray

Peter Lamb said...

bergoglio is an heretic. An heretic cannot become, or remain Pope. Catholicism 101 and common sense and logic.
All the conciliar "popes" are /were demonstrable heretics. None - including beloved by many ratzinger, were Popes.
Sedevacantism is Catholicism 101 when heretics are parading as "popes".
There is absolutely no reason that an interregnum can't be as long as Our Lord wishes it to be.
I love the way these Hermits stand up and say it out loud! This is how all true Catholic Bishops should respond - get out and away from bergoglio and his false church.
Of course, if they consider him to be a true Pope, then they are schismatics and have doomed themselves. God judges by intent.
You see the stupid mess that results when one believes, contrary to Church teaching, that a true Pope can be a reigning heretic?
So stupid, perverse and non Catholic!!!

Anonymous said...

If Sedevanticism is not the answer then Benedict would have to still be pope since he couldn't make the sede vanticist.