Monday, 7 May 2018

Bergoglian confidant Jozef De Kesel a heretic, a malefactor, and no doubt, a sodomite himself

How can one not seethe with anger to the point of cursing this Cardinal as a son of a whore? The Italians say it well, "Figlio di puttana!"

O LORD in heaven, send forth Thy anger and rage and destroy these evil men who have betrayed your Church and your people.

Convert them, or damn them to Hell!

Cardinal Jozef De Kesel backs prayer ceremony for gay couples
Belgian Archbishop of Malines-Brussels says he is open to reflecting on a 'prayer ceremony' to seal such relationships
Claire Lesegretain
May 7, 2018
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Cardinal Jozef De Kesel, archbishop of Malines-Brussels and primate of the Catholic Church in Belgium, is open to reflecting on a 'pray celebration' for gay couples. (M.Migliorato/CPP/CIRIC/Catholic Press Photo)
Cardinal Jozef De Kesel of Malines-Brussels last week met with a small delegation from a local gay working group which had requested an audience.
Following the meeting, Cardinal De Kesel “expressed his concern for their well-being and conveyed his respect to them,” Geert De Kerpel, the Dutch-speaking spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Malines-Brussels said on May 5.
In his effort to answer questions from the working group, “the cardinal also spoke of their relationships as couples, distinguishing these from Christian marriage between a man and a woman,” De Kerpel said.
“However, it does involve a personal encounter,” he said.
Cardinal De Kesel expressed his desire to answer the requests of believing gay couples who are involved in a stable and lasting relationship and who wish to benefit from a symbolic recognition by the church.
However, this could not be a “religious marriage” nor an “ecclesiastical blessing that too closely resembles the blessing of a marriage,” De Kerpel said.
“If gay people still desire a Christian symbol of their proximity, the cardinal is thinking more of a celebration of thanksgiving or prayer.
“However, this would certainly not involve an exchange of consent sealed by an exchange of rings,” De Kerpel said.
“To the extent that the church has maintained a certain reserve on the issue, it is to preserve the great value of marriage and the family to the greatest extent possible,” he said.
On May 5, Belgian media broadcast the statement widely, emphasizing that Cardinal De Kesel was adopting a “revolutionary position.”
But in reality he had simply confirmed the position the Belgian Church had already taken on the issue.
Cardinal De Kesel, 71, has been Archbishop of Malines-Brussels since 2015 and is well known for his open-mindedness on various issues.
In his first homily as archbishop he announced that he would work for a church that was “more open and more attentive to the poor, to the most vulnerable.”


Anonymous said...

he's got to be a filthy sodomite himself...

Kathleen1031 said...

We know the routine, do the evil thing, but put restrictive language on it, at first, then when it is common practice, ignore the initial cautions and just do it blatantly, telling whoever doesn't like it to stop being "hateful" or "narrow minded" or "pelagian" or fill in the blank insult.
They want sodomy fully endorsed. In five years we'll have priests marrying men, if it takes that long.

Dan said...

Uggh... I'm tired of hearing "stay firm and fight" especially since the "generals" seem to be fighting for the side.

M. Prodigal said...

The betrayals never cease but at least the masks are coming off and we see the evil ones for what they promote and protect and the heresies they spout off with impunity. It is a time of sifting, a time of trial, and a time of chastisement. But more to come. We must be faithful as the Church goes through this passion.

Johnno said...

I've been saying that this is what they intend to do for years now.

'Blessing Ceremonies' for sodomite couples.

They'll argue that it is not a 'marriage' and therefore they are not violating Church teachings.

Sure the sodomite couple and families and friends will book a Church, decorate it with lots of pretty flowers, exchange vows before the altar, put rings on their fingers, kissy kissy, and then chomp down on a Eucharist. And then afterwards, they and two witnesses will sign a government marriage contract on the altar.

But don't worry, as the novus-ordo apologists will tell us, it was NOT a marriage ceremony, because the priest didn't say anything about God joining them together as man and wife. He just observed their immorality publicly and blessed them as human beings just as a priest can bless anybody and sprinkled some holy water, and then they left the Church to cheers and applause and confetti.

But it was NOT, they'll repeat, NOT A MARRIAGE!

It was just a blessing/prayer ceremony for fallen men in the hopes that they'll enjoy the community and love of their fellow Catholics who don't hate them and that they will magically somehow be encouraged to stop violating each other.

Don't worry! That Papal Blessing with Francis' picture on the wall is just that! A general blessing, printed on recycled paper and environmentally friendly ink from a local shop in Rome now that Francis fired all the calligraphists as soon as he took office to save money by mercifully putting these artisans out of a job.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Using the Holy Church to bless sodomy, what despicable man.

Dan said...

Coming soon bikini clad altar servers of any and all genders (even imaginary ones) just to jazz things up a bit. Frankly I've come to the conclusion that many of the criticisms of the Romans Catholic Church by the Orthodox Churches, and those critical of VII, are basically correct. Where am I to go?

Anonymous said...

This miscreant Cardinal is NOT the first to utter these filthy and blasphemous talking points. The exact taking points have been said in last year or so by quite a few so-called “Catholic” Churchmen.
Mocking the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is indeed blasphemous and we know what happens to those who do this.
Understand that every one of these so-called Churchmen who go along with this thinking are also part of the Judeo-Masonic scourge which has infiltrated the Church for years .
This is bigger than we can imagine and honestly than we can fight without living holy Catholic lives daily ourselves .

Anonymous said...

Dan said: Coming soon bikini clad altar servers of any and all genders (even imaginary ones) just to jazz things up a bit.

Forget bikinis. These priests want speedos on their altar boys. Yes, I said boys and I meant boys. Perverts love the little boys.