Saturday, 5 May 2018

The time for politeness and deference to Bergoglio is long over

The Bishop of Rome, Bergoglio, has sent the word back to the German bishops to go back to Germany and find a unanimous resolution to the problem they created wherein most desire to give Holy Communion to Protestants and the few remaining Catholic bishops, do not.

The Pope is to be the foundation of unity. Instead, Jorge Bergoglio is a foundation of chaos and disunity. What we are seeing being played out is his heretical, satanic "synodal church." A church which is not Catholic. 

We have seen this all before. It is a model we have seen with the Anglican "church." It is an echo of heresiarch Kasper's statement during the Synod on the Family of the African bishops adherence to tradition and that they should not tell the enlightened Germans "too much what to do," a racist statement if ever there were one. Adolf Hitler's racial supremacy lives on in Walter Kasper.

This is one more attack on the Holy and Blessed Sacrament from the same man who refuses to kneel to Him at the altar.

This action on the part of the Germans is schismatic. The action of the Bishop of Rome, in this case, is not Catholic, it is heretical and it is in itself, promoting schism.

We sit by whilst our bishops and cardinals do nothing. Faithful Catholics are horrified more each day with the goings on in Rome. 

Everyone is too polite.

It is time to call out Jorge Bergoglio, the man who is legally Pope as a heretic, an enemy of the Faith, an enemy of the Catholic people and an enemy of Christ.


Ana Milan said...

The Prelature is full of Apostates who have long ago excommunicated themselves from the CC & must be expelled. The few who remain loyal should call a council, publicly proclaim the True Faith & elect a Catholic pope who will affirm the dismantling of PF's mess, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart immediately, reveal in full the Third Secret of Fatima & rescind VII, as the roots of this Apostasy arise therein. ++Müller who has found his voice since he was sacked had an great opportunity to correct PF while at the CDF & sign the Dubia but flunked it. The Dubia Cardinals reneged after promising a public correction eighteen months ago without giving any reason & ++Sarah has always maintained silence. With the exception of a few retired prelates & bishops without conclave votes, there has been no-one of manly spiritual stature to come forward & start the ball rolling to denounce PF & his clerical followers within the hierarchy & episcopates, many of whom are supporters of LGBTQI ideologies whom he has raised to high office & will continue his disobedience to God's Word. In addition to the countless sacrileges, scandals, blasphemies, heresies we daily have flung at us, we now can add to the list the sacrilegious act of two men engaging in gay sex on the high altar of a church in N.Ireland (one being dressed as a priest but not confirmed that he is).

At what stage will our limp-wristed wimps in the Hierarchy be forced to rescue the situation by stating that PF is making a mockery of the One True Faith & has lost their trust? Or, will they be content in entering the history books as the abettors of an apostate & heretical pope & the final wound in the side of Christ?

Ana Milan said...

Location correction to my above comment:
Kildorrery Church is in the Diocese of Cloyne, Co. Cork & not N. Ireland.

Dan said...

It must be because Catholic teaching is so confusing and liable to so many different interpretations, that causes Pope "who am I to judge?" to allow thsee attempts to dismantle the magisterium. Or else he's evil.

Pope just pontificated that the "Holy Spirit is a disaster" and "the Author of diversity" - hilarious (not) considering that traditionally confusion and disunity have been considered marks of the diabolical.

Very, very discouraging... I find myself a member of the rapidly becoming non-Catholic church and ask myself 'why bother?'

Peter Lamb said...

God bless you Vox Cantoris - miles Christi!

utahagen said...

No, no, no. We must hang tough. Your final sentence indicates you are being worn away, which is just what the Evil One wants. This is a dark time for the Church, but those of us who recognize it as such are the very ones who must resolve to remain.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Let us not admit to them that we are horrified. They will call us rigid and close-minded.
Let us be fearless, bold and unwavering in proclaiming the unchanging Truth.

Let us challenge them to either proclaim the unchanging Truth by using clear and precise language, or leave. The rotten parts must be cut off.

I am not building a bridge to Sodom. And they? - They do not need it, they are already there.

Let us deny them an opportunity to spread their poison among the little ones.

Let us be done once and for all with playing linguistic games. Sin is sin. I will never set foot on that bridge.

Kathleen1031 said...

We waited for years for one of these men to defend the faith.
Now we know that even the sight of a desperate father and mother valiantly trying to protect their baby from the state ghouls determined to kill him will not rouse them from their torpor. Even in that situation they are not motivated to speak, they cannot be bothered, and none of them are going to go against the conventional wisdom. So none of these men are going to inconvenience themselves for any reason. I believe Raymond Arroyo asked Cdl. Burke point blank the other day if there will be a formal correction and he apparently said no.

Dan said...

Yes, but I am suggesting that we may find ourselves "hanging tough" in a church that isn't being Catholic anymore... for me parishes are few and far between... and if the Pope teaches heresy, and the clergy applaud or remain passive... then where do we find ourselves? In some kind of "Neo-Calutheric Church?"

Kathleen1031 said...

But oh yes, let me add we must not go anywhere. We stay the course. If anyone is going to go anywhere let it be them. We respond by digging in and being more Catholic, more informed, more willing to tell others so they know. We can tell Jesus ourselves someday, we didn't leave you. When this old world gets to us, we take a break, we read something encouraging, watch an inspiring film, we pray. Pick up that cross again later.

Peter Lamb said...

Well, let's do anything; let's accept any cockeyed ecclesiology; let's Recognize and Resist until we are blue in the face, but for God's sake, let us not obey Holy Scripture and let them be anathema, or, God forbid, be loyal Catholics and become sedevacantists! Anything, but that!!!

Melanie said...

Dan, I agree. What’s more important, to remain Catholic or to keep receiving some type of Sacraments that Bergoglio intends to change and if they aren’t changed and invalidated we will participate in knowing and purposeful sacrilege? Honest question, to God which is more important bc I know traditionally Catholics avoided sacrilege, heresy and schism?

nazareusrex said...

To believe that a heretic can become a pope is a heresy and the denial of the action of the Holy Spirit. Bergoglio has never been a pope, just as a husband who does not swear to be faithful but plans to deceive his wife, his marriage is invalid.

Vox Cantoris said...

Melanie, Bergoglio cannot change valid sacraments. If he does, it does not become magic in every church. A valid priest confects valid sacraments when he does what the church intends with the form and matter. Bergoglio is not the Church.

Vox Cantoris said...

Nazareusrex, you and I cannot formally declare the man a heretic. If he is, then spiritually he has lost the papacy. But the Law is in control and he is on the seat.

For better or worse, Bergoglio is the Pope and you and I cannot remove him, but we can give him a hard time.

Michael Dowd said...

If a survey were to be conducted among the Catholic general population including those who no longer practice the faith I think at least 75% would be OK with whatever Pope Francis does.

Also, considering the minimal reactions from Cardinals and Bishops to counter what PF has done so far there is little reason to think anything will be done. The only hope will be for a new Pope who will either reverse or mitigate Pope Francis actions.

Divine intervention directed at Pope Francis himself and his henchmen is what I think we need.

Anonymous said...

Vox, your last comment to Nazar... is the best I have seen, yet. I fully agree with your thinking and am so grateful that you speak it clearly. I've grown tired of the nice talk about Bergoglio, from those who know just as well as you who he is and what he's doing. It only adds to the confusion. Thank you for this blog.

Melanie said...

I see what your saying Vox, but the Sacrament of Holy Communion is receiving the body and blood of Christ. If one receives in a state of mortal sin, he eats and drinks his own condemnation. That has changed in an act of the Magisterium, no?

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

@ Peter Lamb

Why won't people admit that the chair of Peter is empty? What are the main reasons?

I think that a chair is occupied by a very annoying, ugly, pompous and foolish presence, but the chair of Peter is empty.

It is as clear to me as this sunny day. No doubt. Not a trace of it.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Vox, We, as laity, cannot formally declare the man an heretic in terms of canon law. This is true. Only the Cardinals can do that - if they find him guilty, after a formal trial, for the crime of heresy against canon law. bergoglio's election and designation as Pope were legally valid - as far as we know. However, there are impediments to being elected, or designated as Pope. The candidate must be a Catholic; he must be of the age of reason; he must be a man etc.

What happens when a candidate who is NOT eligible for election, eg. an heretic who is not a Catholic, is nonetheless elected Pope by the proper authorities? Well, Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio, (which was promulgated precisely so that a non-Catholic never be elected Pope), makes the election null and void. The man most certainly is not and does not exercise the Authority of the Vicar of Christ. However, there is a Thesis that election is a process and if the process was legally valid, then the election and designation of the person elected was valid, but void, (worthless), even if the elect - an heretic - was not eligible for election. Such a person would legally, i.e. materially, be Pope, but not formally be so. He would be a sort of Pope-elect, like a President-elect. He is the material from which a Pope could be made, if he converted to Catholicism, or from which a President could be made if properly inaugurated. A president-elect has no Authority until he becomes President. Similarly, a material Pope-elect has no Authority unless he renounce his heresy and convert to Catholicism. Whether bergoglio is materially Pope, or not, is purely a legal argument for canon lawyers to decide.

However, we do know some things with certainty. We know bergoglio is a formal, (means public,) heretic. He publicly refutes various Catholic dogmas: He says there is no hell. He says unrepentant mortal sinners are not punished there for eternity. He says unrepentant sinners are annihilated after death, thereby refuting the immortality of our souls.
He who refutes Catholic dogma is an heretic. Catholic doctrine teaches us that heretics are automatically excommunicated by the Divine law, which far supersedes man made canon law. So, whether bergoglio is pope materialiter, or not, is for canon lawyers to debate, but that heretic bergoglio is not Pope formaliter, (i.e. is not a true Pope), and does not have the Authority of the office is irrefutable in terms of Catholic doctrine.
He who is not a Member of the Mystical Body CANNOT be Visible Head of the Mystical Body - common sense and logic, apart from Papal decree.

So, yes, we as Catholic laity can and must judge bergoglio a formal heretic, by means of our God-given intelligence and our learned Catholic doctrine and Faith. We can and do know, with absolute certainty, that he is NOT the Vicar of Christ. He does not speak with the Authority of Christ, nor is he guided and defended from error by the Holy Ghost. Catholic doctrine enables us to discern Truth from Error and so we can judge and recognize heresy when we hear it, read it, or see it and we MUST do so.

bergoglio is the Patriarch of the World who wears the satanic pallium - the insignia of the Patriarch. He is the second Member of the third Luciferian Trinity. May he repent, or may Our Lady crush his head along with that of his master.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Melanie, The NWO consecration of Bishops is definitely invalid. A priest ordained by a bishop consecrated in the NOW rite is invalid. The sacraments he confects are invalid. The NWO mass is invalid. The NWO "church" is invalid and the NWO "pope" is invalid. You will find much relevant information here:

Free PDF Download: The Robber Church: The Collected Writings (1968-1997) by Patrick Henry Omlor

Anonymous said...

I wish that the answers were easy. But they are not. Even the faithful, caring Catholics have differing opinions. These are very dark times. Many are being lost, but in Bergoglioland there is no Hell and any aberration is fine, regardless of the consequences to the innocent(even infants), no matter how the injustice is heaped upon them, sometimes destroying their faith and their very lives, but God, loves all and welcomes all.

The ONLY conclusion to Jorge Bergoglio's belief system is PANDEMONIUM.

The man is a MONSTER in every horrible sense of the word.


utahagen said...

I believe prophecies indicated a Remnant would hang on faithfully within the Church. Although the Church no longer would seem to be Catholic, the Remnant would be what would keep it Catholic...until such times as God should choose to intervene and restore the Church. Therefore, we have an es loecially important role to play by not deserting the Church.

Anonymous said...

utahagen: SSPX? Are they the faithful remnant? What is a Catholic who believes in tradition and rejects the heresies of V2? I don't even know who I am anymore.

Anil Wang said...

I think the majority or bishops agree with you.

Here's the problem. The Pope is the principle of unity in the Catholic Church. The moment you try to detach yourself from that principle of unity, you either have the Protestant situation where every man is his own Pope, or you have the Orthodox situation where different factions cluster together and believe that they are the one true faith, so that nothing can be agreed upon. Since the schism, the Orthodox couldn't even hold a simple synod that defines how each patriarchate relates to the other, let alone tackle more difficult issues in the modern world. We just witnessed the failure to reach agreement yet again last year.

So many people are asking what to do. Some cardinals like Cardinal Burke are trying to respectfully fight for Truth, but even they know that they cannot neuter this Papacy.

Ultimately, I think most Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests are just riding out this Papacy, waiting for Pope Francis to die or leave and pray that the successor isn't worse than our current Pope.

GMUA said...

" legally Pope as a heretic" That is not possible.

Melanie said...

Utahagan, I don’t mean to be argumentative w/you because I cannot disagree w/you at all that we do NOT abandon the Church. But you say that the Church will no longer seem to be Catholic and this seems wrong. The Church is what keeps us from some goofy guessing game, hmm should I be practicing TM or wearing magic underwear with the Mormons? No, we’re Catholic and we can recognize the Church by Her unchanging teachings of 2,000 yrs and the four marks and we stay w/Her only because She was instituted by Christ Himself not because of great preachers or pretty stuff. I see new teaching at odds w/that of Jesus Himself, horrifying corruption evidenced by decades of unholy sex scandals, disinclination to evangelize and now even condemning spreading the Gospel, and that takes care of the first three marks of the Church, missing. One, Holy and Catholic. Many feel that the new rites did in Apostolic and I’m not knowledgeable enough about that but... I like four marks of the Church not just one. I see one mark here, Apostolic. I’m supposed to believe that even though the three other marks are gone and the “Pope” doesn’t believe in Catholicism, that all is well with the Apostolic mark? I find it hard to believe that and I think we’ve got a big problem. I cling to the Rosary.

Dan said...

Michael, I sadly put the percentage much higher!

Peter Lamb said...

" I don’t mean to be argumentative w/you because I cannot disagree w/you at all that we do NOT abandon the Church."
Dear Melanie, It is essential to remember that the Church is constituted of its MEMBERS and not of bricks and mortar. The Vatican is not the Church. The Church is faithful Catholic people. If there was only one person alive who was a true Catholic, then the temporal Church would reside in that single person - not in formerly Catholic buildings.

The Catholic Church is indefectible and the Faith immutable. It cannot change because God is immutable. He is infinitely perfect and therefore cannot be made more perfect and if He were made less perfect He would no longer be infinitely perfect.

roncalli, who instigated Vatican II and montini, who promulgated it were registered judeo-masons - excommunicated luciferian heretics. Therefore, VII and everything that emanates from it is false and not Catholic. That includes all liturgical and sacramental changes etc. - everything.

It is crucial to understand that the novus ordo church is NOT the Catholic Church.
The novus ordo church is no different from the luthern, or methodist, or anglican "churches" - they are all non-Catholic sects. Leaving the novus ordo church is NOT leaving the Catholic Church. Saint Thomas Moore, St. John Fisher did not remain with the heretical anglicans, who had all the formerly Catholic trappings - they renounced them and departed from them. They let the heretics be anathema and that is what we faithful Catholics must now do.

Where do we go to? Nowhere. We stay just where we are in the Catholic Church. We cling to the immutable Faith just as it always has been and always will be - alone as in my case, or in groups, if we are so lucky that there are others around us. Many disparage us and hate us. No matter! We are simply true, faithful Catholics who proclaim the unchanging Faith to death, if necessary. We are the remnant. We are called sedevacantists.

Michael Dowd said...

Peter Lamb is right. Vatican II was a an intentionally planned catastrophe for the Catholic Church and must be abrogated in it's entirety.

c matt said...

Well, in some sense, if he did tell them to find a unanimous resolution to the problem they created, that actually works in orthodoxy's favor by giving the apparently in the minority orthodox bishops a veto over the apparently in the majority heterodox bishops' shenanigans. He may not have intended it that way, and his duty calls him to correct the errant majority. But at this point, this is probably the best we can expect out of Bergo.