Thursday, 26 October 2017

The slap in the face heard around the world

The praise of Bergoglio's Evangelii Gaudium, his "manifesto" or his "mein kampf" displayed for all who would read and comprehend, the destruction this fiendish and unscrupulous derelict had in mind for the Church of Christ.

Image result for bishop slap in the faceSandro Magister reminds us of that fact in this morning's post about the humiliation and rebuke of Robert Card. Sarah by the Bishop of Rome, a man incapable intellectually and spiritually of walking in the shadow of the African.

The "devolution" of the Catholic Church spoken of by Bergoglio after the second Synod on the destruction of the family is in full swing. He told everyone he would do it, and bishops and cardinals sit by and do nothing whilst this enemy of Christ and His poor abuse flock continue to react in horror as to what this malefactor undertakes.

Because the “process” that Francis wants to set in motion is precisely that of changing, through a devolution of liturgical adaptations and translations to the national Churches, the overall structure of the Catholic Church, turning it into a federation of national Churches endowed with extensive autonomy, “including genuine doctrinal authority.”
These last words come from “Evangelii Gaudium,” the agenda-setting text of Francis’s pontificate.

Devolving doctrinal authority to local bishops conferences is not Catholic. 

Wake up people. Wake up to the reality that is in front of us

Do not, however, do not abandon Christ, or His Truth or His True Church. What is coming on us is going to shake the faith, shake the belief in the indefectibility of the Church. Do not doubt that, the Church of Christ, Catholic is indefectible, what these malefactors are doing is creating a false church.

Do not follow these men into Hell.

Remain faithful to Christ, eternal Rome and the magisterial teaching of the fathers.


Peter Lamb said...

"Remain faithful to Christ, eternal Rome and the magisterial teaching of the fathers."
Amen Vox Miles Christi.

Michael said...

Francis is an enemy of the Catholic Faith. It should not surprise us to see him acting according to what he is. What is a bit surprising, however, is how so many supposedly faithful Catholics (and I’m not talking about the bitter posers like Mark Shea) are still willing to blind themselves to the reality of the situation in an effort to see him as orthodox.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

This move is perfectly aligned with situational ethics. Everything is relative, and everything must be reduced to being an effect of a particular, always limited conditioning which is the cause to this effect.

We see the whole picture not through God's revelation which is universal, and applies to all contexts equally, but through NEVER asking for absolutes and universals (we are too evolved for that), but instead - adding up of the particular and the limited to form a tapestry of the crooked, a cacophony of errors and false notes. How beautiful this diversity! IT is our strength, not God.

Sodomites have a "gay" lord whom they insist on as the true Jesus, satanists have Lucifer as the true Saviour of mankind through depravity, feminists have mother creator, the Germans have a fool who knows no justice, turning mercy into a farce. Bergoglians have an Evil Clown (thank you, Mundabor) they prefer to the perfectly good Jesus Christ.

Only faithful Catholics do not belong to Bergoglian new church. I am sure Evil Clown never loses sight of this little problem. At least he promised us that hell doesn't exist as punishment for our deeds. We will be totally annihilated, as the Sodomites dance and play, singing of peace and unity.

I sure am not attracted to their anal vision of heaven.

Anonymous said...

Bergolio slaps face of our Lord, so why should we be shocked at Bergolio's slaps on the faces of these true faithful servants of the Lord. Bergolio is a demon, period!

Michael Dowd said...

Question: Where are folks supposed to find the authentic Catholic Church after Pope Francis does his best to destroy it?

Maybe it will come down to orthodox and Traditional Catholics banding together and electing Cardinal Sarah as our Pope.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Another comment from me.
I have always been opposed to teaching children that they are "special" and "perfect just the way they are". When I explained to my daughter that for someone to be objectively special, the majority of people had to be average or less, and that she is very imperfect like everyone else, she told me, influenced by her special and perfect friends, that someone as judgmental as me should be forbidden to have children. Interestingly, her special friends were mostly Christian, while she was not.

She would ask, when less angry for my using reason and discipline in rearing her - Why is it that no one ever finds any fault with me, and you are always critical? (I actually praised and encouraged her all the time. There were plenty reasons for it.)

I wasn't always critical of her, only when she did less than what she was capable of, or not good at all. I even stopped volunteering in her school, because the praise for raising a hand with the wrong answer, that teachers poured over the pupils for "great energy" and "great effort", flew in the face of what I considered the purpose of education.

As a Frankfurt School-conditioned progressive, I also taught my child that since we know very little with certainty, if anything at all, we ought to always draw from a sincerely lived experience (whatever that meant to me at the time).

Later, when I re-discovered the wisdom of the Catholic Church, I sincerely repented for my heart-felt stupidity, which was the basis for my authentic experience guiding me in my errors every day and reinforcing them. "They" say: Never argue with an idiot. She will bring you down to her level, and then she will beat you with experience."

This is what Bergoglio is doing - reinforcing narcissistic special snowflakes' sincerely committed errors and sins by telling them that nothing matters more than their local/individual experience, be it adultery, sodomy and other sins. As long as it is authentically committed, it is good.

The Church will from now now support all sincerely proclaimed foolishness and authentic commitment to error and sin. It hurts so much to look at this. I have been there, I have done it. I made my good parents cry, and were it not for their prayers, I would continue sincerely as an ungrateful, arrogant fool.

Barbara Jensen said...

Soon the true Church will be underground because the true Church is where the fullness of the Faith is upheld. As Bergoglio continues to trash Christ's Bride, those with the authority to speak continue their silence. St. Athanasius suffered excommunication in order to defend the fullness of the Faith. We do not have that caliber of prelate today, and each of us is left to to decide whether or not we will stand with Christ or with the false church Bergoglio and company are creating. There will be no middle ground. God is sifting each soul to see what is there regarding loyalty to Him.
It is intriguing to see that Cardinal Mueller has so much to say these days while he defended the pretender pope while he was head of the CDF. It is too late Cardinal Meuller. You lost anyway what you tried to hold onto, I mean your position. So many authoritative voices have been disappointing. Look at the actions, for example, of Archbishop Chaput and even Cardinal Burke. I for one, no longer wait for these men to do what needs to be done. They are not going to come forward for Christ ,not one of them. Silently they will watch Bergoglio change the Mss and the Holy eucharist will no longer be available in the institutional Church. All the trappings of the Church will appear, but He whom we crave will only be found in underground Masses. Wait and see.

Johnno said...

Michael Dowd -

We've already received instructions from Our Lord and His Mother in advance.

Pray the rosary, take advantage of the sacraments while you can.

Some day we'll be like the Christians in Japan.

The model of the world for the future will be that of China's.

A State-Approved Church and an Underground Church.

Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ.

The true Pope will be the one who flees the Vatican.

Peter Lamb said...

Dorota, I love you. You one very special lady!
Mike, the Orthodox are schismatics - no future there. Look no further than Holy Trinity. :)

Ana Milan said...

You can tell ++Sarah you care by signing letterà-inr

Johnno said...

Also I should add, that God intends to bring a reversal on the world through the conversion of Russia.

So look towards the time when the true Pope finally makes the Consecration and the conversion of the Russian people to make up for the loss of the faith in Europe and North & South America.

Just as Our Lady of Guadalupe miraculously converted Mexican and South American people when the faith was being lost in Europe to Protestantism.

The same pattern is occurring now, only with Protestantism and Communist errors overrunning Europe and the Americas, and it will be the Russian people who shall be the new Catholic World Power.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Johnno--Just the other day on one of the blogs I mentioned the possible need for an underground Church. Day by day it makes more sense. But I hope God will intervene in the present Church to make this move unnecessary.

Kathleen1031 said...

I'm grateful today, for this little community. Lord please bless all here and their intentions.