Saturday, 19 May 2018

Blasphemous Bergoglio affirms the pervert Karadima's victim in his homosexuality

"They had said to him almost that I was a pervert. I explained there that I'm not the reincarnation of San Luis Gonzaga, but am not a bad person, try not to harm anyone. He told me to "Juan Carlos, who you're gay it doesn't matter. God made you so loves so and I don't care. The Pope loves you so, you have to be happy with who you are"

There are two stories here. The situation that Juan Carlos, the victim of the filthy sodomite who abused him, seduced him and introduced him into homosexuality and the Bishop of Rome, the alleged Vicar of Christ who affirms the poor man in sin and error.

The first is of a man raped and abused, sodomized and betrayed who no doubt because of that has suffered immeasurably. His youth was stolen, his faith betrayed. A man who suffers from that day to this day, thinking that his life of homosexuality is normal. Let us pray for him, that he will heal from the evil done to him by filthy, vile evil men who deserve Hell.

God will forgive Juan more quickly than the filthy, lewd, man who is Pope which brings the second part of this story into focus. A man who betrayed all these abused in Chile and now puts forward a good show. He leaves this poor man in his sin telling him that "God made you gay." He lies to Juan Carlos and he blasphemes God.

God made nobody "gay" any more than he made anyone a murderer or a thief. 

Bergoglio is a scandal. Every time he opens his mouth it is as if to spout more blasphemy, more lies. He is a vile and despicable Pope, a man who has disgraced his Office. A boil on the seat of Peter that needs to be lanced.

O LORD, how long until you will deliver us and send us a holy pope who will restore all things in You?


Brian said...

Hey Vox
Dial "M" for Modernism, starring Jorge the Decepticon. Listen! Can you hear it? Hear what? The crashing silence of our bishops, who, when it comes to vigilance over faith morals and discipline, went AWOL fifty-six years ago. But there again many bishops today do suffer from that objective disorder. This brotherhood is very close and it's prime directive is to protect the brotherhood, not the salvation of souls. What chance is there that Jorge and company will ever take real action against this "Gaydom"? Zero.

Kathleen1031 said...

When boys are sexually molested by men, they often become homosexuals themselves, and in a manner which expands the evil reach of this disorder, they often turn around and molest boys and young men when they are able to be the perpetrator and not the victim. Pederasty plays itself out over and over again. It is nearly impossible to stem this inclination, or at least, "treatment" has not been very successful, and most relapse into the behavior again. And how many get treatment, probably not many. It is a compulsion, the relentless drive toward this particular act. So while this poor man, victimized by men who represented Christ, is not to be blamed for his confusion, if he does as so many do and corrupts one boy or young man, God will surely hold him accountable, and one thinks of millstones.
If the pope indeed said these terrible things, that would be truly shocking. Is this verified, that he said these things?

Ana Milan said...

I think we have to accept at this stage that PF is one of them & it is on his priority list to dumb down the Ten Commandments as being too difficult to keep because he wants to relieve his own conscience of this awful perpetual sin. The fact that he has no authority to rewrite Scripture or the Ten Commandments doesn't matter to him as he doesn't believe in Hell & maybe not even God, certainly not One that will punish unrepentant wickedness. His whole pontificate seems to be intent on challenging God on almost everything written in the Bible & that has been taught by the Apostles & their successors for nigh two thousand years. How can any Cardinal, Bishop or Priest honestly say PF is not an apostate & heretic? Those that do hold the faith should have denounced him long ago before his Marxist ideologies become praxis which will allow the Chinese Catholics to be betrayed, acts of sodomy go unpunished (Bishop of Cloyne has allowed Mass to be celebrated in the desecrated church in his Diocese - doesn't see the need for reconsecration), priests forced to give HC to unrepentant sinners, Catholic universities persecuting Catholic students while supporting infidels & atheists, lurid sex education (inc. LGBT indoctrination) in Catholic junior schools etc. He is quickly making the CC into a Marxist political party sustained by the German Church & NWO promoting LGBTQI & depopulation agendas. I haven't read of ++s Müller, Burke, Sarah publicly chastising PF on these issues or calling for the promised council to declare that he has excommunicated himself from the Church. He has publicly stated he wanted to make irreversible changes & that is precisely what he is doing with, it seems, the blind obedience of those who should have by now ousted him from he Papal Office.

Melanie said...

This is total madness. Jorge Bergoglio is not just lacking the Catholic faith, what he does believe and teach is evil and in direct opposition to the Word of God. He is a dangerous man with a dangerous set of beliefs and somehow is using the cover of the beautiful One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church established by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself to spread an anti-gospel and damn souls. I’m quite frankly terrified of the future. Something really bad is happening.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen ,you are absolutely correct. This is why Mrs Engel wrote in her forward to "RoS","Now you are one of us" ,a phrase many young victims of sodomite pederast victims remember hearing from their abusers lips.
There are several other reasons one ,is bullying by siblings , a paent or classmates constantly accusing the child of being 'gay", another is rare but has happened and that is b/c pills being consumed into the first trimester of pregnancy that disrupts gender development. But by in large most honest homosexuals will admit they were sodomized at or around adolescence by an adult or another abuse victim a few years older. The result is a psycho sexual trauma which if endured long enough in secret without therapy confuses the victim.
Thanks Borg for blaming God and not your own!

Anonymous said...

This is the day we know for sure the Pope is not a Catholic.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Imagine how many families have been and will be destroyed by merciful and humble Jorge. Imagine the bitterness of homosexual children, whose parents dare to teach them truth about homosexuality - "Are you telling me that you know better than the pope, that you are holier than God for Whom he speaks?"
I find no words to express adequately my thoughts and feelings. We believe that our heavenly Father alone is truly just and merciful, and knows and forgives the hearts of the deceived. Will God forgive Jorge Bergoglio? Is Bergoglio deceived or is he a deceiver?

Anonymous said...

Imagine how many families have been and will be destroyed by merciful and humble Jorge. Imagine the bitterness of homosexual children, whose parents dare to teach them truth about homosexuality - "Are you telling me that you know better than the pope, that you are holier than God for Whom he speaks?"

Have NO FEAR. The government will remove the children from parents who dare to teach the truth. This is nearly here and do not kid yourself that it is just alarmism. Then, worse......

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


nazareusrex said...

What Cruz is affirming is very serious because he is demonstrating one of two: the apostasy of Bergoglio or that he is a false witness and could be sued for defamation, being a journalist his credibility would fall to the ground, he would even lose credibility in his own case of sexual abuse. So if Bergoglio does not clarify this, he would be demonstrating that what Cruz affirms is true and that he is not only a heretic but has completely apostatized from the Catholic faith. And if it were a lie, Bergoglio would not stand up either because this key witness would be discredited.
But we already know that it is the third parties that have agreed to speak for him without his clarifying anything.
-The adulterous Argentina to which Bergoglio authorized to receive the sacrilegious communion.
-The heretical nun of Argentina Martha Pelloni who states that Bergoglio recommends the sterilization of the tubal ligation and the condom.
-The Negation of Hell revealed by the Atheist Scalfari, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vox for calling attention to the fact that this man in the Vatican just BLASPHEMED the Most High God.

Now alerted to this hideous event everyone should pick up the Scriptures and read just who St John warned us would blaspheme God in the End Times.
Our Lady of LaSalette ,and Fatima ,Pray for Us!

Anonymous said...

Juan Carlos is twice victimized. First by the offending perverts in the Church and second, by a "pope" who confirms him in his wounded soul's sinful actions. Please pray for him.

Anonymous said...

Our Lady said at LaSalette that Rome would become the Seat of the AntiChrist, not that the Pope is necessarily he, but that Rome would foster and support his entrance onto the world stage.
The Bible tells us he will blaspheme God.
This exactly what Borgolio has done.

Jack said...

Next step in the blasphemy:
Francis will canonize the sodomy in October, in the person of Paul VI who himself was afflicted by this vice.

Unknown said...

Gird thy loins and keep thy lamps full of oil for theese are the days fortold to thee. Soon will it be that men's hearts will fail them for what they see coming upon the earth. Narrow is the path and few will find the way. Pray the rosary the time is very short

Anonymous said...

Borgolio's words change like the breeze to fit the listener's ears.