A corporal work of mercy.

A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 24 October 2017

Is the Pope using Alinsky tactics against Cardinal Sarah? Is racism behind the attacks by his minions?

Quite the headline. Yet to be sure, one must ask the question?

Robert Cardinal Sarah has been, what can only be described as, abused, by Pope Francis and his minions such as Robert Micken, Massimo Faggioli and others when it comes to Cardinal Sarah. First, it was the Cardinal's comments a year ago about "ad orientem," now, he has been pubicly dressed down by Bergoglio to the cheering mobs of minions

Pure Alinsky tactics to discredit and malign. We also well remember Cardinal Kasper's comments about Africans, that "they should not tell us too much what to do."

Is racism an issue here? It's a fair question, because Caucasian European and American bishops and cardinals are making continuous statements that go against the faith. Yet, here we have this African who upholds the faith and the treatment is different.

My view?

The Holy Spirit is at work allowing complete freedom by withdrawing grace from the enemies to show themselves. At the same time, he is pouring out grace upon Cardinal Sarah to refine him from an dross as in a refiner's fire.

There is a reason why Bergoglio, Kasper, Faggioli, Micken and the rest or doing this.

They can see it as clearly as you and I.

The only question is, what name will he take?


Michael Ortiz said...

May it please the Lord to make it so!

John said...


susan said...

Vox....this is undoubtedly one of your finest pieces of analysis ever.....outstanding!!!! And it actually gives me a glimmer of hope...something I haven't felt for a verrrry long time now. Thank you!

Will most assuredly increase my prayers for ++Sarah.

Ana Milan said...

I note that the motto on ++Sarah's coat of arms is - "My grace is sufficient for thee". We must follow ++Sarah's trust in God by trying to emulate his patience (very difficult in these times) & prayer life. God's Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

It may well be that the fraternal formal correction was made on 19 September this year (one year after the Dubia itself) & will be made known to the world on the 19th November, in keeping with last year's publication by the four Cardinals. Let us all pray that this time there will be no escape clause for PF - he either upholds the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church of Christ of earth or he doesn't. We are at the edge of a cliff & Heaven is waiting for this Apostasy to end, which eventually will be the case. Then the Pope will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary & Her Triumph will be phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

The only think I can say is that if Pope Francis resigns, the next conclave will be rigged to favour a Pope Francis II, or worse, Pope St Gallen (fill in any cardinal you like that fits into either mold). Pietro Parolin doesn't stand a chance, even as a "compromise candidate" since he's not radical enough for the modernists and Pope Francis did so much damage that the faithful cardinals will not accept anyone who won't at least try to fix it.

If Pope Francis goes suddenly, it depends on how big the backlash is. If the backlash is strong, then either Cardinal Burke or Cardinal Sarah will have a good chance at the Papacy. If the backlash is week or the conclave is too polarized, a "safe" candidate like Cardinal Ouellet who was well placed at the last conclave, is largely conservative, but didn't raise a stink during this papacy will be the likely pick.

susan said...

God, PLEASE, spare us and save us from and Oullet papacy!

Kathleen1031 said...

God's will be done.

Tom A. said...

Do not be fooled. Sarah is no fan of tradition. He wants to meld the NO and the TLM into some hybrid hegelian synthesized mass. This was the goal of Benedict and Summorum Pontificum all along. None if these guys wants to abolish the dreadful NO and restore the Roman Rite to its proper place. Bergolio came along and exposed this sinster plot by employing his own obvious sinister plot. At least Bergolio is honest in where he wants to lead us.

Anonymous said...

Tom A,
That is not what Cardinal Sarah wants. He's largely in line with Pope Benedict XVI which is that the NO needs to be reformed, except that he's also bothered that the NO went too far in some areas in making TLM and NO disagree on feast days, removing the prayers at the foot of the altar, etc. He wants to correct these issues. He also sees value in organic development of TLM that might include some things from NO. This is what you're worried about, but the exact same fears that occurred when SP was first introduced and so far only minor changes. I wouldn't worry since he would listen to TLM community.

As I mentioned above, I don't think we have certainty that this humiliation will lead to the papacy for Cardinal Sarah. Depending on the conditions and timing of the conclave, any of the St. Galen choice (Cardinal Tagle?), the "safe cardinal" choice that kept a low profile during this Papacy but were front runners at the last conclave (Cardinal Ouellet, Cardinal Scola), the choice of the panicking Pope John Paul II Cardinals (Cardinal Burke), and the choice of the panicking Pope Benedict XVI Cardinals (Cardinal Sarah) are all possible. I'm fairly certain that the Pope Saint John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI Cardinals will agree on whoever is the front runner between them. But I'm not certain that the restorationist vote will be enough to win the day since so many Cardinals have been silent during the Dubia and because rigging will be attempted. So regardless of your fears of Cardinal Sarah, I would advise that you pray for a restorationist Pope at the next conclave, even if that Pope is Cardinal Sarah.