Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Pope Francis is against the "interruption of pregnancy"

I'll just leave this here.


Dear brothers and sisters:

I am pleased to welcome you and greet you all, starting with the President, Dr. John Lee, whom I thank for his words.

Your qualification of "catholic doctors" commits you to a permanent spiritual, moral and bioethics formation in order to put into practice the evangelical principles in medical practice, from the doctor-patient relationship until reaching the missionary activity of improving the conditions of the health of populations in the peripheries of the world. Your work is a peculiar form of human solidarity and Christian witness; In fact, your work is enriched with the spirit of faith. And it is important that your associations commit themselves to raise awareness about these principles to medical students and young doctors by involving them in associative activities.
The Catholic identity does not compromise your collaboration with those who, from a different religious perspective or without a specific creed, recognize the dignity and excellence of the human person as the criterion of their activity. The Church is in favor of life, and her concern is that nothing is against life in the reality of a concrete existence, even if it is weak or defenseless, even if it is not developed or is not very advanced. To be Catholic doctors, therefore, is to feel health professionals who, from the faith and from communion with the Church, receive the impulse to make their Christian and professional formation more mature, their tireless dedication, and the inexhaustible necessity of penetrate and know the laws of nature to better serve life (see PAUL VI, Encyclical Letter Humanae Vitae, 24 ).

The fidelity and coherence with which the associations of your Federation, in the course of the years, have given faith of their catholic appearance are known, putting into practice the teaching of the Church and the guidelines of its Magisterium in the medical field. moral. This criterion of recognition and action has favored your collaboration in the mission of the Church to promote and defend human life from its conception to its natural end, the quality of existence, respect for the weakest, the humanization of medicine and its full socialization.

This fidelity has entailed and entails hardships and difficulties that, in particular circumstances, can demand a lot of courage. Continue with serenity and determination along this path, accompanying the magisterial interventions in the fields of medicine with the corresponding awareness of their moral implications. Nor has the field of medicine and health been effectively spared the advancement of the technocratic paradigm, the adoration of unlimited human power, and a practical relativism where everything becomes irrelevant if it does not serve one's own interests (cf. Lit. in  Laudato si  ', 122).

Faced with this situation, you are called to affirm the centrality of the patient as a person and their dignity with their inalienable rights,  in pris The right to life. It is necessary to confront the tendency to debase the patient as if it were a machine to repair, without respecting moral principles, and to exploit the weakest by discarding what does not correspond to the ideology of efficiency and benefit. The defense of the patient's personal dimension is essential for the humanization of medicine, in the sense also of "human ecology". Worry about compromising in the respective countries and in the international arena, intervening in specialized environments, but also in debates related to legislation on sensitive ethical issues, such as the termination of pregnancy, the end of life and genetic medicine. Do not miss your request in defense of freedom of conscience, doctors and all health workers.

At your next congress, which will be held in Zagreb in a few days, you will reflect on the theme "The sanctity of life and the medical profession, from   Humanae vitae  to   Laudato si  '". This is also a concrete sign of your participation in the life and mission of the Church. This participation, as the Second Vatican Council emphasized, is so necessary that "without it the same apostolate of the pastors often can not fully achieve its effect" (Decr.  Apostolicam Actuositatem, 10). Be increasingly aware that today it is necessary and urgent that the action of the Catholic physician be presented with a character of unmistakable clarity in the field of both personal and associative witness.

In this sense, it is desirable that the activities of the Associations of Catholic doctors be interdisciplinary and also involve other ecclesial realities. In particular, know how to harmonize your efforts with those of priests, men and women religious and of all those who work in the pastoral care of health, being with them together with the people who suffer: they have great need of your contribution and yours. Be ministers, besides that of priests, of fraternal charity, transmitting to those who approach you with the contribution of your knowledge, wealth of humanity and evangelical compassion.

Dear brothers and sisters, many look at you, as well as at your work. Your words, your gestures, your advice, your choices have an echo that goes beyond the strictly professional field and become, if they are coherent, a testimony of lived faith. The profession rises to the dignity of a true apostolate. I encourage you to continue the associative path with joy and generosity, in collaboration with all the people and institutions that share the love of life and strive to serve it in their dignity and sacredness. May the Virgin Mary,  Salus infirmorum,  support your purposes, which I accompany with my Blessing! And please, pray for me too. Thank you.


Ana Milan said...

He couldn't have said this last week before the Referendum in Ireland & allowed members of the Hierarchy to speak strongly against the ProChoice position? That wouldn't have gone down well with George Soris's NWO totalitarian godless society agenda which PF is working on in the destruction of the True Faith. When is there going to be a real backlash of the clerical & lay members of the OHC&A Church against this evil man? Everything he has said, done & ignored has been cautiously worked out beforehand to do the utmost damage. His was not a usual election by Cardinals after much prayers & reflection. He was put there by a Marxist faction, Sankt Gallen Mafia, & is decimating two thousand years of Apostolic succession & teaching. Canon Law does not have an answer but an answer has to be found quickly. Anyone who disagrees is patently obviously not Orthodox/Traditional i.e. Catholic, but complacently waiting while witnessing to these events. They will pay greatly for their omission!

Johnno said...

The Peronist in him is now making the usual overtures to those he betrayed at their hour of need.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

The engineers of a new world order know very well, how to turn good into evil, and evil into good.
We take a positive spin on evil. We use not a philosophical argument, not an appeal to God's will or Church teaching, we do not address the voice of the conscience, but we concoct cheap language tricks. Those who like to feel good about themselves amidst evil thoughts, desires and actions, like this operation very much. Hence virtuous pedophiles or praise for Emma Bonino as one of Italy's greatest.

Oh, the poor whom she stroked, as she was pumping thousands of babies out their mothers' wombs with an ingeniously adapted bicycle pump! Ain't it awe inspiring? What courage, what stamina, what love!

It is not a baby, it is a fetus, and it is not an abortion of a child, it is a creative interruption of pregnancy.

Why kill a baby, if one can exercise freedom of choice?
Why be a sodomite, if one can be colorful and gay?
Why subvert the Church with deception and filth, if one can be a courageous reformer?
Why be a pedophile supporter and protector, if one can be a passionate protector of children?
Why be a killer, if one can be a venerated humanitarian?

Why be an evil Judas, if one can be the Holy Father?

These engineers of... progress think themselves very clever. They prefer not to test this assumption, and stay away from Catholic blogs (this where remnant of intelligence rigidly resides). Let their... virtuous minds not be troubled by negativity. Forward, comrades! Make mess so that there can be darkness! Or did I mean light? Or is it one and the same?! What did Lucifer tell me last time we chatted under a Baphomet statue? I forget. - See, have I not told you that my favorite color is gray in all its shades?

As usual, I have little to say. Know, good People, that I appreciate you every day. I do not care about little disagreements among us very much. Here I can still meet people who care about what is true.

May God keep us all and bless us all, so we never stray from this path.

Anonymous said...

We need a world reparation day to God for sins against humanity namely the sin of Abortion--- MURDER

Anonymous said...

I would not equate having your limbs torn off and brain sucked out as an interruption.,more like slaughter of the innocents.

Kathleen1031 said...

Amen Dorota, we need to be vigilant for our own souls as well.

We have all forgotten what a real pope, a Catholic defender of Truth, sounds like. This little crumb, this little meager nothing, would not influence anyone to be pro-life, it would hardly be noticed. He has buried his one statement in a bland narrative. It is nothing, and here he antiseptically calls it a "termination of a pregnancy". How much lovelier that verbiage is than the messy reality, an abortion, about which he "does not want to obsess". Oh certainly not, let us not be unpleasant about abortion, after all, what's at stake. It's all over for the...pre-born human, fairly quickly, a few minutes of extreme suffering, that's all. And we have other issues, like convincing the citizens of the West they must take in the Third World even if it means their destruction, because compassion! I avoid hearing the man at this point.

He said nothing about Ireland and this is still nothing. He said nothing about the homosexual marriage vote in Ireland a few years ago. Perhaps he gets it, Ireland HATES the faith with a white hot passion. Too many little Irish boys diddled, too much hypocrisy, too much scandal, too much. And now millions of children will pay the price for it. When people say what difference does it make to have a homosexual clergy, remember Ireland and the fact that millions will now die because of the decades long scandal of homosexual priests and bishops and the refusal of the Church to do anything about it ever. The Church is going to go down, down, down, unless big changes are made, like get rid of this pope and kick out the pederasts and apostates. We know, half the Church will be gone, but so be it. We'd be happy with half the Churches but them filled up with real Catholic priests and Bishops and the real faith, not this Marxist slop they're pushing.

Anonymous said...

How convenient of Jorge to crap on after the horse has bolted.