A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 8 May 2018

The filthy perversion of James Martin's priesthood.

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Kathleen1031 said...

Judas priest and diabolical narcissist. So he attended the "gala", well why not, I'm sure there were many homosexuals there, fashion and all. None of these Leftists were concerned about cultural appropriation here, were they. No, you can appropriate anything Catholic, Christian, or Caucasian and nobody makes a peep.
The way Christian symbols such as the crown of thorns used as headgear, was blasphemous. I wouldn't expect Jimmy to have any problem with that though.

Anonymous said...

Well you can't blame them for thinking that Jamie is *surely not* a real priest!

geoff kiernan said...

Why do we persist in calling him 'Father'

Dan said...

Welcome to the new and improved Catholic Church which allows (encourages?) priests like this! You can't blame him entirely. He is one of a tree full of "rotten fruits" (fruits may be the right word indeed) produced by the seminaries, "affirming" bishops, etc. And now we have a "pope" that can even bring himself to repeat, much less affirm, the doctrine.


Kathleen1031 said...

It was worse than first thought. They actually brought the Sistine Boys Choir to this pagan fest. Now why would little boys and young men singing be interesting to this crowd? Connect the dots. Sure, they're all for it. These are the same people who ignore pederasty in Hollywood, and will be all for lowering the age of consent between adults and boys. My question is, who in our Vatican approved of bringing these children over here for this scandal? They had a montage of, I imagine, the Sistine Chapel on the backdrop, mostly nude male figures, one may notice.
In the display of religious artifacts, actual items drawn from the Vatican collection, these were placed alongside "bondage" headgear. That's right, artifacts from our Vatican museum were placed in proximity to sadomasochistic accoutrement. It's all a joke, a big, fat, joke. Well who in the Vatican approved of this. This was well known, it didn't happen overnight. Of course the man who runs the Vatican museum, or at least, these objects, is a known homosexual, so there's your explanation. But the pope is ultimately responsible for this. Look at these pictures and realize, he approves. He simply cannot be pope. It cannot be. Can Satan sit on the Chair of Peter?
And to see a prince of the church, a Cardinal, show his approval for Madonna wearing a crown of thorns, accompanied by monks, writhing on the steps and mocking the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, standing with arms outstretched as He did, and Dolan standing there with his big grin. Truly these must be the end of days. Help us Lord!

Anonymous said...

How was Jamesy Martin dressed? Any photos?

Dan said...

When only a very small percentage of the hierarchy even teaches the faith and the rest openly and actively seek to challenge that faith, including this "pope," I don't even know how one can call it the Catholic Church anymore.

I still find it a sign of how bad things are that this "pope" hasn't been driven out of the Vatican.

Anonymous said...

Christ as camp. And F.H. Dolan is leading the band. I wonder how much money they stuffed down his cassock for this night of demonic mockery.


Ana Milan said...

This is as sordidly Satanic as it gets, yet no response from ++s Burke, Brandmüller, Müller, Sarah, or +s Schneider, Gadecki, Paprocki, Chaput etc. not to mention, of course, Pope Emeritus Benedict. Something has to give very soon - we are still in the month of Mary with Fatima Anniversary coming up in four days time.

Laramie Hirsch said...

It amazes me how priests like this are allowed to continue.

Johnno said...

"How was Jamesy Martin dressed? Any photos?"

I believe he wanted to attend in one of the dresses up there. But he then soured by the idea that the other women might outstage him in a fashion catwalk contest in heels and he couldn't stand the thought of taking that hit to his reputation.

NBW said...

This is ironic if you think about it for a minute..
No one believes he's a real priest, they think he is in costume!!
There isn't anything that makes him distinguishable from the rest of the creepy crowd.