Monday, 21 May 2018

Secular Media is now picking up the latest Bergoglian heresy

The secular media is now picking up the story one below here wherein Juan Carlos, the prominent victim of the sodomite priest, Karadima, has said that as a "gay" man, according to "Pope" Francis, God made him that way.

It is hard to find a reason why Mr. Carlos would lie about this. It is consistent with what Bergoglio has said before. 

Mr. Carlos believes that he is a homosexual. Bergoglio has said that God created him this way.

Pope Francis, you are a filthy liar!

And every act of sodomy that Mr. Carlos commits will be on your soul on the day of your particular judgement.


Ana Milan said...

What about Satan (as a result of sodomite priests) confirming that atrocity. Nothing to do with God but PF's God of Surprises. Señor Cruz needs counselling from a straight, God-fearing & saintly priest, if one could be found. He & other victims also require compensation from those that sodomised them & those that upheld their actions by cover-up & even slandering them. We await PF's eventual decision & his further appointment of Cardinals to be held in June - will he elevate (Fr.) Martin & his ilk? Most probably. Will any one of the silent Hierarchy object? Don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

Wake me up when the Resistance elects their own Pope and declares formal schism.

Vox Cantoris said...

Nope, we’re not leaving!

Kathleen1031 said...

Well then what's the problem? If the homosexuality of the priests/bishops involved is not a problem for the pope nor the church, if "God made them that way" and "the Pope doesn't care about that", then why is it a problem for these victims? why are we hearing their testimony and they are talking to the press, some are writing books about how awful it all was. Are they not enlightened about the new attitude toward sodomy? Maybe they don't yet realize to be victimized by a grownup, a Catholic priest or bishop, is a lucky break for them. Surely when boys or young men hear the good news that, even if you are a completely innocent neophyte and know nothing about sexuality, if you are introduced to sexuality by someone of the same sex, a grown up man who represents God to you, a grownup man with hair and a rough beard, who takes away your innocence, hoorah, you won the lottery!
The church can put away the checkbook, a boy or young man being sexually molested by a man is perfectly normal. Do these once-called-victims realize that yet? Someone needs to tell these men and all the men who suffered their whole lives they weren't really victims and no harm was done them. But how are we going to tell the boys and men who committed suicide from the trauma?

TLM said...

"Senor Cruz needs counseling from a straight, God-fearing & saintly priest, if one could be found"....

Joseph Sciambra, who led that lifestyle for many years, even being part of the 'gay porn' industry, as you are probably aware Ana, had a profound and total conversion, and now helps homosexuals leave the life style with a focus on the gospel. In the process of trying to find a priest to help him, he went through 4 priests who told him that he was 'just fine' and that all he had to do was to find a 'permanent partner'. FINALLY, priest NUMBER 5 helped him in his conversion and transition. PRIEST NUMBER 5! My point being, finding a priest to help such people is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Barona said...

Anonymous 1:38,

You are wrong and you are right.

Wrong: "They" (just who are "they"? Obviously not the Catholic Church).

Right: "formal schism. Correct. We have a visible, hierarchical Church. She is One. If you leave, to which Synagogue of Satan will you be headed?

Does the sin of a pope, a cardinal, a bishop, a priest etc., justify your sin, or mine? Absolutely not! We remain in the ONE, VISIBLE Church, we REMAIN by the bedside of Our Mother. She needs us more than ever. DO you wish to (or others) abandon Her and leave Her in the clutches of Her enemies? The very men who are raping Her, though should be tending to her? Like Vox, I shall remain. If I have to be shivering in the courtyard, thrown out, so be it, but I will not be wondering off to some Synagogue of Satan,which will NOT be the ONE, VISIBLE Church of Christ. Have you, or others, forgotten that the gates of Hell shall not prevail?

nazareusrex said...

Tom A. said...

Barona, don't forget UNITY OF FAITH.

Johnno said...



Starring actor Jorge Bergolio in the role of a Pope!

"Such a convincing performance!"
- NY Times

"Such a talent for dialogue delivery!"

"Audiences have never felt so accompanied!"
- The Daily Socialist

"He must be sooooo gay! It's Fabulous!"
- eXXXtra

"Best sequel since Vatican II"
- Toronto Star

"Never have I felt so confused and in need of clarification..."
- Cardinal Burke

"We recommend watching Deadpool 2 instead."

B flat said...

@ Barona.
I am not the Anonymous of 11.38 to whom you replied.
Yet your argument is very unfocussed and betrays confusion in your thinking.
The only legitimacy of the Church lies in proclaiming the Truth revealed definitevely by Christ to the Apostles, which we believe as handed down in Tradition of which Scripture is a part. Yes the Church is hierarchical, but hierarchs have been been heretics, and some have offered sacrifice to idols to preserve their life rather than suffer martyrdom. A Declaration of Apostasy is not necessarily apostasy FROM the Church. I give you two historical examples:
1. It can report that an entrenched hierarchy has apostatised. That happened in the Aryan crisis following Nicea.
2. The Orthodox believe that that happened again after the first millennium and that the Orthodox Church continues to be the Church which Christ founded on the Apostles, on whom the Spirit descended at Pentecost, and which was born at that time. The Church was not founded in Rome or on Rome.

My final dubium: What is the point of this constant quotation about "the Gates of Hell will not prevail..."?
What relevance has this to our singular desire to gain Eternal Life in the Trinity, as the free gift of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, by becoming members of His Church, which is His Mystical Body and outside which no salvation can be found?
Do you really identify the "hierarchical Church" with the present gang of liars and dissolute criminals controlling the Vatican, followed by the spineless cowards who make up the conferences of bishops and the college of cardinals dependent on it? If they were not so dangerous as hirelings, they would be as ridiculous as drag artists, from whom they are now indistinguishable. Neither group is willing to display manliness in defending the Truth which Christ identifies with Himself. There is no truth to be found there; no Christ; no Church. To say this, is not to apostatise but to speak the truth. And the gates of hell indeed stand unmoved... except to open up and swallow all promoters of aggiornamento and their fellow travellers.

Tom A. said...

Also Barona, if the Church of Christ promulgated the Novus Ordo and V2, then I would say the Gates prevailed.

Anonymous said...

Can someone supply a list of the evidence that Francis is pro-gay. An mostly orthodox priest told me today we have to give Francis the benefit of the doubt.