Monday, 2 October 2017

Massimo Faggioli and James Martin - two men who reveal they are Catholic no more and full of evil

Massimo Faggioli, an alleged "theologian" reveals today what most of us have known for a long time, that the Catholic Church, while it still exists, has been overtaken by men who have put a new and false church into being. A church of Satan, a church that is against Christ and His Truth.

At the same time, James Martin issues the following. Rather than correct the poor child from what is clearly confusion and probably some kind of mental illness, he leaves him in his state and deceives the parents. He dares to write that it is a "scandal."  

The scandal is James Martin.

Where are the Church leaders who have the power to silence both of these men for their heterodoxy?

They are nowhere to be found because they agree with them.

As with Mundabor, I look forward to being excommunicated.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Vox. Unless you excom yourself the pervs will take your money til the end of time. Don't ya get it? They're not trying to exclude anyone's wallet, even yours.

You could get yourself excom, the same way Peter, Paul, Barnabas etc.--but you have to stand up in your church (synagogue) and say something, or write letters to the priest (like that Canadian woman) until they get so teed off that they try to throw you off a cliff or crucify you--you can't just write a blog for the people that agree w/you.

Brian said...

Vox: These guys are all, as with most clergy, deeply marinated in the re-packaged Modernism which is the Spirit of Vatican II. That is the default "Catholicism" of today. Most clergy, today, know nothing else. This is why I think that Francis will continue, triumphantly giving the middle finger to anyone who would dare to cross him. When all is said and done, most "Catholics" today are on his side. Where are the bishops who will publicly and universally begin to shun Francis, a truly disgusting piece of Modernist putrefaction? Those bishops, who have, in their hearts at least, maintained a commitment to faithful Catholicism, will remain silent.

Shame shame on a conquered episcopate

Vox Cantoris said...


You're assuming I give them any money!

I give my time to faithful causes, but they won't get one penny from me.

susan said...

this is the money quote, "...Theological views that are not Catholic anymore."

"ANYMORE"??? MY GOD the hubris! If the theology WAS Catholic, it still is and forever WILL BE Catholic. God does not change; TRUTH does not change; God's revelation DOES NOT CHANGE. these 'men' are demonic.

great analysis on this very point here.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Vox Cantoris,

Thank you for your excellent blogs and truth. Re. Transgender child,now Catholic schools in the UK are being "Transgendered"

Cane across this on Caroline Farrow twitter petition to Cardinal Nichols to stop this at a school in his Diocese

Link is if your readers can sign

More info in petition and web-site

Video on comments section says it all!



Anonymous said...

If unable to use the link to the above petition "to stop Transgenderism" in Catholic Schools in the UK try

or copy and paste

Need ALL signatures to stop this evil spreading.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Ana Milan said...

It seems one has to join the association in order to sign the petition which implies it's only for UK citizens protesting against British Law.

Anonymous said...

But Vox, Faggioli is right! There is NO possible coexistence between the ordinary form and the extraordinary form! They are two completely different religions! He's just wrong on which one is not Catholic!

Anonymous said...

Did Massimo Faggioli remove his tweets? No longer there...