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A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 24 October 2017

The "Mass" of Bergoglio

In the article one below on Cardinal Sarah and the posted story by Marco Tosatti, there are two paragraphs which deserve to be highlighted separately.

Another humiliation occurred when the pope eliminated most of the existing members from the Congregation for Divine Worship and replaced them with people who are more hostile to Sarah and his liturgical views. And there is the matter of the “Ecumenical Mass,” a liturgy designed to unite Catholics and Protestants around the Holy Table. Though never officially announced, a committee reporting directly to Pope Francis has been working on this liturgy for some time. Certainly this topic is within the jurisdiction of the Congregation for Divine Worship, but Cardinal Sarah has not officially been informed of the committee’s existence. According to good sources, Sarah’s secretary, Arthur Roche—who holds positions opposite to those of Benedict XVI and Sarah—is involved, as is Piero Marini, the right-hand man of Monsignor Bugnini, author of such noted works as La Chiesa in Iran and Novus Ordo Missae. 
To those names, add the Undersecretary of Divine Worship, Corrado Maggioni, and a layman, the extremely “progressive” liturgist Andrea Grillo. Recently, Grillo harshly attacked Benedict XVI after the pope emeritus wrote in the preface to one of Sarah’s books that with Sarah, “the liturgy is in good hands.” And Grillo attacked Sarah himself, calling him “incompetent and inadequate.” If Grillo behaves so uncouthly, it must be because he is sure of being protected by friends in high places . .

Arthur Roche, Piero Marini - Bugnini is back from the grave.

Benedict XVI and John Paul II's work is all straw to these men.

Refuge is in the traditional Latin Mass.


Anonymous said...

If Cardinal Sarah and Pope Benedict XVI were prone to the sin of pride, this would be their great opportunity - to be proud that Bergoglio and/or his henchmen have dressed them down or called them incompetent.
Because to be insulted or *corrected* by this man is to be sure one is pleasing to God.

Tom A. said...

In one sense, Bergolio is like the modernists Pius X. He is relentless and knows how to use his papal authority to accomplish his goals. This should be a lesson for the next True Pope. Wield your God given power ruthlessly against your enemies. For your enemies are enemies against the Church.

Ana Milan said...

We are building up to a crescendo. These vermin are now so emboldened by PF they cannot restrain themselves from coming forward to claim a victory for the NWO godless society that they have been conniving to achieve for the past five decades or so. All want to be seen to have been involved in the usurpation of the CC that has been occurring since VII leading, they believe, to the culmination of the entire One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church of Christ which they can no longer hide their repugnance for, & global totalitarianism. To their ultimate dismay, however, they have not taken into account the omnipotence of its Founder for they are the servants of Satan & don’t therefore believe in Him. What a showdown is ahead of them when they eventually have to give an account of their actions to Him.

It is inevitable that this diabolical travesty will soon cease as this is the month when the hundred years Our Lord gave to Satan to destroy His Church ends. It is also the centenary year of Fatima & the five hundredth anniversary of Protestantism, which is in total disarray. A scurrilous ecumenical Mass will not resurrect it & these schismatics/sodomites/Satanists will be driven from the holy places they have violated with impunity. A flurry of activity is ahead of us so hold tight to your rosaries & trust in God & Our Blessed Lady. This is a spiritual battle these reprobates cannot win

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Ana, you write such good comments, brimming with truth, but you always baulk at the fence. I pray for the day the last scales will drop from your eyes and then you will accept the teaching of the Catholic Church, that an heretic is automatically excommunicated by God and cannot therefore be Pope. From that day, you will be a force that the apostates will have to reckon with.

Anonymous said...

Ana Milan, can you please explain why you say "this is the month when the hundred years Our Lord gave to Satan to destroy His Church ends"? I know there are several theories as to when the 100 years began, or in the case I'm thinking of (it was stated 75 - 100 years) when the pope fainted after hearing the discussion between God and Satan after Mass, which was 1884, I believe. (I didn't think it coincidence that Pope Saint John Paul II's consecration to Our Lady was exactly 100 years later.)
Why do you say the 100 year reign of Satan ends this month?
Thanks in advance

Peter Lamb said...


The semi-trad "Recognize and Resist" position is, from a Catholic point of view, a very cock-eyed one. It arose due to various circumstances, prominent among which was the holy, but very unfortunate reluctance of Archbishop Lefebvre to take a firm position. His thoughts were as sedevacantist as mine are, but he was a holy Missionary; not a theologian and not a fighter. He did not have the temperament of a St. Pius X. He knew what was correct, but he always baulked at the fence and continually flip-flopped, because he feared the responsibility of taking a firm sede position. If he were alive today, I have no doubt that the SSPX would be sede.

On 20 October, Anonymous @ 5;21 proffered a link to a "Remnant" article introduced by Mr. Matt, which I duly read. This confusion, resulting from a false R&R premise, is beautifully illustrated by the blasphemy of Mr. Michael Matt, boss of "The Remnant", in his introduction to the article by a general of the "Controlled Opposition", Salza.

Now please bear the following in mind:
1. Mr. Matt recognizes bergoglio as valid Pope formaliter.
2. Mr. Matt recognizes the novus ordo church as the Catholic Church.
3. Mr. Matt recognizes the novus ordo missae as Catholic Mass.

However, Mr. Matt comments:
"... New Mass is a disastrous novelty ... with Christ truly present to be reviled, ignored, effectively mocked on Novus tables just as He was on Calvary’s Cross... Sacrilege ... something that has done so much documented damage throughout the world to the belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist... the abuse-ridden New Mass."

To sum up:
Mr. Matt says that the Catholic Mass is an abuse-ridden, disastrous, sacrilegious novelty which reviles and mocks Christ, whilst doing great damage to the Faithful, by undermining their belief in the Real Presence. Go read it for yourself.

Well, I have news for Mr. Matt - you are a blasphemer, Sir, and you are anathema! Why? Because:
If anyone says that the ceremonies, vestments, and outward signs, which the Catholic Church uses in the celebration of Masses, are incentives to impiety rather than the services of piety: let him be anathema. (Council of Trent, Session 22, Canon 7; Denz. 954)

"…as if the Church which is ruled by the Spirit of God could have established discipline which is not only useless and burdensome for Christian liberty to endure, but which is even dangerous and harmful and leading to superstition and materialism, — [this is] false, rash, scandalous, dangerous, offensive to pious ears, injurious to the Church and to the Spirit of God by whom it is guided, at least erroneous. (Pope Pius VI, Apostolic Constitution Auctorem Fidei, no. 78; Denz. 1578)

Peter Lamb said...

"Furthermore, the discipline sanctioned by the Church must never be rejected or branded as contrary to certain principles of the natural law. It must never be called crippled, or imperfect or subject to civil authority. In this discipline the administration of sacred rites, standards of morality, and the reckoning of the Church and her ministers are embraced." (Pope Gregory XVI, Encyclical Mirari Vos, n. 9)

"The Church is infallible in her general discipline. By the term general discipline is understood the laws and practices which belong to the external ordering of the whole Church. Such things would be those which concern either external worship, such as liturgy and rubrics, or the administration of the sacraments. . . . If she [the Church] were able to prescribe or command or tolerate in her discipline something against faith and morals, or something which tended to the detriment of the Church or to the harm of the faithful, she would turn away from her divine mission, which would be impossible." (Rev. Jean Herrmann, Institutiones Theologiae Dogmaticae, Vol. 1 [4th ed., Rome, 1908], p. 258.)

Mr. Matt rambles on: "Even in Amoris: Which dogma has Francis officially and unequivocally denied? Name one!"

Sure, Mr. Matt, I'll name two:
Dogmas of the Catholic Church:
1. The souls of those who die in the condition of personal grievous sin enter Hell.
2. The punishment of Hell lasts for all eternity.

“No one can be condemned for ever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!” Amoris Laetitia 297.

There is too much falsity in Mr. Matt's introduction to take it point for point. Salza regurgitates the same old oft refuted tripe ad nauseam. These abettors of heretics serve only one purpose - to keep good, uninformed Catholics within the ambit of the judeo-masonic novus ordo church. They are what is called "controlled opposition" and will reap the rewards of their masters.

Finally. Catholics remember well:
Attributed to Pope St. Stephen I:
“If any one, therefore, come to you from any heresy whatever, let nothing be innovated (or done) which has not been handed down ..."

Pope Pius IX, “Ubi primum”, 17 Dec 1847:
“[Let them, moreover, who are against us remember, that Heaven and Earth shall indeed pass away, but] nothing can ever pass away from the words of Christ, nor can anything be changed in the doctrine which the Catholic Church received from Christ to guard, protect and preach.”

Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum 1914 Pope Benedict XV: “Such is the nature of Catholicism that it does not admit of more or less, but must be held as a whole or as a whole rejected…”

Pope Leo XIII Satis Cognitum: “There can be nothing more dangerous than those heretics who admit nearly the whole cycle of doctrine, and yet by one word, as with a drop of poison, infect the real and simple faith taught by our Lord and handed down by Apostolic tradition.”

Peter Lamb said...

Pius XII. Si Diligis. Delivered on the occasion of the canonisation of St. Pius X:
“And if there are any present-day teachers making every effort to produce and develop new ideas, but not to repeat ‘that which has been handed down,’ and if this is their whole aim, they should reflect calmly on those words which Benedict XV, in the Encyclical just referred to [Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum Principis], proposes for their consideration: ‘We wish this maxim of our elders held in reverence: Nihil innovetur nisi quod traditum est (Let nothing new be introduced but only what has been handed down) ..."

Satis Cognitum 9, Pope Leo XIII:
“The practice of the Church has always been the same, as is shown by the unanimous teaching of the Fathers, who were wont to hold as outside Catholic communion, and alien to the Church, whoever would recede in the least degree from any point of doctrine proposed by her authoritative Magisterium.”

Pope Pius XII: “The preaching of the faith has lost nothing of its relevance in our times. The Church has a sacred duty to proclaim it without any whittling-down, just as Christ revealed it, and no consideration of time or circumstance can lessen the strictness of this obligation.”

Pope St. Leo the Great:
“I have neither permitted, nor shall I permit, the things which have been settled by the holy fathers to be violated by any innovation.”

Pope Benedict XV:
"Let nothing new be introduced, but only what has been handed down.”

Pope St. Simplicius:
“Let whoever attempts to disseminate anything other than what we have received be anathema.”

Pope St. Sixtus III:
“Nothing new is allowed, for nothing can be added to the old. Look for the faith of the elders, and do not let our faith be disturbed by a mixture of new doctrines.”

Ven. Pope Pius IX:
“Nothing can ever pass away from the words of Christ, nor can anything be changed in the doctrine which the Catholic Church received from Christ to guard, protect, and preach.”

Pope St. Nicholas I:
“From the time the Christian religion began to be spread, she has held unchangeable and taught uncorrupted throughout the world the doctrines which she has received once and for all from her patron and founder, Saint Peter.”

Peter Lamb said...


Everything Mr. Matt has said about the novus ordo missae is correct and true, except that it is not "possibly" invalid, it is, for a host of reasons, definitely invalid. It is an abomination; he knows that; he says that. Trouble is that makes him, in terms of Catholic Magisterial teaching, a blasphemer and he is made anathema. If he believes that the Catholic Church can teach, or practice evil disciplines, which include its liturgy, as he apparently does, then he is an heretic and excommunicates himself automatically.

So, if bergoglio is Pope, if the judeo-masonic church is the Catholic Church and if the novus ordo missae is the Catholic Mass, then Mr. Matt is a proven heretic.

However, if the novus ordo missae is the abomination he says it is, then bergoglio cannot be Pope, the novus ordo church cannot be the Catholic Church and the novus ordo missae cannot be the Catholic Mass. Take your choice Mr. Matt - you cannot have it both ways.