Monday, 28 May 2018

New FrancisCardinal alleged to have a concubine and children. Well, at least it's a woman!

The latest potential Bergoglian scandal is breaking. Adelante la Fe is reporting that one of the new Cardinal elects of Pope Francis, Bishop Toribio Ticona, Titular Bishop of Timici and Prelate Emeritus of Corocoro in Bolivia has a concubine and children.

On Twitter, Edward Pentin is reporting that he has requested comment and confirmation from the Vatican.

In response to reports () that Bolivian Cardinal-Designate Bishop Toribio Ticona, 81, has a "wife" and "children," I've asked to confirm whether story is true, and if so, whether the knew of it before he named him Cardinal. Will post updates


SCANDAL: Francisco appoints Cardenal to Bishop "married" and with children
05/28/18 9:45 am
by Adelante la Fe

Pope Francis announced on May 20, 2018, that in the consistory of June 29 of this year at the Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, he will create a cardinal to Bishop Toribio Ticona, Titular of Timici, Prelate Emeritus of Corocoro in Bolivia The 81-year-old Bishop was born on April 25, 1937, was ordained a priest in 1967, and consecrated titular Bishop of Timici and Auxiliary of Potosí, Bolivia on May 31, 1986, in 1992 he was appointed Prelate of Corocoro retiring in 2012.

In his repeated visits to Oruro, at the beginning of his episcopate, being at that time Bishop of Oruro, the future Third World cardinal, Julio Terrazas Sandoval, CSsR, prided himself on visiting the Bishop of Oruro, calling him his "godfather", since he affirmed that he owed Terrazas his promotion to the episcopate, because he served several times as President of the Episcopal Conference of Bolivia, evidently being very influential among the other bishops and the Apostolic Nunciature.

Ticona attended two Ad Limina visits in 2008 and 2017. He served as "mayor" according to the uses and customs of a community of 12 people in Bolivia. During the decade of the Bishop-Prelate Ticona in the Prelature of Corocoro the Catholic congregation went from 94.6% to 87.6%, giving growth to the Protestant sects. It is public knowledge that while working in Corocoro, at the same time, in the Bishopric of Oruro he maintained a marital life with a woman, the wife and children are proud to call themselves the wife and children of the "Bishop of Patacamaya" as is also known Bishop Toribio Ticona.

The family of the "Bishop of Patacamaya" Monseñor Toribio Ticona inhabited three different homes in the city of Oruro.

From the iron age of the pontificate in the ninth and tenth centuries there had been no certain and reliable news that a Concubine Bishop was "rewarded" with the Cardenalato. Being a Prince of the Church entails an important responsibility for those who are created as such, because their service is done directly to the Petrino Ministry, therefore, the promotion of a Concubine Cardinal carries two messages, one the desire of Pope Francis for the suppression of Celibacy Priestly, and the other the most serious, is to have a "scapegoat" with which I managed to break the hierarchy of the Bishops of Bolivia. This year will be renewed 2 archbishoprics and other 3 ecclesial circumscriptions of Bolivia, we do not doubt that the Barros case will be repeated in Bolivia, whereupon the Pope Francisco would have with the support of Evo Morales the control of the Bolivian Church that would be of leftist imprint.

Forward Faith

PS We use the term "married" because his wife speaks properly of her husband.


Anonymous said...

Just another small Scandal from jorge, the biggest scandal is Jorge's election. Begolio is the spawn of Satan.. Period, he is a Antichrist!

Johnno said...

So now we know who the synod of the youth and the talk of ending celibacy is really for!

Michael Dowd said...

This had to be an intentional move on Pope Francis part. And, like all his moves, it will harm the Church.

Anonymous said...

These men want the best of both worlds,they don't even have the decency to leave the priesthood and marry these women ,if it wasn't just a career for some of them ,they would do the right thing ,the women are equally to blame,they know they are consecrated to God ,and should insist on them been released from their vows.

Ana Milan said...

We knew the destruction of Holy Orders would follow the same path as Holy Matrimony, & so it has. The CC reeks wth sodomy (upstanding straight men have been shown the door over the past six decades) & now the time has come for their way of life, along with other unrepentant sinners, to be affirmed & blessed by their own pope.

PF is blatantly not a true pope & how the eyes of the few remaining conservative prelates cannot see this is because Satan has purposely blinkered them & lay canon lawyers/theologians also. Rules don't always fit with events & must be either circumvented or ignored (as per PF). We can also play that game & must not be afraid as these are dire & forecasted times. Canon Law must be brought up-to-date after this ignominious papacy is ended, even prior to another conclave, to ensure such a similar papal election cannot recur.

Dan said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if those with the power to actually do something about this pope, actually did something! Gosh, that would be nice.

Johnno said...

Ana,it is not that they cannot see it. All the cardinals and bishops KNOW!

What we need to understand is that this clerical generation has been raised in a culture of corporate PR. Where they are trained to distort the truth for the sake of the company image, to retain customers and keep the investors and board members happy. In other words, carefully constructed lies and ambiguity for the sake of image projection that everything internal and on the books are fine and everything us okay, and even if they are caught in the lie that there is plausible deniability before the judge and jury and shareholders.

They will pretend otherwise and obfuscate until they are about to be put in handcuffs for certain, in which case they will try and make a deal.

Unless this generation of bishops supernaturally converts, they must all die. Die quickly and together preferably so that their habits are not passed on. The next generation will have to be raised in such a hazardous environment, that the PR practices of our time are literally impossible to maintain, and therefore they gave no other recources other than the Truth.

Michael Dowd said...

Great comment Johnno. It also helps the Bishops that the corporate world , including the MSM, understands their game and evidently approves. Churchmen with flexible morality are most welcome at the club.

Ana Milan said...

But Johnno, the CC is haemorrhaging both seminarians & congregations. It would seem that this is what they actually want to happen. But it would be exceedingly disheartening if it were verified that ++s Burke, Müller, Sarah, Eijk & + Schneider & the Polish Bishops also knew five years ago what Sankt Gallen Group were up to & didn't spill the beans. It would make them accessories to the most repulsive Satanic assault of all time on the OHC&A Church with nary a murmur of complaint. If that is so, how could they possibly purport to have anything to say to Traditional Catholics?

There has been no official public warning to PF despite his ignoring the Dubia, Correctio & countless petitions & open letters & no call for a council to say he had excommunicated himself by not upholding the True Faith, Tradition etc. & holding Marxist political opinions (in contrast to Catholic ones) with a full list of his heresies, blasphemies, scandals, upholding unrepentant sinners in their sins despite ++Burke saying this would be the way forward. If these men did know ++Bergoglio & the threat he posed it could be curtains for them as well as for him. It's strange that no Catholic journalist has pushed for such questions to be answered by now - have they been threatened or don't they care about the Bride of Christ?

Justina said...

Remember when men used to shake hands?

Michael Dowd said...

Ana Milan--I think you may be right about Burke, etc. They may have known about all this but think they can fight it be staying where they are and using subversive tactics to undermine the corruption. Obviously, such tactics appear ineffective. Better, I think, to be a martyr for the cause of Truth. What we have in the Church hierarchy is a massive loss of faith and thus their courage.

Anonymous said...

Fr Luigi Villa fought freemasonry in the Church ,he survived seven assassinations ,that is the reality of what faithful clergy have to deal with ,and they have to work behind the scenes.

Peter Lamb said...

" But it would be exceedingly disheartening if it were verified that ++s Burke, Müller, Sarah, Eijk & + Schneider & the Polish Bishops also knew five years ago what Sankt Gallen Group were up to & didn't spill the beans."

Of course they knew! This did not start with bergoglio. It started with roncalli and montini and every one of them since - including beloved ratzinger. Burke et al have all sworn allegiance to these heretics. They make little conservative noises when necessary - old modernist strategy. Please read Father Luigi Villa - for your own sake.

Justina said...

Father Hunwicke is now arguing that those of us who find this allegation about the selected cardinal potentially credible are demonstrating an execrable desire for bad things to turn out to be true. Moreover, we are denying Pope Francis the trust he deserves--an allegation extending far beyond absurdity.

People in the Church are treating Jorge Bergoglio the way a naive teenager treats a bad boyfriend. They seem to think that, if we trust him enough, he will become trustworthy; if we love him enough, he is bound to love us back. Or in any case, they contend he is somehow owed such things, no matter how often and how blatantly he twists them for his own unworthy purposes.

No, Father; the problem isn't that people are trying to find sticks with which to beat Pope Francis. The problem is that Pope Francis is the abuser himself. Respect for his most august office (whether he holds it legitimately or as a usurper) does NOT bind us to culpable blindness concerning the man, his words, and his actions. In fact, exactly the opposite is the case.

Michael Dowd said...

Agree with Justina. Pope Francis is a failed Pope who must be replaced ASAP. The reason Pope Francis is a failed Pope is because he failing to adhere to and proclaim the historic teaching of the Catholic Church and, even worse, much worse, perverts Church teaching for his own reasons. Father Hunwicke is hoodwinking us--unconsciously we hope.