Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Oh Canada, our home and land of doctor assisted death

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled last year in favour of euthanasia. With the defeat of Stephen Harper in the last election, any hope of a bill that would stop the action died with the election of the "catholic," Justin Trudeau. A parliamentary committee has now made recommendations for the most sweeping death actions as if it were some sort of public services. It is suicide and murder all wrapped up in one.

Those who participated in this so-called court decision, parliamentary committee and parliament it will go to Hell, period. If you don't believe it, you will when you get there. Those who choose this or conduct it or support it will also go to Hell unless they repent and work to turn the tide.

You will go to Hell for all eternity and that includes certain "catholic" media pundits!

I have not had much time to blog on this sad, sad issue.

Please visit Toronto Catholic Witness for the news on this national tragedy.


We will pay dearly for this.

When one reads the doctor's comments in this article and the reader comments at the end, one is left to hang ones head in despair for them and how far they have fallen. 

God help us, please.

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Ana Milan said...

This is currently being discussed on a UK Catholic website where quite a few people say they wished they lived in Canada, it was so forward thinking etc. I have been derided for my views on this & abortion, SSM etc. with many so-called Catholics & Atheists claiming I am denying people their civil rights. I regard the relatively small section of people who are actively looking for their right to abort their children, their right to marry their same sex partner, their right to end their life would not be able to mount the campaigns they do without the active support of Catholics and the abysmal leadership & example of the CC. What about the civil rights of the majority?

My father was euthanised without his or his family's knowledge/agreement. This meant that the priest had only a short time to administer the Last Rites. Nowadays they are not usually administered in Spain where I live. The greatest minds in the CC have decimated Christ's Church on earth. Christ was scourged & put to death by people who refused to follow His teachings but He demonstrated by His resurrection that they could not eliminate Him. You would think that in this day and age our Hierarchy would have learned the lesson of the Jews & try to convert them & all pagans/modernists instead of becoming members of the same sect.