Friday, 18 May 2018

Francis Bergoglio should lead the pack

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The Bishops of Chile have finished their meetings with the Bishop of Rome to discuss the crisis inflicted on children, mostly boys, in that country; a crisis caused by homosexuals -- sodomites, in the priesthood.

All of the bishops have resigned, whether the Bishop of Rome will accept all of these is not yet known.

Why should all resign; did not one have clean hands?

Why did Bergoglio wait so long to act, he was warned of the problem over two years ago that Juan Barros witnessed a notorious filthy pervert rape and sodomize a group of boys, repeatedly.

On a recent trip to Chile, Bergoglio slandered and rashly judged the victims for their cries to him for action. On the aeroplane home, he slandered them again making up lame excuses for his earlier gaff.

This is the same Bishop of Rome that invited Godfried Danneels to participate in a Synod on the Family, the same notorious protector of pervert priests and in particular, a pervert bishop who sodomites his own nephew.

The same Bishop of Rome who has propped up a certain Monsignor Ricca who was found in a Costa Rica elevator in a flagrant act of sexual perversion with a young Swiss Guard.

This arrogant boil on the seat of Peter, Jorge Bergoglio, should be the first one out the door.


Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

My imagination runs wild on this one. Bergoglio has a screaming fit, demanding that someone take a fall for him, absolving him of all responsibility. He wants to come out of this an innocent victim of a cabal which has been plotting to mislead him and keep him in the dark.
But - Surprise!!! - these men will not comply... The man is so forceful, so rotten, so hideous, they fear God will not forgive them, should they bow to his will... And none is in it alone. There are 33 (am I correct?) others.

Your move, Jorge.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many cases were put on the back burner in Argentina on his watch.

Ana Milan said...

I hope this isn't a PR stunt intended upon taking the focus of the media away from his own involvement. It may well be that he will not accept any of these resignations (being an all-merciful employer) but hand out lenient penances while proffering condolences to the victims. If he really meant what he said about being part of the problem he should indeed stand down, as that problem extends way back to when he was in charge in Buenos Aires. There are still bad memories of his time there, maybe enough to make him stay put in Rome which will now be difficult for him as the word Hypocrite will be added to the many he already has acquired - heretic, apostate, slanderer, usurper,Marxist, betrayer of Chinese Catholics, sodomy supporter....
The Sankt Gallen Mafia no doubt have someone in the wings flexing their muscles to take over & the silent Cardinals will, of course, be happy to oblige. Maybe ++Eijk's example of removing the table in front of the altar in his personal chapel will give an injection of hope, especially if he orders they be removed from all parishes in his Diocese. We can only hope & pray for an urgent breakthrough.

Anonymous said...

....just more whitewashing to make himself and themselves look good in the public image! Until every last sodomite is expelled from the priesthood and hierarchy, nothing will change. The whole lot of them need to be exiled to prayer, penance and reparation and out of public sight forever for their filth and abominable sins they are guilty of in the sight of Almighty God.
Same sex attracted men should NEVER be admitted to the all MALE priesthood! They sacrifice nothing but instead are like termites destroying the faith of Catholics and making a career out of the priesthood ( wolves in sheeps clothing).
Kyrie eléison!

Justina said...

The only reason Jorge Bergoglio ever does anything is to create propaganda to be put to use in the service of his own agenda. So, what is the purpose of this particular scenario?

Bergoglio is offered the resignations of an entire conference of bishops, and he accepts them. Then everybody says, "Look how Pope Francis deals with clerical abuse! He said zero tolerance, and this is zero tolerance. What a man of his word! What more do you want, anyway?"

Or else, Bergoglio is offered all those resignations, and he refuses them. Then everybody says, "Look at how Pope Francis deals with clerical abuse! He said zero tolerance, and this is zero tolerance. What a man of his word! And merciful, too."

Either way, nobody is talking any more about the fact that Pope Francis did zip, zero, nada for the Chilean victims until he was caught in a bold-faced lie.

Anonymous said...

After all these sexual accusations and misdeeds, does it not seem strange to put before these men the large blue and golden painting on the wall?

Anonymous said...

What is that painting behind the group?

Anonymous said...

It's a PR stunt alright !
Many of these same Bishops begged him not to make Barros a Bishop in writing!
“In January 2015, the Pope provoked outcries when he named Bishop Juan de la Cruz Barros Madrid to head the Osorno diocese. Bishop Barros had been a close friend of Father Fernando Karadima, a priest convicted on multiple charges of sexual abuse. As public protests against the Barros appointment arose, a group of Chilean bishops wrote to the Pope, urging him to reconsider his choice.”
“At the time of the appointment in Osorno, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis was fully briefed on the facts regarding the ties between Bishops Barros and Father Karadima, and was persuaded that the bishop was innocent. The Pontiff said in 2015 that the complaints against Bishop Barros were “unfounded allegations of the leftists,” and expressed regret that public opinion had been “carried away by the garbage everybody says.”
And Borgoglio warns us about “FAKE NEWS”???
Perhaps he should clean his own stables out of his pro LGBTQ hand
selected advisors, like Fr James Martin and homoerotic art lover the Pontifical Academy for a Sinful Death , own ArchBishop Paglia."

Anonymous said...

How joyful they all appear in this photo, I presume after being scolded by his Holiness for their inadequate handling of sexual abuses in Chile (of both predators and victims).The short man in front has a backpack no doubt with all the resignations to hand over to Francis the merciful.
Anonymous @ 11:42pm, I'm guessing the painting behind this group of "princes"of the Church (the Modernist Church) is Modern art of the Prodigal Son?... with two feminine looking angels "turning" the world (as The World Turn's...isn't there a soap opera named like that?). It too is ugly "art" like that monstrosity in the hall of Paul VI ( demonic looking) and screams of the wreck-o-vations that took place in our sacred houses of worship right after Vatican II. Anyone else's guess is as good as mine I suppose.

Dan said...

I think they resigned as a group in PROTEST of their "boss."

Anonymous said...

Well, well, if it isn't El Voyeur himself (second from right), creepy Juanito, bff of PF, and the reason for this whole sordid gathering.

Johnno said...

If the Pope can command a nation full of bishops to resign, then he can bloody well do that to Germany over unmercifully charging taxes for Sacraments. Or better yet command all the bishops of the world to join him in consecrating Russia, or else tender their resignation before hand. Just sayin...

But then again we can just as easily believe these Chilean Bishops are collegially running away and leaving Christ in the garden again. But instead 'Peter' is turning his sword against Christ!

Live by the sword Jorge! Die by the sword. I live for the day I see a council of bishops throwing you out, and hopefully they wont be as mercifully repugnant to give you a resignation escape hatch. Zero toleration I say!

TLM said...

Yes Vox, Bergoglio should be the 1st one 'out the door'. But I encourage you to listen and watch the video that Steve Skojek put out about this situation. Food for thought. How much good it would do for him to 'retire', I'm not so sure of. Of course we all know he is the 'Destroyer Pope', but the trust of the faithful is GONE. And...who pray tell would be the next 'Pope' out of the carnage of Bishops we now have?? By the time he has completed the job of total destruction, he will have put into place more 'Francis Bishops' than faithful. The pool of Bishops will be pretty much completely saturated with destroyers.

Jack said...

If ALL the Chile's bishops have resigned du to their coverup of paedophile priests in their respective dioceses, how many American bishops themselves will have to resign for the same reasons ?
200? 300?