Saturday, 21 December 2019

More Bergoglian Heresy - the sin of Sodom was in-hospitality

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They used to call us nuts or radical traditionalists. We were accused of wearing tin-foiled hats - those of us who warned of an infiltration of communists, atheists and sodomites in the Catholic Church in order to destroy Her. In your heart, you know now we were right.

Look at this. The Pontifical Biblical Commission, instructed to study the issue of homosexuality by Bergoglio has come out and said that the sin of Sodom was in-hospitality - the old canard of New Theology. So, on one had, they interpret one section of Holy Scripture but completely disregard others. In fact, that description is quite clear on what was happening in Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Here is what they write. Note how it fits nicely with Bergoglio and his antics on human invasion and smuggling.

“This way of reading the story of Sodom is confirmed by Wisdom, (19:13–17) where the exemplary punishment of sinners (first Sodom and then Egypt) is motivated by the fact that they had shown a deep hatred towards the foreigner.”
 “We must therefore say that the story about the city of Sodom (as well as that of Gabaa) illustrates a sin that consists in the lack of hospitality, with hostility and violence towards the stranger, a behavior judged very serious and therefore deserving to be sanctioned with the utmost severity, because the rejection of the different, of the needy and defenseless stranger, is a principle of social disintegration, having in itself a deadly violence that deserves an adequate punishment.”

How do they square their interpretation with that of the Epistle of St. Jude, a very cousin of Our Lord Jesus Christ and brother of St. James the Less.

Jude 1:7 As Sodom and Gomorrha, and the neighbouring cities, in like manner, having given themselves to fornication, and going after other flesh, were made an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.

These liars say that Jesus never spoke of homosexuality. Well, the word was not invented until a century ago, they were called what they were, sodomites. I highly doubt this. It was only that the gospel writers did not record it because whatever he said directly was not necessary. Everyone knew it was an "abomination before the Lord" and an evil that must be dealt with, directly and without mercy for those who would not turn away from it. St. Jude's statement proves what the Apostles believed and therefore, Jesus. They also lie when they say He never spoke of it. Moses did and Moses was enlightened by God in the Burning Bush. Who do we think that was who spoke but the Word, not yet made flesh.

Make no mistake, Bergoglio is behind this. Your job is to resist it and denounce the action and him and pray that God delivers us from this horror that has beset his Church.


Kathleen1031 said...

It seems impossible that anyone, even the poorest Catholic, would give this idiotic explanation any weight at all. What unmitigated evil issues forth from this man, from Rome. If I lived in Rome I would get out. These men shake their fist at God, the God they do not believe is there.
Lord, help your children, who are being abused by these demons. Have mercy on the gullible, amen.

Johnno said...

This whole reinterpretation of Sodom and Gomorrha's history into some stupidity of 'hospitality' instead of violent homosexual rape is al too common in liberal circles looking to paint over parts of the Bible they don't like and make it more palatable for the evil morons of our age so they can somehow want to come to Church and put money in the collection basket.

Even men like Dr. Jordan Peterson parroted this nonsense in his Biblical Lectures. But Peterson is on the record as saying he has no problem with someone choosing to be homosexual is 'that's what's good, for them...' What a true modern psychologist!

Yeah, because that's exactly why the word Sodomy and Sodomite are so well known through history as referring to inhospitable behaviour... right?

Next they'll be telling us that God practiced sodomy for kicking Adam and Eve out of the Garden. Such inhospitality... and then God led a very inhospitable sodomitical campaign against Canaan, and the Church was very sodomitical when it launched the Crusades against those poor Islamic immigrants. And just think of all those priests and bishops committing such inhospitable acts against young boys and seminarians. Someone should tell the criminal code guys to update the language, and change the June celebrations on Yonge to the Hospitality parade.