Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Again, Bergoglio muses on the rarely used capital punishment. Why?

Once again, Bergoglio has made remarks on the matter of capital punishment. Let's be clear, most of the industrialized world has abolished it. Only Belarus in Europe and the United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan is it still practiced. In South Korea and Russia, there is a moratorium. The nation-states which still practice capital punishment are primarily China, other nations in Asia and Africa, mostly Muslim states. In 2016, there were 1,032 recorded executions.

So, who is this man speaking of? Is this the most critical issue facing the world? 

Let us be clear, the prohibition in the Ten Commandments is against the committing of willful murder, not killing. God commanded the Israelite's to kill frequently. Capital punishment has always been recognised as a legitimate option of the State. This is not debatable.

What is this an up to?

Nothing more than the opening up of the Catechism of the Catholic Church to change Catholic teaching on capital punishment and while we're at it, ...


Ana Milan said...

And when the NWO is globally established they will be the first to reinstate it. When they imprison a woman for saying the Rosary outside an abortion clinic it just tells us what is in store if this charade is allowed to continue. I pray ++Burke will make his formal correction this coming Friday, 100th Anniversary of the miracle of the sun at Fatima.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

In the beginning of his pontificate, Bergoglio expressed a concern that there was too much talk in the Church about abortion. And yet, in contrast to the few developed countries listed by you, Vox, where death penalty is still practiced, abortion, the killing of INNOCENT lives, is practiced all around the developed world, and is celebrated as progress in human rights for women.

The killer of thousands of babies in the mothers' wombs via an specially adjusted bicycle pump, Emma Bonino, was praised by this promoter of human life and dignity as one of Italy's greatest. If these two "humanitarians" really cared about human dignity, they would fight the indignity of sexual promiscuity and abortion.

If they cared about women. they would teach them the important connection between sex and conception of babies, and the difference between marital love and sexual debauchery. One stems from the needs of the spirit, the other - from being brainwashed with the pleasures of the flesh as though they could ever meet the most basic needs of the human spirit, and therefore - contribute to promotion of human dignity.

As usual, Bergoglio identifies with the criminals. Anyone morally advanced beyond criminality, is a Pharisee in his eyes. He can't stand to ponder a virtuous life. Too suspicious. Sin boldly - said another of his hero's, Martin Luther.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I too suspect it's to acclimate Catholics to the notion of changing Church teaching by using a subject on which a fair number are at least ambivalent. Then he'll wade into matters that really are more weighty.

Anil Wang said...

Of course, Pope Francis is 100% correct.

The Death Penalty is against the Gospels, specifically the Gospels revealed to Pope Francis. It's right there in "The Gospel of Johns", "The Gospel of Peeper", the "Book of Doodoo-ronomy", and "Book of Sega-Genesis", and the "Book of Adverbs" which clearly supports everything Pope Francis has been teaching to date without exception.

You can't argue with some many inspired (by the Spirit of Vatican II) scriptures.

MaryP said...

Pope Francis' words are contrary to the Scripture.

Johnno said...

What's he up to?

This -

"Scalfari then adds his own thoughts about the pope’s and Archbishop Paglia’s own distinct idea that hell is empty:

"Pope Francis, preceded in this [view] by John XXIII and Paul VI, but, with a more revolutionary force with respect to ecclesial theology, has abolished the places where, after death, souls must go: Hell, Purgatory, Paradise. Two thousand years of theology have been based on this kind of afterlife, which even the Gospels confirm. However, it is with some attention to the theme of Grace — that is in part due to the letters of Saint Paul (to the Corinthians and the Romans) and partly even more so to Augustine of Hippo. All souls are endowed with Grace, and so they are born perfectly innocent and they remain so unless they take the path of evil. If they are aware of it and do not repent even at the moment of death, they are condemned. Pope Francis, I repeat, has abolished the places of eternal dwelling in the afterlife of souls. The thesis held by him is that the souls dominated by evil and not repentant cease to exist while those who are redeemed from evil will be assumed into beatitude, contemplating God. This is the thesis of Francis and also of Paglia."

Francis' heretical theology naturally leads to his conclusions about Capital Punishment.

What's most amusing is that now not only can we glean that he does not believe in Hell or Purgatory... But it seems he denies the existence of Heaven as well???

Because it sounds like he follows the same thinking as the Kaballah, that human souls end and merge together into 'God.'

So the First Secret of Fatima - Heaven and Hell - are denied by the apostates in the Vatican. From here every other heresy leads.

c matt said...

What Restore DC said - also, JP II said almost the same thing, so it is a fairly easy thing to sell it as legitimate development.

Kathleen1031 said...

I'm with Restore-DC-Catholicism. This is just a lightweight issue which he is using to start the Official Tinkering Process. Once he gets his hands on tinkering with the Catechism, you and I will see wholesale changes on many topics. One of the methods used by fascists is to overwhelm the system. Pepper them with so many things their heads will spin, and the suckers won't be able to keep up. Sound familiar? It should be, Leftists have been using this for some time now.
Either divine intervention or Cardinal intervention is the only thing likely to stop this maniacal human bulldozer. Truly he and his minions are filled with zeal for their mission!

Anonymous said...