Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Well then George, if the Church must listen and respond to questions, then answer the Dubia!

Better to say nothing that I am thinking.  

Pope on interviews: Church must listen, respond to people’s questions

Pope Francis answers questions from journalists aboard his flight from Yerevan, Armenia, to Rome last year. (CNS/Paul Haring)

Pope Francis answers questions from journalists aboard his flight from Yerevan, Armenia, to Rome last year. (CNS/Paul Haring)
By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service
VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Replying to questions and giving interviews are a “pastoral risk” Pope Francis said he is prepared to take, because it is the best way to know and respond to people’s real concerns.
“I know this can make me vulnerable, but it is a risk I want to take,” the pope wrote in the introduction to a new book collecting transcripts of question-and-answer sessions he has held all over the world.
The collection in Italian, “Adesso Fate le Vostre Domande” (“Now, Ask Your Questions”), was edited by Jesuit Father Antonio Spadaro and scheduled for release Oct. 19. The pope’s introduction was published Oct. 17 in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.
“I want a church that knows how to enter into people’s conversations, that knows how to dialogue,” Pope Francis wrote.
The model is the Gospel account of the risen Lord’s meeting with the disciples on the road to Emmaus. “The Lord ‘interviews’ the disciples who are walking discouraged,” he said. “For me, the interview is part of this conversation the church is having with men and women today.”
The interviews and Q&A sessions “always have a pastoral value,” Pope Francis said, and are an important part of his ministry, just like inviting a small group of people to his early morning Mass each day.
The chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, where he lives, “is, let’s say, my parish. I need that communication with people.”
And, in interviews, the journalists often ask the questions that are on the minds of the faithful, he said.
The most regular appointment he has for responding to questions is on the flights back to Rome from his foreign trips when he holds a news conference with the journalists who travel with him.
“There, too, on those trips, I like to look people in the eye and respond to their questions sincerely,” he wrote. “I know that I have to be prudent, and I hope I am. I always pray to the Holy Spirit before I start listening to the questions and responding.”
His favorite interviews, he said, are with small, neighborhood newspapers and magazines. “There I feel even more at ease,” the pope said. “In fact, in those cases I really am listening to the questions and concerns of common people. I try to respond spontaneously, in a conversation I hope is understandable, and not with rigid formulas.”
“For me,” he said, “interviews are a dialogue, not a lesson.”
Even when the questions are submitted in advance, the pope said he does not prepare his answers. Watching the person ask the question and responding directly is important.
“Yes, I am afraid of being misinterpreted,” he said. “But, I repeat, I want to run this pastoral risk.


Kathleen1031 said...

It is maddening, is it not.
This man is a power mad narcissist. It's clearly his way, or no way.
But he yammers, on and on, over the years, about how wonderfully egalitarian he is, how humble, he tries to portray himself as a man who does not seek HIS way, no no, even in his office as the leader of Christianity in the entire world, he has "dialogue" not "lectures".
Yet his every act has been to have his way, and God help you if you get in this way, you will be dealt with.
And then he continues to toot his little papal horn, so demure, that he is a man devoted to humility.
My word. It would be funny but only if we didn't live it every day.

Stephen Lowe said...

Well done...says it all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vox, why do you think George favors situational ethics to universal standards? Be assured - in his own conscience he knows that not answering Pharisees like yourself is the most generous response he can afford to give.

Let's face your crime: You are trying to impede progress, which in the era of mercy and no death penalty under any circumstances, is the worst sin imaginable. George doesn't have forever to change doctrine while not changing it - irreversibly!

The clearly merciful response could be something different than not dialoguing with you. There are things like excommunication, demotion, sudden death in bed in good health, angry yelling and threatening, false accusation. I might have missed a thing or two.

No platform for haters of progress and unity of all with all! 2+2=5!

John the Mad said...

Oh good grief. You can't make this stuff up. His comments reveal that among his shortcomings we can count a complete lack of self awareness.


Michael said...

Pope Francis ought to look into the mirror! Just when I thought the man's ridiculousness couldn't be more intense...

Is he completely delusional? Does he really think he is the most merciful, most welcoming, most tolerant person the Church has ever seen? Does he really think that, more than anyone else, he desires dialogue and to facilitate an encounter (with what, I must ask, but that's a different subject)?

People say that a narcissist doesn't just act like their own pleasure is the ultimate end, they truly believe it.

We don't need popes who hug disfigured people and celebrate Mass with poor people. We have lowly priests who do that sort of work all the time, and without any media fanfare. We need popes to clearly and firmly defend the teachings and interests of the Church from the enemies of the Faith. This includes, and perhaps most especially includes, defending the Church from her enemies that are on the inside.

And the ultramontanists will keep on spinning this insanity as wise, reverent, orthodox, and holy teachings from the greatest pope ever, "the people's pope", and the only one in a long line of pretenders who truly cares about the people.

TLM said...

He CANNOT answer the Dubia! If he answers it in the affirmative in accordance with Church teaching, he betrays himself and his EVIL fraudulent handlers, and if he answers it in error and accordance with his twisted 'theology', he is no longer the Pope. I do believe at that point, he would be declared a formal HERETIC. He is between a rock and a hard place.

Anonymous said...

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