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A corporal work of mercy.
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Tuesday 8 March 2016

The Sodomite network in New York includes a Cardinal - Michael Voris breaking it open!

Do not think that this is only in New York. As a friend said to me after viewing this, "all we need to do is change the names!"

No, it it is not only in New York.

Seriously, this video and the others that will surely follow, are going to send shock waves around every chancery. It is time for people who know something to come forward. If the bishops won't deal with this filth, then it is up to us. If you know something and do not work to stop it, you are complicit.

Will this encourage others to come forward with what they know?

voxcantoris (at) rogers (dot) com

I'll refer you on to Michael.


Dorota said...

One regrets one was banned from CM. Thanks are in order.
God guide them and bless them all.

William Axton said...

I watched the video this morning and subsequently published it at my blog. The thought which keeps returning is that the corrupt hierarchs of the Renaissance had nothing on the New York crew.

If the reports are trustworthy—and Mr. Voris' team appear to have bona fide sources—it seems there are a few very very VERY bad apples who have managed to gain power which allows them to protect their cadre of misbehaving brethren.

Let's hope that Mr. Voris' continuing exposé of the bacchanalia brotherhood will help speed the end of its reign and give the good priests left in NY the hope of a brighter future.

St. Michael the Archangel—protect those who seek and speak the truth!

Luciano said...

Maranatha Lord Jesus

Sandpiper said...

Yes, here's hoping and praying CMTVs investigative work leads to true justice for the long-suffering Faithful of NYC.

TLM said...

Lots of us were 'banned' from CM Dorota. And not for so called 'bashing' of the Pope, but for merely questioning some of the statements coming from him!! And asking the question 'why are these ideas coming from the Chair of Peter? That's all you had to do in order for them to 'ban' you from their site. That said yes, indeed, cudos to Michael Voris and CM for coming forward with this. Their sources seem to be very credible. I have not yet watched this particular video, but I have watched the video with Voris interviewing one of the employees and Parishioners from the Diocese that really blew the whistle on the gay mafia within. This poor guy had his voice disguised as well as his face for fear of these people. They don't call them the 'GAY MAFIA' for nothing. From what I have read in other respected Catholic publications these people do indeed play hard ball. Even if they realize they will loose in court, they will sue you anyway just to ruin you, not to speak of blackballing you from employment. The people who are blowing the whistle are very very courageous indeed, they need our prayers. And I echo William.....St. Michael PLEASE protect these people from the wolves who desire to eat them alive.

And you are so very correct Vox, if this is happening in NY, this HAS TO BE happening not only Country wide but WORLD WIDE. To realize that this is only the TIP OF THE ICEBERG is mind blowing. The US and Canada have to be pretty much fully infiltrated at this point......God help us all!!!

TLM said...

Michael alluded to the NYT getting hold of this? So this indeed will break wide open. It will be 2002 on steroids.

Mark Thomas said...

Please watch the following video from Michael Voris beginning at the 3:50 mark.


The estimate, based upon numerous surveys of and studies that pertain to Catholic priests, of the percentage of priests who have embraced sodomy is mind-boggling and frightening.


Mark Thomas

Sandpiper said...

The mainstream media is militantly pro-homosexual. It will note that some embezzlement has occurred within the diocese, but the fact that there may be a homosexual network is a non-story. This story will not go far. Dolan will remain unscathed.

Brian said...


If the New York Times does pick this up and go with it, I'm afraid the embezzlement will not get the attention it deserves. It will be the opposition to homosexuality, in the priesthood, by many parishioners, that will get the lion's share of the attention. This will help to deflect attention away from the financial misdeeds. In other words, the more serious scandal here, is not the embezzlement, but rather the opposition, by some "neanderthal" Catholics, to the sodomy fest, in the archdiocese. The Times is a hostile secular rag that will present the news only through a secular filter. Elsewhere, the Times has been called, appropriately, Hell's Bible.

Dorota said...

I received a recommendation fro CM, about a month ago, to go through their explanation on the banning policy, which apparently takes about 4 hours to read. I haven't done it yet, but might. I was very moved by the kind letter they wrote me. The fact that someone took the time to encourage me to understand their rationale (I was assured they prayed over the decision, and that it had nothing to do with taking orders from sponsors), simply because among a large number of complainants I was not disrespectful, caused me to be very proud of them, good Catholics. We are all in this mess together, and it is hard to know what approach is the best one. If only we had a pope we could all love and respect as a wise shepherd, he would tell us and we would listen with gratitude. Too bad our disagreement is about HIM.

Regarding the potential for the story going mainstream, it will not help our cause, I am sure. The overwhelming numbers of lukewarm Catholics who support sodomy will be joined by other progressives in their outcry against our "hatred".

I imagine that Cardinal Dolan thought long and hard (and had many debates with the homo-mafia) about the best course of action. He and the priests sodomites he protects were warned by Voris and knew this expose was coming. To ignore him was a strategic move. I am expecting something very evil now. What I do not expect is the Pope's intervention (which is in order now) in line with Church teaching.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Dolan's and the gay mafia of Priests in the state of New York are numbered. God's Divine Justice will not be mocked.

Peter Lamb said...

Why are some still shocked, or surprised by the goings on in the conciliar church after 50 years of it? We well know all about them - who they are; where they come from; what they hope to achieve.
In the words of Archbishop Lefebvre himself:
“Rome has lost the Faith, my dear friends. Rome is in apostasy. These are not words in the air. It is the truth. Rome is in apostasy… They have left the Church… This is sure, sure, sure.” (Retreat Conference, September 4, 1987, Ecône)
So why do we cling to these people? Why do we recognise them, seek recognition from them, and pray with them?
The Archbishop warned us:
“It is impossible for Rome to remain indefinitely outside Tradition. It’s impossible… For the moment they are in rupture with their predecessors. This is impossible. They are no longer in the Catholic Church.” (Retreat Conference, September 4, 1987, Ecône.)
Just 3 weeks before his death he said:
John Paul II “now continually diffuses the principles of a false religion, which has for its result a general apostasy.” (Preface to Giulio Tam’s Osservatore Romano 1990.
For those who still doubt:
“We believe we can affirm, purely by internal and external criticism of Vatican II, i.e. by analysing the texts and studying the Council’s ins and outs, that by turning its back on tradition and breaking with the Church of the past, it is a schismatic council.” (Le Figaro, August 4, 1976)
“The Church which affirms such errors is both schismatic and heretical. This Conciliar Church is therefore not Catholic.” (July 29, 1976, Reflections on the Suspension a divinis)
“To whatever extent pope, bishops, priests or faithful adhere to this new Church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church.” (July 29, 1976, Reflections on the Suspension a divinis)
“The See of Peter and the posts of authority in Rome being occupied by antichrists, the destruction of the Kingdom of Our Lord is being rapidly carried out even within His Mystical Body here below (…) This is what has brought down upon our heads persecution by the Rome of the antichrists.” (Letter to the future bishops, 29 August 1987)
“I should be very happy to be excommunicated from this Conciliar Church… It is a Church that I do not recognize. I belong to the Catholic Church.” (Interview July 30 1976, published in Minute, no. 747)
“While we are certain that the faith the Church has taught for 20 centuries cannot contain error, we are much further from absolute certitude that the pope is truly pope.” (Le Figaro, August 4, 1976)
“If it happened that the pope was no longer the servant of the truth, he would no longer be pope.” (Homily preached at Lille, August 29, 1976, before a crowd of some 12,000)
“To whatever extent the pope departed from…tradition he would become schismatic, he would breach with the Church. Theologians such as Saint Bellarmine, Cajetan, Cardinal Journet and many others have studied this possibility. So it is not something inconceivable.” (Le Figaro, August 4, 1976)
“It seems inconceivable that a successor of Peter could fail in some way to transmit the Truth which he must transmit, for he cannot – without as it were disappearing from the papal line – not transmit what the popes have always transmitted.” (Homily, Ecône, September 18, 1977.)
It's time to face the facts; to see these wolves masquerading as Shepherds of Christ for what they are - vile judeo-masonic luciferians!

Dorota said...

@ Peter Lamb

Thank you for these quotes and your frequent encouragement.

The main reason why I find it hard to reject the conciliar church (when my rational mind has been rejecting it since I was little, and long before I knew anything about the coup, and while I abhor cognitive dissonance) is that it is the very church which taught me everything I knew about God. Without it I would probably never have heard the Name Jesus Christ.

Is it possible that by the grace of God, this apostate church is still doing its missionary work? Is it possible that Our Heavenly Father is waiting for this church to recognize its unfaithfulness and come back to Him in repentance, like the prodigal son?

Another reason I can not reject it is that my Parents are members of this church, and I believe that simultaneously, through it and despite it, they are members of the Church.

God bless you, Peter Lamb.

Peter Lamb said...

Dear Dorota, You are such an honest, sincere person.
"... it is the very church which taught me everything I knew about God." No/yes, it might be. No in that it was the Catholic Church which taught your parents; your ancestors what they knew about God and passed on to you. Yes, if you were born and catechised in the NWO church. Yet now, as an adult, you know that the NWO does not teach Catholic truth. The NWO church might have introduced you to "Catholicism", but now you are able to know Catholicism.
"Is it possible that by the grace of God, this apostate church is still doing its missionary work?"
Two times no for this one. Firstly, the Catholic Church can NEVER be apostate. The Bride of Christ is the Mystical Body of Christ, Who can never be apostate from Himself. The Catholic Church is indefectible. The Bride can never be unfaithful to her Spouse, Who promised to be with her until the end of time and Who's Spirit guards her from teaching error in her faith, or morals. The NWO church is NOT the Catholic Church.
The NOW apostate church is not doing missionary work - in fact it forbids proselytising, thereby eschewing Our Lord's command to go forth and teach all nations. The Bride is forever faithful to her Lord and is always with Him; the faithless whore will never return.
Your parents are with the Catholic Church in their intentions and in their hearts. They simply, in their innocent trust, do not know what we know. Millions of innocent souls are in the same position. It is extremely difficult and painful, but we must, in charity, guide them to correction. I used to love nothing more than going to Mass on a Sunday morning with my daughter's family. I love my little grandchildren beyond description. Now I won't set foot inside a NWO church. How do I explain to Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriella ( all Archangels - grandpa's idea) why grandpa will not accompany them anymore, when their good, holy, NOW parents attend in good faith and consider grandpa a heretic on his way to hell in the twilight of his life?

TLM said...

Dorota, God love you and all of us for trying like heck to follow Him in the truth of His Church. Today is the day of CONFUSION. I pray every day for the good Lord to disspell the confusion through our Blessed Mother that is rampant within the Church. The confusion is also evident within our families, not to speak of society that is in a state of total deprivation because of it. You are most likely correct in the prediction that nothing will come of the New York Diocese' diabolic depravity that it has been infiltrated with. This is no doubt only the tip of the iceberg, and you can be sure that it infects the entirety of the Catholic world. CM is trying to be faithful to Mother Church, but I think they are to some extent missing the mark when they refuse to acknowledge the damage done by this Papacy. And even though the Pope does not speak 'from the Chair' infallibly, there are millions thinking he is 'teaching' with his off the cuff remarks and actions, causing catastrophic damage. This is all due to the total lack of chatachesis for the last 50 years since Vat 11. Somehow, though, I know that Our Lord knows the situation we are all in, and will be ever so merciful in His judgement as long as we try to follow Him with the knowledge that we have. I myself am trying to find a good Parish that offers the TLM in my area that is accessible. I know that there are more graces available there. Regardless, I am certain that the Blessed Mother is pulling all of us to protection under her Mantle. Keep praying the Rosary daily, it is so very powerful for all that we need at this critical time.
"Through my Rosary and my Scapular, I will save the world."

Mark Thomas said...

Vox, the following may be off-topic. However, I believe that the following is pertinent to the question as to whether there is a link to homosexuality and the wreckovation of the Mass and our churches.

I read a Google News story several minutes ago. I noticed that Church Militant has just posted that story to their home page. I will use their headline and report.

Chicago Archdiocese Sued Over Same-Sex Wedding

by Rodney Pelletier March 10, 2016

"[The pastor] knew we were getting married. ... [H]e was very encouraging about it"

CHICAGO (ChurchMilitant.com) - "A homosexual fired from his job at his parish church is filing a discrimination suit in federal court against his parish and the archdiocese of Chicago. *******Colin Colette was director of worship and music for 17 years at Holy Family parish in Inverness, Illinois,******* until 2014, when he was fired.


Here is what the parish looks like...take a look at the bizarre, horrific sanctuary that is flanked by two giant video screens.



What follows is a link to an address given by Fr. Terry.


Go to the 12:05 mark. About that time, Fr. Terry noted with passion that "we open our pulpit to lay people on a regular basis during the celebration of the Eucharist to reflect on pertinent and relevant issues..."

Father Terry then noted that each Sunday at 4:00 P.M., he turns "that liturgy over to our teens, and they responded because they appreciate the sense of ownership."

Again, consider the following: Colin Colette was director of worship and music for 17 years at Holy Family parish. Take a look at the horrific church...observe the liturgy there...hmmm.


Mark Thomas

Dorota said...


Thank you.
There are moments when I believe I see clearly. You judge if I do:

We have been so numbed to this farce before our eyes, we waste time (=life) taking it apart, putting it into words, looking at it from different perspectives.

I remember a saying: Never argue with a fool - she will bring you down to her level and then beat you with own experience.

There is such simplicity in the life and teaching of Jesus, such clarity of message.

Our adversary is really the devil, yet we find ourselves explaining BASICS to supposed Christians, that is - followers of Jesus Christ? We have to tell them (with no success) that sin separates us from God and His grace? What sane Christian chooses separation from God and His grace, and defends this choice, when confronted, with what he calls "realities of modern life"? This is madness. These people are mad, and we are falling into the trap of the devil, when we dialogue with them. How I hate this word - dialogue.

They, who are ordered by Jesus Himself, and are supposed to make sure that the sheep understand it well, to not be like hypocrites, have invented a divorce of practice from faith! They, these children of the devil calling themselves Christians, actually forbid proselytizing (spreading the Good News, the Word of God, the message of salvation only through Jesus Christ), while promoting hypocrisy God forbids! God's Words and commandments allegedly aren't relevant in the modern world! They have come up with a new take on the "fear of God" which is now a mockery of His justice.

The pope and the rest of them inventors are diabolically disoriented, and we are pulled into this hellish mess.

And all the while there is the pure, crystal clear, perfect, unambiguous New Testament.

I know I am lacking in my faith and love for God and in my prayers, because I am discouraged and tired. If they knew this, they would have proof that is I who is diabolically disoriented.

No, I am not. I am simply lacking.

Vox Cantoris said...

Hello Mark,

I've always been amazed here in Canada how many homosexuals were "liturgists."

Barry Glendenning was a rampant pederast and was Canada's great liturgist.

Layman, then Bishop, Raymond Lahey was all over it and Canada's hymn book and convicted of having child porn on his computer following a return visit to Thailand.

A Dominican, now dead, Claude Poirier was another with a sordid affair at the seminary in Toronto.

There are others.

There is no doubt, they hate the traditional Mass.

Catholic Mission said...


Is not the theology taught by Dr.John Lamont in Australia approved by the Masons ?

Abp.Guido Pozzo does not deny it : Ecclesia Dei/CDF use an irrationality and heresy to interpret Vatican Council II


TLM said...

We are all 'lacking' Dorota, every single one of us, and it's exactly why Our Lord instituted the Sacrament of Confession! How MERCIFUL is HE!! And He knows how hard a road this is for His Children to travel, but take heart HE IS HERE WITH US! We do not walk alone, but with each other in HIS COMPANY. And you are so correct, that we have been beaten down, and numbed by this diabolical filth that we read about within our own pool of Shepherds that some days it is hard to muster much passion and find the 'fight' needed to counteract the evil within our own Church. Also, some of the people around us seem to be reveling in the madness that comes from Satan himself, being blinded by darkness. We need every ounce of His grace to persevere. Yes, it is discouraging, but if I put my head on His shoulder to 'rest awhile', eventually He bolsters me up again. This is the time of great confusion, but it will end and I believe soon. Trust in Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Our Dear Mother.

Peter Lamb said...

"We must, therefore, bear the cross with joy and gratitude in this time of chastisement, recognizing that the errors of Modernity in the world and those of Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism are intertwined with each other as but similar manifestations of the errors of Russia.
We have much to suffer for our own sins. We must suffer well as we place not our trust in the princes of naturalism in this world or the princes of false "reconciliation" and "dialogue" with false religions in the counterfeit church of conciliarism. We must place our trust in the Immaculate Heart of Mary as we give this heart, out which the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was formed, all of the sufferings of the present moment so that she can present whatever merit we earn from patiently and lovingly enduring them to the Throne of the Most Blessed Trinity.
We must fear sin, the only real evil. We must fear going to the place where Bergoglio and other revolutionaries are headed absent their own conversion to the true Faith and their public abjuration of their apostate beliefs, words and deeds, Hell, which our own sins have so often deserved. That's why we must fear, not the lords of Modernity in the world or the lords of Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism."

What matters most to us is to gain Heaven by refusing any concessions to the madness of Modernity in the world and Modernism in the counterfeit church of conciliarism.